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February 04, 2013
Vegas Cabo Wabo Cantina Ready for Its 3rd Anniversary

Here's a reminder about the Vegas Cabo Wabo Cantina's 3rd Anniversary festivities this week. Cabo Uno will be playing the 7th and 8th and on the 9th Sammy will jump up on stage with the band for a few songs. If you are interested in getting in on Saturday wrist bands will be handed out on a first come first serve basis that morning at 8 am. The Cantina will be open for breakfast for any Redheads that want to stick around and socialize.

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February 01, 2013
Sammy Offers Safe Haven to Kimmel after Damon Takeover

Hey Jimmy - Getting punked by the Good Will Hunter Matt F#$@% Damon was *not* cool! I got your back, brother! I'm comin cross the street with a safe haven for you with drinks and tacos (and security) any time.

Cabo Wabo Cantina Hollywood opening March 2013 (across the street from Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Check out the video here:

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January 23, 2013
Bringing the Party to Oklahoma and St. Louis!

Wow didn't know what to expect as the Wabos hadn't been to Oklahoma in a while, but both shows sold out quick an the Redheads came to party! We had a blast. Lots of familiar faces from everywhere I love that SH--. Seems like the Redheads get really horny for the party after a Chickenfoot tour! Here we come 4 decades of rock comin' soon weeeeeee!

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January 21, 2013
Limited Edition SAMKU Signed Tiki Mugs on Sale Tomorrow

Heads up Redheads!
Just a reminder that tomorrow, Monday January 21 at Noon (PST) we will be putting our final remaining Limited Edition SAMKU Signed Tiki Mugs up on the Red Rocker Store. The first batch of these sold out very quickly so these are sure to go fast! So if you missed out before, set your alarm to give it one more try!

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December 23, 2012
Happy Holidays Redheads!

Happy Holidays Redheads! Please check out my video message to you at

and also this special Fast-paced Redhead Q&A where i answer a bunch of questions from you!

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