Your chance to be a winner with

March 15, 2011
Your chance to be a winner with


Who's going to the book signings? Check this out: We've got a great prize package for 10 lucky attendees at each event and a awesome grand prize to celebrate the release of "RED: My Uncensored Life in Rock".

The prize package includes:
A signed copy of "RED"
A 'I RED the Book' shirt
A limited edition RED poster

  • The Grand Prize:
  • One lucky winner will be picked from the list of those who marked 'I'm Going' on the book signing events on and will win FREE onstage tickets to the show of their choice.
  • Read below for details on how to win!
  • Starting tonight with the book signing at BORDERS Columbus Circle in NY. Within two hours of the event start time:
  • Post a picture of you at the book signing to Sammy's Facebook Page ( with the date and location.
  • - or -
  • Post a picture of you at the book signing to your twitter profile using the hashtag #REDROCKER
  • - or to win the Grand Prize (Good for all book signing events!) -
  • Go to and mark 'I'm Going' on the book signing that you are attending. At the the end of the tour ONE lucky Redhead will be chosen as the Grand Prize Winner and will receive on stage passes to the show of their choice!!!
  • Within 24 hours of each event twitter winners will be notified by itBooks and Facebook winners will be notified by the page admin. Remember to post your pictures within two hours from the book signing start time.
  • Good luck and we look forward to seeing you at the book singings!
  • - Redrocker Team


Congratulations to Walter Muller aka shastashark for being the winner of the grand prize! And a big congratulations to those of you who won the prize packages. Thanks for all of the great pictures!


 35 Redhead Comments

BigDaddyBradley's picture

Anyone know? I'm still waiting for any kind of word as to when I will receive my "Prize Package" that they said I won through Facebook.

K Baldwin's picture

Sammy can't wait to see you in Biloxi!!!!!!!What a birthday party this will be!!!!!!!!!!

Captain Ron's picture

Has anyone won the Grand Prize yet? Who was the lucky one?

caboken's picture

Got Mine !! Love it the T-Shirt is awesome !!!!

BigDaddyBradley's picture

Anyone know when the winners of "The Prize Package" will receive the package? Can't find anything that says when I will get it. Thanks all.

juniesandy's picture

Thank you Redrocker Team for the prize package. It was great to come home and find it there ready to be opened. Thanks so much again.

me's picture

sssoooo....who is the Grand Prize Winner...has it been announced yet?

bret6262's picture

wow just realized I won also too thanks!

Steven Nolen's picture

I've been a fan from Montrose to Chickenfoot. Sammy always rocks. Each show is better than the last. I just finished "RED", the book is dynamite. I hope Chickenfoot continues to rock their asses off. Thanks for the great music.

Cabo Jess's picture

I WON, I WON!!! It was SO great to finally get to meet Sammy in SF. It was quick, but that's ok. It was a great experience and I got to hangout with friends and make some new ones!! Thank you Sammy for doing this!! <3

maryb072's picture

I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE Sammy, but at the signing in S.F. I was pretty disappointed. I've never felt so much like I was in a herd of cattle going off to the auction block!!!

FresnoMorro's picture

Sammy, I want to thank you for always being good to my hometown of Fresno. I will never forget the Standing Hampton Tour with Quarterflash as openers at Selland Arena! You have always rocked my hometown and we love you! See you at the book signing tonight in Petuluma!

christhetreeguy's picture

Went to the signing in Roseville. It was great! Got a few photos,Sammy signed my books, & even blessed a beloved fishing jacket my friends & I try to win each year. It meant a lot to my friends & I. I'm not sure what he thought of the goofy coat, but he was very gracious. Great, great, time!

Susie and Tim's picture

We were at the Roseville,CA book signing on 3-24-11 and we thought it was great! we had a blast meeting him and getting a couple pictures before he had to go on to the next people. The crowed was crazy, everyone was so excited to see him. We were very pleased how Barnes & Noble handeled such a group. Once the line started moving it was only 45 mins until we were at the front of the line. Great job! Thank you Sammy for coming to our home town!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

dawnie5150's picture

I was at both book signings in St. Louis. It was all quick but everything went wonderful. I had my 14 yr. old nephew Spencer with me and my 17 yr. old niece Katie. He told Spencer to keep up with his guitar and Katie asked him to the prom! He of course said he couldnt' go but he kissed her hand anyway. We all got high fives, handshakes and kisses!!! He was awesome with everyone on both days. OW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jacquied007's picture

I'm going to the book signing in Roseville CA. I've been following Sammy and going to his shows for over 30 years. I would love to win tickets and a prize pack.

seanh038's picture

Hello Sammy. I live in jacksonville, florida. I think you are great!! I cannot get to your book signing. I would like to win the signing. I go to all your concerts and I even named my daughter sammy after you, now she is 21 years old. I am origionally from detroit michigan. You are the best!!

