Past Event

Jul 26 2003
PNC Bank Arts Center
Holmdel, New Jersey


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to Griff Fielding for the set list!



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 1  Redhead Comment

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Great show in NJ. Crowd thinned out quite a bit after Lynyrd Skynyrd but those who stayed witnessed another solid performance by one of rock's great frontmen. Sammy always has a way of reminding us that rock n'roll is about having fun and kickin' ass. Sammy was dead on vocally and band was tight behind. Setlist was best for so far and never stopped to take a breath. The general environment here in NJ/NY is pro-Roth but Sammy smartly never departed from his big hits or VH classics. Could have dumped Right Now for Best of Both Worlds as even the biggest Roth fan keeps 5150 in their car everywhere they go.

All in all this was probably a better show than last year w/Roth. As always, Sammy was full of spirit and ultimate party meister.

Of course, before, during and certainly after the show, you can't help but image how incredible it would be to see VH together on that stage once again. We can dream can't we.

Griff Fielding - Reviewer


How can I describe a Sammy Hagar concert with out wishing it never ended. First off Lynyrd Skynyrd opened up for Sammy and they put on a great show but Sam came out kicking ass. One Way to Rock and Three Lock Box had everyone on their feet. I saw Sam twice last year during the Sam and Dave tour and the show was just as tight. The Waboritas were tight as ever and Sam was absolutely wonderful with the crowd.
Sammy I wish you would play a little more from OU812 other than Finish What You Started. Black and Blue and A Appolitical Blues are awesome tunes you should incorporate into the set. Not for sale was an awesome album but only Hallelujah was played which was outstanding. The set was about 1 1/2 hours which for us red heads is way too short. Sammy please come back and play at least a three hour set you have way too many awesome songs to play only 1 1/2 hours.
The set made me wish I could be at the Cabo Wabo cantina sipping Cabo Wabo tequila with Sam.

Thank You for a wonderful show and terrific memory-
Carlos Muniz


Let me take you down, face down in Cabo! Sammy truly brought Cabo to us on a hot summer night in Jersey. This is the 9th time I've had the pleasure of seeing Sammy perform live and this is definitely one for the record books!

The Red Rocker was in rare form. I could not believe how f'n awesome his voice was tonight. He hit notes that I haven't heard since the OU812 tour. I mean Sammy always puts on a great show, the best, and his voice always seems to amaze me, but tonight was magical. I had goosebumps right from the opening song. I've been religiously listening to my live VH and solo Sammy recordings the last few weeks to get pumped for the concert and I've become accustomed to hearing his 90's-2003 voice. I could have broken out 5150 tonight because the man was back in 1985! Every high note that we got to hear in Sammy's early years were with us tonight. The Waboritas were also on fire, Mona especially. I love this band, I love the music that they've given us over the last few years, and I often think how we never would have been able to have this if Sammy was still in VH. To a VH fan, the Waboritas are a blessing in disguise. But when Sammy's on stage, I just get that empty pit in my stomach feeling that he should be standing between Mike and Eddie. His stage presence is so amazing, his music is so amazing, he never falls short of amazing any crowd, but the memories of what a VH concert was like just can't compare. I wish I could erase that memory, but seeing him tonight with as much energy as he had at the 4 sold out shows in Jersey back in July of 1986, makes me wish we could see that one more time. Hey, in the mean time, this sure as hell is the best show you're gonna see out there today! Keep rockin Sammy!