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October 27, 2011 by prsaxeman11 
Chickenfoot Chicago Gig!

Heading to Chicago to see Chickenfoot gig on Nov. 5th

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October 25, 2011 by Mandy Buck 
Support Marines at MCRD

Chickenfoot should do a roadtest at the MCRD Marine base in San Diego CA our son is a staff sargeant there and a huge RedRocker fan Sempfi

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October 24, 2011 by Rockin Her Roya... 
Meet Her Royal Redness
Meet Her Royal Redness

We Need more Red!

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October 23, 2011 by Ken4Rock 
"Go There Once, Be There Twice" was great!

My wife Lisa and I went to the "Orlando Film Festival" last night and saw Sammy's documentary, "Go There Once, Be There Twice" directed by Gil Bettman. Sammy's film was what drew us to the festival.
It was great! Really captured Sammy and his lifestyle, history, and philosophy. Sammy, as always, was a great storyteller in the film and just seems like the most real and sincere guy you'd ever meet. The live footage was great, also profiles/interviews of the Wabo's, and Michael Anthony, and Sammy's lovely wife Kari.
Makes us want to plan our next vacation real soon.

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October 19, 2011 by Mandy Buck 
Chickenfoot III

Does anybody know how Chickenfoot III is doing in record sales? It was already sold at Walmart. I ordered my son a copy online.

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