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October 29, 2015 by nancyg068 
Looking for Tammy and Kurt from the Tesoro Sky Pool!

As soon as I got home, I lost your email address. I just happened to see your picture from the birthday bash! Awsome! Please contact me at Nancy and Ricky!

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October 24, 2015 by carol piechota 

Hey Redheads
Anybody heard how Cabo is doing since Patricia hit?

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October 23, 2015 by mywhitepoodles@... 
come to dinner


This is something I have been meaning to do for quite some time, and something I have never done before. . I was alway a fan (small letters) but more of rock and those who made it. My husband bought me your book mostly because I love rock and I love to read. I was an immediate fan of you! You are so positive and your story was so inspiring. I love what a hard working person you are with many talents.

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October 22, 2015 by no55brando 
team shaka doobie's bisbee black and blue
team shaka doobie's  bisbee black and blue

look on and root us on. no qualifying fish for us yesterday. bigger better ones today. our new lure has to get the big ones. fueled by pacific beer...

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October 21, 2015 by bajarockpat 
Got a Sammy/Cabo story you want to share? Here's your chance!

Like many of you, Sammy changed my life. Unlike many of you, I wrote a book about it, but I've also been pondering another project for years--I want to help you tell YOUR story.

I'm asking you to contribute your stories, memories, poems, photos or songs, of which you own all rights to, to a book/journal that I will edit and compile in the coming months. I can't afford to pay you for your submissions, but I will give you credit for your work. The book will be a bound, published book, hopefully one day in ebook format and if it turns out good, I will send a copy to Sammy.

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