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December 05, 2014
Get your own Personal Jesus for the Holidays!

Sammy and Vic have recorded and released a new stripped down acoustic version of "Personal Jesus"! Originally written by Depeche Mode and famously covered by Johnny Cash, Sammy first recorded a rockin' version with Neal Schon, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith for his previous release "Sammy Hagar & Friends".

"Personal Jesus" is now available for purchase in the iTunes store as part of an exclusive 12-song Bonus edition of Lite Roast. For those who have already purchased the album, you can grab just the new track on it's own.

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December 03, 2014
Presenting "Brewing up Lite Roast": Step Three - Drink Up!

This video premiered exclusively on Ultimate Classic Rock, click here for the full story. 

“There’s so many more songs. I’d like to make a Volume 2.”

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December 01, 2014
Sammy featured on Heart's "Home for the Holidays" Album

Sammy Hagar was featured on Heart's "Home for the Holidays" album, which was recently released on November 10th.

The two tracks that feature Sammy on the album are, All We Need is an Island and Santa's Going South. Also featured on the album are songs with Shawn Colvin, Richard Marx, and Pat Monahan

The album was recorded live last December at the Benaroya Symphony Concert Hall in Seattle.

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November 25, 2014
Sammy featured in 'Car Crazy' Holiday Edition of Marin Magazine

Sammy Hagar was featured along with two other car aficionados in Marin Magazine's "Car Crazy" article in this year's Holiday Edition. 

The article, which you can read on Marin Magazine's website, details Sammy's love for Ferraris, the color red, and all things FAST!

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November 20, 2014
Presenting "Brewing up Lite Roast": Step Two - Brew

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