The Top Rock Countdown is Here! Listen on these stations!

April 11, 2015 by sammyhagar
The Top Rock Countdown is Here! Listen on these stations!
The Top Rock Countdown has started!

The Top Rock Countdown is here! Head over to the official page for all the latest info and episodes from the show!

You voted on the stations you wanted to hear Sammy on and this weekend kicks off the weekly party of whatever Sammy feels like counting down! Find a a station in your area and tune in for 2 whole hours each weekend!

Station Freq City State Website Broadcast Day/Time
KBHQ-FM 100.7 Harrison MO Sat 8p-10p
KBUZ-AM 1650 Prescott AZ Arizona's Real Rock Radio Sat 8p-10p
KDBX-FM 107.1 Brookings SD Sat 4p-6p
KECH-FM 95.3 Sun Valley ID Sat 6p-8p
KGON-FM 92.3 Portland OR Sat 10p-Mid
KHIP-FM 104.3 Monterey CA Sat 7p-9p
KHIP-FM 106.1 Monterey CA Sat 7p-9p
KKZU-FM 101.7 Elk City OK Sun 8a-10a
KLOO-FM 106.3 Eugene OR Sat 8p-10p
KLPX-FM 96.1 Tucson AZ Sun 9a-11a
KORL-FM 101.5 Honolulu HI Sun 12p-2p
KOZE-FM 96.5 Lewiston ID Sat 5p-7p
KSHE-FM 94.7 St Louis MO Sun 4p-6p
KXFM-FM 99.1 Santa Maria CA Sun 5p-7p
KXLR-FM 95.9 Fairbanks AK Sun 7p-9p
KXRC-FM 105.3 Durango CO Sat 8a-10a & Sun 11a-1p
KZMN-FM 103.9 Kalispell MT Sun 2p-4p
WAAF-FM 107.3 Worcester MA Sun 9p-11p
WAPL-FM 105.7 Appleton WI Sat 7p-9p
WAYX-AM 1230 Waycross GA Sun 8p-10p
WAYX-FM 96.3 Waycross GA Sun 8p-10p
WGSW-FM 106.9 Americus GA Sun 8p-10p
WIBA-FM 101.5 Madison WI Sat 10p-Mid
WKAF-FM 97.7 Boston MA Sun 9p-11p
WKLC-FM 105.1 Charleston WV Sun 9p-11p
WSIZ-FM 102.3 Jacksonville GA Sun 8p-10p
WSQV-FM 92.1 Williimasport PA Sun 5-7p
WTCX-FM 96.1 Fond du Lac WI Sat 3p-5p
WVHY-FM 97.1 Axson GA Sun 8p-10p
WWMJ-FM 95.7 Bangor ME Sun 6p-8p
WXRX-FM 104.9 Rockford IL Sun 9a-11a
WYMG-FM 100.5 Springfield IL Sun 8p-10p

Sammy is joining up with Envisage Radio Group (ERG) which includes other popular radio shows, "Rock All Night" and "Nuglife Radio"!!

The new show, entitled, "Sammy Hagar's Top Rock Countdown" will start off in the second quarter of 2015 as a weekly countdown where Sammy will count down lists of his favorite party songs, comeback albums, unsung heroes or best tunes from a specific year or decade.

Redheads, call in to your favorite radio station and ask them to carry Sammy Hagar's Top Rock Countdown!

“After more than 40 years in Rock & Roll, I’ve got a lot of knowledge, a lot of love, and always a lot to say so this is going to be a blast,” remarked Sammy Hagar.

Russ Mottla VP/Programming says: "We're excited to welcome the legendary Sammy Hagar to the Envisage gang. His commitment to entertainment that's unique, fun and a little crazy fit well with our programming mission.”

Check out this teaser out on Sammy's soundcloud below!

For more information, contact:

Russ Mottla/Rich Mottla
Envisage Radio Group
Phone 760-798-3115

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 3  Redhead Comments

claycogirl89's picture

Awesome to see a WV radio station carrying this! Way to go WKLC!

JBoDEAN's picture

Need to be on The Loop 97.9 in Chicago, and 101.1 WRIF in Detroit!

Pqqhbr's picture

I will be listening on Kshe. If you cannot get one of these stations on the radio, then stream it on iheart, , or the Next radio app where you can get Kshe.