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August 19, 2017 by Whyte31 
Have an extra ticket for the Oct 11th show and looking for a guest?

I’m in need of a single ticket for the Oct 11th show so that I can join my friends who were lucky enough to get tickets.

I’m friendly, funny and like to party, so I would be the perfect guest :)

See you all in Cabo!

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August 18, 2017 by sm2112 
Anyone interested in a 1 ticket exchange; Show 3 for Show 4?

I was lucky enough to get 2 tickets to show #4 and would like to know if there is anyone that has 2 tickets to show #3 and would like to exchange 1 ticket.

To be clear I am going to show #4 and would take you as my guest if you would be willing to do the same for show #3. Then we each get to see both shows.

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August 18, 2017 by jstebbins1 
B Bash Tickets

After 4 days of my heart racing each time I got to choose 2 tickets I'm wiped!! We didn't get any tickets!

I'm glad for the others who did actually get to select tickets! I can imagine how excited they are entering their credit card info while purchasing their tickets knowing they are going to the show! We may have to wait another year to get a chance to get tickets for the Bash, but my whole family is going to Clearwater FL. to Rock with the Red Rocker and the Circle!!!

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August 18, 2017 by dlmooney 

OK so it seems a different approach was tried to get show seems to have not gone over very well. I am so happy for those who did get a chance to buy tickets. But it's disheartening to see that some folks got tix for EACH show and others got zilch. I understand it's luck, but wow! This will be my first trip to CABO and I can't wait to see the beauty and meet so many Redhead friends! I'm not giving up hope on seeing you in Cabo, Sam, until I'm on my flight back home. REDLUV from an StLRedhead!

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August 17, 2017 by Scott fen 
Second chance tickets

Well I have to say. The way they do the second chance tickets. Is total bullshit. Why not just save everybody the brain damage. And do it just like they do The first lottery. That seems the fairest way to me. Without all the fucking hassle of actually thinking you might have a chance to get tickets. And then within a millisecond boom it's over. That fucking sucks. I'm on the West Coast. What a shitty way to start the day. Sammy or Sammy's guys. Next year set it up the same way as the first lottery. Random We trust you guys.

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