Tickets - Phoenix, Az

February 04, 2022 by rbrotski

Would love to see the show September in Phoenix, Az. The problem I have is I purchased my tickets through Ticketmaster. My account with Ticketmaster was set up several years ago so the phone number is my house phone, land line. I do NOT own a cell phone. Ticketmaster has said that tickets are only available through a cell phone, smart phone, which I do not own. They say that there is nothing they can do for me. They suggested that I sell the tickets and will have to miss the show. I have called the venue but its a recording. I have left messages with the venue and they have not returned my calls.

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You can log on to the ticketmaster account from any computer// print out the tickets. Just a suggestion. If that doesn't work. who are you going with, does that person have a cell?? Just log into your ticketmaster on anyone's smart phone is an option. Of course trusting them is the issue. But your tickets are in your account. BEST WISHES.