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January 28, 2011
Happy New Year Redheads

Happy New Year Redheads,
Here we go again. Made any New Year's resolutions? I have. Mine is: Don't work so damn hard. Hello? Already blown that one. 1)Got my book coming out in March and I've gotta work on that. 2)The movie is almost ready so that's more work. 3)This year The Wabos will be in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Ohio, Tahoe of course. Oh, did I forget we will be in Mexico sometime in the fall? Working vacation there, amigo. And we are playing some place else, I can't remember, but I'll let you know. 4)Finally starting a Chickenfoot record this week. But I can't really call that work 'cause when Chad and Mike and Joe are around it's so damn good, so much fun, so soulful, basically playing the's good work when you can get it. When the Foot gets a track done we will put something on, so check us out...


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December 29, 2010
What an Amazing Year!


What an amazing year this has been! Let's review, Chickenfoot in Cabo and Tahoe, Aerosmith this summer, and a very very memorable Birthday Bash. Where the Wabos rockin' or what? Thanks to all of you for coming to this endless party.

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December 23, 2010 Confirms Autobiography

You have all been hearing the rumors and would like to officially confirm that Sammy Hagar is releasing the Autobiography "Red - My Uncensored Life in Rock" on March 15, 2011 through Harper Collins.

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December 16, 2010
Happy Holidays!


What a great event we had this past weekend in Mill Valley. Great food, great music, and a preview of the new film. We collected an unbelievable pile of toys and raised much needed funding for our friends at Homeward Bound, Ritter Center and the 142 Throckmorton Theatre Scholarship fund. It always feels great to give a big check to someone this time of year and it's all because of you people. A big thanks to all that came out to support these great charities. I love you.

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December 07, 2010
Tour Archives Posted!

You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet around here the
last few weeks. Well, we have been hard at work updating the tour archive to include the tour dates for 1997 - 2005. In true Redhead fashion many of you are already on it clicking 'I Was There' and adding some great comments.

Please take a look around! We have posted all the old photos as well as
provided links to video and audio for any dates that had that information.
Hundreds of dates were added as well as close to 1,000 photos. If you see
anything that might have been missed please give us a heads up!

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