Past Event

Jun 29 1999
Abraham Chavez Theatre
El Paso, Texas


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

It was one of the best rock concerts I've seen in a long time--definetly the best show I've seen Sammy put on bar-none--and I've seen Sammy play since his Montrose days in '73!   Sammy played for almost two and a half hours.  He played songs from his early days right up to his current material.  He played songs from Montrose, his solo days, VanHagar and from the Waboritas.  I especially enjoyed Red, Can't Drive 55, Eagles Fly, Mas Tequilla and Heavy Metal.   Sammy was very up and played fantastic and his band was very tight--I was very impressed with Vic's guitar work and Mona's bass playing.  These guys had a great time on stage.  The stage was  a replica of  the stage at CaboWabo.  They started the show by drinking a toast to the crowd with Waborittas while Sammy said this wasn't a rock concert, it was a party.  He was right! Fortunately for us fans, the theatre had several bars to lubricate us with Waboritas also!

He had about 30 fans on stage at the beginning of the show.  They were behind the band on a elevated platform made to look a bit like a bar. They had a couple of babes serving them Waboritas.  Sammy would pull people out of the audience from time to time to join the on-stage party. Some girls just got up on stage and started dancing with him at one point--the roadies wanted to get them off stage, but Sammy backed them off and just had a great time with them--dancing with them and having them sing some of the song with him.  Towards the end of the show, Sammy led a dance train on stage while singing Marching to Mars.  I have never seen a more up crowd for a concert.  People brought banners to give Sammy--he wore a couple of them and then hung them up on stage.  They brought hats and T-shirts for him and the band.  They of course promptly put them on.

Sammy hasn't been to El Paso for some time.  He said he had a great time playing here and would be back as soon as he is asked.  I'm sure this will be very, very soon.

A Hagar fan for 26 years

Thanks to Martin Greer for the review and Daniel Galindo for the set list!


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