"Why Can't This Be Love?" - Van Halen Live in Tokyo 1989

April 28, 2022 by sammyhagar

Another video from the vault celebrating the anniversary of 5150 going to #1 on the charts!

Sammy: I will never forget the moment '5150' hit #1 as long as I live. We were in Atlanta Georgia at the Ritz Carlton Getting ready for our sold out show. Our manager Ed Leffler called a meeting. We walked into his room and he told us '5150' just went number one on billboard top 100. That was a first for all of us. I'd hate to tell you what happened for the next couple days but you can imagine. PARTY ON as if we needed an excuse in those days, ha ha. Wow, I love this performance of "Why Can’t This Be Love?" from Tokyo. Back then we played everything and sang everything live as it should be. Playing guitar and singing this song was not easy trust me.

Mike: Since Sammy didn’t play any guitar on the '5150' album, it was very cool that since Eddie wanted to play keyboards on “Why Can’t This be Love" for the live show, Sam graciously strapped on his guitar!! Was great having that new texture for the live show!!


Sammy and Mikey celebrate the Van Hagar years of Van Halen - follow along at the Van Hagar Other Half Instagram: https://instagram.com/vanhagarotherhalf

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5150 was such an influential album in my life! Rock with Heart & Soul & Positivity. Stands the test of time. Saw ya Sammy in 1986 at at The Texas Jam in Dallas. So F’in Hot but So worth every moment! Thank you Red Rocker! Hope to buy you a beer in Cabo one day (maybe this weekend!) to complete my Dream.