Chickenfoot - "Something Going Wrong" Official Video

Directed by: Jon Luini/Arthur Rosato
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Chickenfoot's first album is re-released and re-packaged with a bonus disc featuring 4 exclusive live tracks from the "Different Devil" tour: Lighten Up, Big Foot, Last Temptation and Something Going Wrong. This video combines never-before-seen footage from rehearsal and performance and backstage footage from the Different Devil tour.

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The Foot at it's best! Thanks Sammy!

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Awesome....this is one of my ALL time favorite Chickenfoot songs and this video so ROCKS it!!! Great love love it!!!!

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Awesome video!

Sammy, thanks for your thoughts on Twitter about all of us on the East Coast. I live about 40 miles east of the AC Beach Bar and my family survived the storm without any damage...even though it got a little scary for our 2 little kids. Sad to see what happened to the Beach Bar but, like you said, "buildings can be rebuilt". I'll be there again when it reopens!


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I think we are seeing what this song is about with the weather changes around the world and on the East Coast right now!!!