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August 11, 2017 by mickeybryan 

Hi everyone, I haven't been able to see Sammy or Michael since the 2004 VH reunion tour and I'm curious. At that show, I had a front row seat that I paid dearly for, I might add, and Sammy and Michael both signed several things for people during the sound-check and at different times during the show- I noticed to folks who had a Sharpie readily available. I was not one of those people :( . Anyway, I recently tried to purchase VIP Experience packages to a show and my session timed out; just my luck, and ended up buying 7th row tickets. Later, more VIP became available for 3rd row.

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August 11, 2017 by carol piechota 
Just wondering

Hola Amigos
I'm just curious about every ones thoughts on the recent crime in Cabo..That beach shooting is so scary! I have never been afraid there even when we slept on the street (I miss that, fun times). I hope to have that same easy feeling this time. No one can stop a redhead from having a good time!!

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August 08, 2017 by no55brando 
No mas fumar in la Cabo Wabo Cantina...

Just back from Cabo yesterday. Got to see Los Leones play Saturday night at The Cabo Wabo. They were are awesome. They are the 3 brothers that years ago lots of redheads would go see on the upstairs patio at Casa de Villa. They have been back in town for a few years and play several nights a week the early set at The Jungle bar. Not to be missed while at the bash. There is no more smoking in the outside patio of the Cabo Wabo anymore. Have to go into the parking lot. Don't bother me anymore since this Oct will be 3 years since I have smoked. YAY...

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August 08, 2017 by Gooner 
2017 Birthday Bash

Going to Sammy's Birthday Bash on Saturday the 14th; can anyone recommend a good hotel to stay at in Cabo that is near Sammy's bar?
Appreciate and help

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August 07, 2017 by JONI 
Sugarland Show then the Birthday Bash in Cabo!!

Going to the Sugarland Show!! Sept. 15
Then headed to Cabo for the birthday bash!! Won the 14th!!

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