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July 19, 2015
New Sammy's Beach Bar Rum Site Launch + Contest!

Yo Redheads and Rumnuts, I've had so many emails to our website asking where to find my rum and for great drink recipes that I asked our webmaster to re-do our website to include some of this great stuff. We want you to be able to find it and drink it in the best way possible! Check out the new site at and let me know what you think!

I want everyone to enjoy this great Hawaiian nectar so I came up with this fun and easy way for you all to help spread the word about the rum!

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July 17, 2015
Moondance Jam: Rain or Shine

(Thu Jul 16) I'm about to go onstage in Walker, MN for Moondance Jam.... at a bar on the venue property that holds only 500 people like the Cabo Wabo. The festival got rained out completely. Three day annual fesitval, 10 thousand campers, 30,000 people. Torrential rain, flooding everywhere, electronics underwater. A real mess, looked like Woodstock...

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July 01, 2015
Surprise visit from Kenny Chesney in Cabo!

I woke up this morning saw two people on horseback riding on the beach pass my house in Cabo I was a little groggy from a dinner party/tequila/rum/beer/fine wine party. Ouch. So I didn't look up because I didn't want to do any photographs or autographs this morning.

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June 27, 2015
Are We Having Fun Yet with Toby Keith, Grace Potter, and Adam Levine!

Thursday night cooking steak and pasta with Toby Keith at his house!

Friday night Jammin with Grace Potter in Oklahoma City, Saturday afternoon drinking tequila/Mezcal margaritas with Adam Levine in Cabo -- does it get any better than this?!?!

I'm loving this life "are we having any fun yet"?!. Whew!!!


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June 19, 2015
In Defense of Mikey...

During an interview with Sammy someone read what Eddie said about Mikey in Billboard and here’s Sammy's spontaneous response that he wanted to share in defense of his brother.

Original Billboard article:

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