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September 08, 2016

UPDATE: WOW! The additional tickets went VERY FAST! Tickets for the Birthday Bash are OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT! See you in Cabo!



This SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th at NOON PT (3:00PM ET / 1:00PM MT) we will release a small number of additional tickets for each night to be purchased in the traditional first-come, first serve basis. There is a maximum of 2 tickets per order, with no other restrictions (must be 18+).


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September 08, 2016
Fresh Garden to Table Dinner - Sammy's Fresh Tomato Sauce

This is a fresh garden recipe I wrote for Daryl Hall's upcoming cookbook he's writing (probably out sometime next year).

This is how you grate fresh tomatoes (see photos below). I just picked these from my garden this morning before they get overripe. I made tomato sauce which can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks or even frozen (just not as good).  


Sammy's Fresh Tomato Sauce

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September 06, 2016
It Aint Me

“It has come to my attention that my name is falsely being associated with a memorial border wall.  I do not support, endorse or have any connection to this propaganda.” - Sammy


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August 27, 2016
Sammy & The Circle show in Tahoe

Check out my Instagram story for more pics and videos before it disappears today!

Great time at Harrah's in Tahoe. We flew in with the Circle and my man Santo Blanco in 1st class. Once we were in Tahoe we made a stop at a local food bank to donate money to the area - very happy to be giving back to these communities!

At the venue we got settled for soundcheck and met a couple fans in the service elevator coming down for the show. These two maids were thrilled!

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August 18, 2016
2nd Chance Birthday Bash Ticket Winners Selected & Emailed! Purchase Tickets by Aug. 22nd 9pm PT

Winners for the 2nd Round of Birthday Bash Tickets have been selected and emailed purchase links!

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2nd Chance Birthday Bash Lottery!! Your email from TicketFly will contain a link to purchase tickets for the dates that you requested. You MUST purchase these tickets before AUGUST 22nd at 9pm PT!!!

If you cannot attend, DO NOT PURCHASE TICKETS. Simply let the tickets expire on August 22nd and they will automatically be added back into the ticket pool for a possible 3rd chance drawing. 

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