Past Event

Jun 27 1999
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Spring, Texas


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

Sometimes you go to a show and the performers appear that they don't want to even be there, that they are just going thru the motions.  Then there are times like this evening that the performer goes out of his way to make it a memorable experience.  My wife, daughter and I arrived at the pavilion about 7:00 and proceeded to our seats.  While waiting for the show to start my daughter could hardly control her excitement, afterall this was the closest she's ever been at a show, though this was the third time she's seen Sammy. We were third row in the Pit, Dead Center.  I walked up to one of the Security Guards and asked if there was anyway to get the sign my daughter had made up to Sammy to sign.  They told me about 3-4 songs into the show come over to the aisle and they'd help me get up to the front and get it signed.

Seconds before Sammy came onstage a woman turned around and asked "are you Chris" to which I acknowledged and she told me her name and I'm sorry I don't remember who it was but you know who you are.  You turned around and gave my little girl one of those red glow in the dark sticks,  THANK YOU.

Sammy came out in his usual Cabo------Revival.  About halfway through Revival my daughter held up her sign that said 'I Love You Sammy and Sammy stopped in his tracks and blew her a kiss and you could read his lips as he said 'Thank You that is great'  during Fall in love again the security guard caught my eye and waived to me to come down.  When he finished that song he came down to where Brittany and I were standing and he said "He had to take care of his biggest fan" which is not far from the truth.  He took the sign from my daughter and showed it up to the closed circuit camera for everyone to see.   And then politely signed it and gave it back.  Throughout the show he would walk by us and wave at Britt or blow her a kiss.  Which just made her blush, then towards the end of the show she was sitting down in the seat and he walked by and asked if she fell asleep.  Sometimes things just work out absolutely perfect, this night did.

As far as the show,  this was probably one of the better concerts I have ever seen, the band was very crisp and sharp.  From the opening notes of Cabo to the end of Returning of the Wish, it was just a great get-down Rock-N-Roll show. Some of the highlights were of course Eagles Fly which is my daughter's favorite,  Bad Motor Scooter, Three Lock Box, and well if I stated the best songs I'd have to put down the whole set list.  Anybody that still has the oppurtunity to go see Sammy, please do not miss him he whole-heartedly appreciates his fans and deserves our support.


Thanks to Chris Smith for the review!


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