Past Event

Jan 26 2001
Thomas Mack Center
Las Vegas, Nevada


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:00PM.

Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Tour

Where do I Begin, GREAT SHOW!!!! I have seen Sammy dozens of times of the years, this has to rank right up there at the top!! The show was free for winners of the local radio station KOMP for their 20th Anniversary Contest. 18,000 screaming partiers!! Sammy and the band were tight, and in high spirits, it came through in the performance. Sammy was full of energy, dancing and singing like the mad man we all know he is! His voice was perfect, probably the best I have ever heard him. The only drawback was the sound system, which gave them some problems from time to time. I was thrilled to see the inclussion of two songs I haven't seen listed in the setlists, so far, "I'll Fall In Love Again" and "Your Love Is Drivin' Me Crazy". I love both songs, and I was dissapointed not to see them listed in earlier setlists from the current tour. Now I only wish that he would bring back Dreams, and maybe a full band version of Right now. The setlist would be perfect!.

Thanks to David O'Leary for the review and Arland for the set list!



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 1  Redhead Comment

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Being on stage that night in front of 18,000 strong was a rush I still haven't forgotten!
You can see in a couple of the pics I'm holding a sign that says....SAMMY I WANT A JOB AT CABO WABO LAS VEGAS!!
It took 9 years, but I got my wish!