Birthday bash 2014

April 07, 2014 by kae3581

When are the tickets going on sale?

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REDHEADS Heading to Tahoe

April 07, 2014 by aznyredhead

Just a heads up I just checked the May 2nd show and you could actually purchase from Ticketmaster - probably won;t last long but if anyone s looking for tickets... The May 3rd show still showed sold out.

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Thanks Sammy

April 06, 2014 by Floorcoater
Thanks Sammy

Never blogged before. Hope Sammy gets this one day. The fellas in this photo include My Father Ken, his best friend Larry, and his sons. Sammy passed these guys in his car on the way to the casino in Lake Taho. I suppose Sammy knows one of Larry's boys and bought them dinner and drinks when they arrived later at the casino. I am amazed that Sammy would put their meal and drinks on his tab and want to thank him for such a kind gesture. My Dad thinks it was the coolest thing ever and I agree.

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I did some thinking...

April 05, 2014 by danielw075

Sorry for the political stuff.

I love all you guys, my Sammy friends.
I'm not gonna let that O-Care crap stop me from being a Sammy fan since I was a kid.
I will "never give up" and never give in to that O-Care crap, But will continue to love my all time favorite and friends.
Like me or not for my opinion on that O-Care crap, But that's where I stand and will always be that way.
I just hope none of you get caught in a trap with that O-Care crap because it's gonna mess up peoples lives.


Danny "The WissRat"

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First time going to birthday bash

April 03, 2014 by John V.

Hey redheads,

My wife surprised with a vacation to cabo for our 10 year anniversary/fulfill my dream of going to the birthday bash. I was wondering how hard it is to get tickets via the lottery? Kinda nervous about that. Just want to see ONE show, that's all I want. Great to be a redhead

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First time in cabo,,,

April 02, 2014 by John V.

Heading to cabo for the first time this year !!!!!! How hard is it to get a ticket via the lottery? Nervous I won't get one

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Free Tickets for April 5th in Arizona

April 02, 2014 by motlyfan

We have two lawn seats tickets and we are unable to attend, if anyone would like the tickets please contact me as we are giving them away FREE !!!

We would never want Sammy tickets to go to waste.

Let me know Mark 916-505-6120

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Just in case any Redheads might like to know, .....

March 29, 2014 by marinersfancali

Has anyone else noticed that tickets for August 16th, Harvey's Lake Tahoe are already on sale on Harvey's website ?????????
Outdoor Redrockin' on a Saturday night in August! Hell Yes !!!!

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Sammy, Please add more Pennsylvania + locations to your tour...

March 27, 2014 by danielw075

It sucks that some of us can't afford to fly or travel all over.
I wish Sammy Hagar would come to Pennsylvania more often as well as adding more Pennsylvania locations to his tour.
Again, Not all of us have money like that to be able to travel all over.

There's Only One Way To Rock!

Danny "The WissRat"

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