Past Event

Jun 30 1999
Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion
Phoenix, Arizona


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend last night's concert here in Phoenix. However, I was listening to Tim and Mark on KDKB 93.3 the next morning on July 1st while driving to work and I heard you did a tribute to Phoenix Police Officer Marc Atkinson.  I too, am a Sammy fan and Van Halen is my favorite group, aside from you being my favorite artist. 

It was very refreshing to hear a man of your stature took the time to understand how much Marc loved your music and translate that into the tribute of "When Eagles Fly."  Tim and Mark talked about it this morning, describing how moving this tribute was.  All the rockers I spoke with who are cops sincerely appreciated your efforts and your music.  In case you haven't heard, Marc's family was listening.  I was personally moved this morning when Tim and Mark talked about it and played the song again.

From the Phoenix Police Department and from myself, I sincerely thank you for demonstrating that you are one of the "humans" and showing us that you have a heart.  Thank you again for your support!  Now I think I'll have "Mas Tequila!"

Thanks to Martin Greer for the review and Mark for the set list!



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We got last minute tickets for the front row. Awesome show!! Sammy tossed me his water bottle and took a hit off a joint that was getting passed around the crowd (the girl next to us begged us to take a hit - "It's Sammy's weed, man!!" - too funny)

Most moving was the tribute to Officer Mark Atkinson from the Phoenix PD. My husband and I worked for another valley agency, and it brought tears to our moving and heartfelt. I still get chills to this day when I hear "When Eagles Fly". Wish I could get my hands on a recording of that...