Past Event

Jan 27 2001
Konocti Harbor
Kelseyville, California


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:00PM.

Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Tour

My mom and I arrived on Saturday about 3:00pm. Mike and Tony stayed back to wait for Lisa Anne's flight to arrive. I was so excited, that I just needed to get on the road and get there!! So, the first people we ran into was Michael Lyon and Lisa Chandler in the bar. We said our hello's and checked out the showroom to see our seats. They were front row, off to Mona's side........And might I just say, the table were up against the stage, there was NO BARRIER and I could rest my arms on the stage! This was better than Cabo........No security guards standing in front of you to block your view. I was so stoked when I saw how close I was going to be to the MAN himself!!! After seeing my seats, I said to myself, that the camping out in the cold TWO NIGHTS for these tickets, was well worth it! I knew that Sammy was not going to disappoint me!

We went to the room to start to get ready. Pete and Deanna's room was right next door, so we chatted with them and Michael Lyon for awhile, then Mike and Tony, and Brenda Leval and Sharon Karnes (Who followed them up with Lisa Anne) arrived! Everyone was so pumped. We were all screaming and yelling and jumping up and down because we knew we were going to rock out to Sammy in just a few hours!! Finally, I started to get ready, and then we went back down to the showroom where they opened to doors at 6pm for dinner. The food there was most excellent! They served prime rib, chicken, pasta, salad and potatoes. It was all buffet style, and all you can eat. Too bad Eric Chandler wasn't there with Lisa to help us all finish what we couldn't eat.........LOL!! We missed you Eric!!!

Ok, after several hours of anticipation, we see the REDheads being escorted on stage! We knew it was close now! It was SO AWESOME to see so many of my friends on stage. There was 20 or so people on stage, and 15 of them were REDheads!!! Whoo Hooo!!!! They offered for me to go on stage, as they were looking for extra people. However; I declined, as I wanted my front and almost center seat!!! So, the lights dimmed, they started playing "Real Deal". The crowd was pumped!! Everyone was screaming, yelling and chanting, SAMMY, SAMMY!!!!! We were READY to ROCK!!!!!! Then, here they come........One by one, and last but not least Sammy!!!!!

Immediately, I held up my "SAMMY STALKER" sign so he could see! And, he did! He came over to me, smiled, pointed at me and shook his head! Shortly after, he came over to me and took my hand and kissed it!!! Ahhh.........I love that man!! Sammy and the band were jamming to so many tunes, there is just no way I can remember them all to include in this review.........Sorry! I was too busy dancing, singing and screaming to write a set list. We had made a sign to hang over my mom's head that said, "SAMMY STALKER'S MOM"..........And, Sanja held it over her head. Sammy really liked that, he walked over to her side of the stage, pointed and smiled at her, then high fived her! I know she loved it, although she will never admit it because she is scared to death of being that close to Sammy..........LOL!! It was very cute, we were all so happy to see her get some Sammy attention!! My mom ROCKS!!!!!

We had gone to see him in Detroit for New Year's with Ted Nugent........Since we were on stage, I didn't have any pictures of just Sammy and the band.......I didn't want to get in trouble for bringing a camera on stage with me, so I didn't even try. But when Ted brought Sammy back out with him, and we were in our seats in the front row, we took a few shots (In fact, Larry posted a couple of them on There was one picture in particular that came out great of Sammy and Ted jamming together, so I blew it up to an 8x10 and brought it to Konocti with me. I held it up during the show, and Sammy came over and looked at it, then once he realized what it was, he shook his head and said to me, "You followed me to Detroit too didn't you?" As I nodded yes, he took the picture, held it up for the audience to see, and he started to tell everyone how this picture is proof that I was so fucked up!! It was so funny, because he was too. I remember seeing people help him on and off the stage in Detroit.......Anyway, then he went onto say that Ted doesn't drink doesn't smoke and he doesn't even think he has sex!!!! Then he said something like, I just know the guy, don't fuck him or anything..........but, he is one crazy fuck...........Especially when he's in Michigan.........LOL!!! It was so funny! So, he signed the picture and gave it back to me!! Now, I just have to get a frame for it. It was so cool to see him talk about it like that!!

In San Jose, after Sammy pulled me on stage, I wanted to thank on our way home from getting our tickets to the show last time, we stopped in the wine country in Napa Valley and bought him a bottle of wine! I saved it for the Konocti show. I attached a Thank You note to it.......I was able to give that bottle to him on Saturday night, and after he took it from, he briefly read the card attached to it, and he bent down next to me and asked me why I did this. I told him that I wanted to show my appreciation for him putting me on stage.......I told him it meant the world to me. He said to me, and I quote, "Baby, you didn't have to do that.......I love you! Come on up here right now!" And he took my hand, and I climbed on top my chair, to get on stage with him. It was so funny, because my shoe fell off as I was getting on stage, so I kicked my other one off.......Then I got up on the risers next to Tim-o-thy and Andi! I can't believe Sammy did this to me AGAIN!!! I had no intentions of being on stage. All I wanted to do was thank him, and show my appreciation! I was on stage not even 5 minutes when Sammy took a drink of a waborita he had just gotten, and he walked over to me, and said "Here baby, take this!" Normally, I do not drink, but since Sammy had specially came over to me and handed me that drink, I said what the hell...........and I drank it!!!! He turned around and blew me a kiss, and I thanked him, YET AGAIN!!! Then awhile later, he stopped playing and he said to the crowd, "Excuse me for a minute folks while I consult with MY NUMBER ONE FAN, and see what she would like to hear." I kid you not, he actually said these words. I have about 25 REDheads that were there to witness it too!!!! I thought I was going to die right there and then and go to heaven........So, he gave me a few songs to choose from, and I requested, "Who has the Right". You see, this is my favorite Sammy song of all time!!! This song has special meaning to me! Some of you already know, but many of you don't........Three years ago this March, I was brutally attacked and raped at gunpoint! So, this song, touches my heart in a way I cannot explain! I cannot tell you what it meant to me to hear Sammy play this song......He hasn't played it in so long, and that night not only did he play it..........But he played it specially FOR ME!!!!!! Right before he started playing it........He said to me, "Ok, baby, you got it.......this one is for you!" I cried during most of the song.........I swear, just when I think Sammy can't make me feel more special, he tops himself in a way that I don't know how explain!!!! This man is truly amazing! He gives me inspiration.........and I made a point of it to let him know this the next night!!!

Just when I think it's not possible for Sammy and the Waboritas to put on a more top caliber performance, they find a way to top themselves! This band is truly holds a special place in my heart. They have helped me create memories that will last a lifetime. I can't thank them enough or find the right words to express my appreciation and love for 5 such wonderful people in this world!


Thanks to Diane Griffin a.k.a. Sammy Stalker for the review and George Lategola for the set list!



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