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Ronald Reames
January 26, 2022
North Augusta, South Carolina
May 29

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Jan 28, 2022
Songs for loss

I have recently lost my Son on 1/6/22. He had never been to a live concert and this was gonna be the year he got to go. He grew up on Classic rock as that was all I listened to. I was looking so forward to see his face light up.I seen 30 -40 concerts starting in 76' with Bob Sever promoting Night Moves. What a first concert to attend. Just wish my Son was here but because of BIDENS FUCKUP BORDER POLICIES LETTING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF DRUGS FLOWING ACROSS INTO THE U.S.I can't think of the name of your song with VH about politicians who can't find their way out of a shit storm.later for now

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