redrockerstalker's picture



Chicabogirl's picture

I guess CHICABO isn't big enough of a market for SH to decide to come and sign books! HMPF! 7 TRIPS to Cabo in the past (any future trips will not involve Birthday Bashes as they are just a joke now). I am a HUGE SH fan - even have a Bogus Otis tat. Been a little disappointed in Sammy lately; the rocker I saw in 2001 is not the same down to earth rocker he is today; today it's all about the all mighty buck. Sorry I can't afford to come down to Cabo anymore Sam or travel to one of your book signings; but I'm done with lines! I will go see him when it's a structured venue but anything GA - fahgettaboutit! :) Good Luck with whatever the future signings hold Sammy - I can't wait to find time to read your book (yes I do have a copy but again, will not stand in line to get it signed).

danielw075's picture

I live all the way over in Norristown, PA and wish Sammy would come around here for the Book Signing. This sucks!
I have no chance in hell to enter this contest.
I can't afford to go to NY.
There's a Border's at the King Of Prussia, PA mall/plaza and Sammy never visited around here. never.
This really sucks!
When I went to the 2005 Cinco Da Mayo show at the Borgata in Atlantic City NJ, I was front row, Sammy saw me and never signed my poster.
When I went to the 2006 Concert in NJ, I invited a friend to go to the show and he somehow got a backstage pass and didn't let me use it and all i got was a small setlist in black n white.
Why me? I'm a de hard Hagar fan and never seem to make it to meet Sammy face to face. lots of others have. i dunno...........

natbaloo's picture

Wow, that doesn't sound like Sammy! Hopefully that was a one-time occurrence...something we are not aware of...hopefully.

rocky1023's picture

Sammy, your book signing here on Long Island, left a bad taste in a lot of mouths around here, you were in a hurry, because of your commitments and tour, but DONT say you will be at the store for 2 hours and leave after 45 minutes, and trust me, your security people need some people skills, because there were a bunch of us Redheads outside planning on giving them an old fashioned Long Island South Shore asskicking. NOBODY will forget that night....I wont!

Honestly, Ive heard that you were a cool guy, by many where I work (radio station) and thru the years, so I am chalking it up to a bad day, long night, whatever, what bothers me is its been happening a few times all over the country. Look bro we would have bought the book anyway, so stay home.

I understand that you must get hassled everywhere you go and that you need a bunch of goons that protect you, I understand, I also think you could protect yourself, especially if you hit as hard as your dad...... but I wanted to tell you about a mid 50s woman I spoke with who is now no longer a fan, she felt like you didnt want to be there, and saw the real Sammy...just another regular guy, not the rock god she envisoned. I also saw a 15 year old VH fan, who got there late, you had gone, and this kids face told it all.

So in closing I get it, but please dont come around here again and hurt your thing, I was there when you opened for BOSTON, the Dont Look Back Your and were not recieved that well by us Long Islanders, so youve come a long dont hurt the people that stayed with you!

The book is a good read....

markwekenborg's picture

I stood in line to get my husband a line pass for the book signing in St. Louis. Sammy is his fave! He was so excited to get his book signed, and then he won the prize package! He's over ther moon. I finished his book this AM, I couldnt put it down! After reading it, I can see why he has such loyal fans. He is one awesome guy! And after meeting him, and feeling the great energy he gives off, I am a fan for life!!
Thanks Sammy for the great experience!
Mark & Lisa W

Doogerp's picture

I won the 3/17 Red Prize Package Thanks RedRocker Team for Choosing me I was in line at 6am yesterday...Long day for sure but very well worth the wait.

KLRed's picture

We were at Sammy's Beach Bar & Grill in STL for the day. Great to see Redheads, made some new friends. Staff did such a great job. And of course, Sammy, better than expected. Took a moment to acknowledge everyone in line and say a word or two to you. I've posted more comments on the STL Events (Harrah's) page. Thanks Sammy, you truly are appreciative of your fans! We love you!

jimbo4345's picture

I got to attend the conversation between Neil and Sammy at Borders in NYC, and it was awesome. Before Sammy even sat down, he pointed and commented on my "Kickass" 2009 Birthday Bash shirt! It was really cool, he spent quite a bit of time talking to the little girl who was sitting next to me. You could tell it really made her day! Oh and how about that Howard Stern Interview--wow!

Then the next day, I found out that I was one of the lucky prize winners!

Another awesome Sammy experience!



dawnm075's picture

We just got back from the book signing at Sammy's Beach Bar and Grill in St. Louis! Everything was perfect and Sammy is a great guy!! Everything was very well organized and went smoothly. Sammy wernt out of his way to talk to everyone in line. He gave people hugs and high fives and was thanking everyone for coming! Proved that is is just as great as we all already knew! Thanks for everything Sammy!! We love you!!

motlyfan's picture

The Misses and I are all in for Roseville California!!!!

See ya there Sammy

MajTom7's picture

They never said that you have to go to a book signing event. They just said that you have to say that you're going. So you can say that you're going to every single one. People do it all the time with the shows, especially since they announce the winner 5 days before the show which is plenty of time to make travel arrangements if you win the backstage pass.

njfootfan's picture

what a great time @ the nyc signing.sammy was so cool.even flashed me w/his club 1013 shirt cause i had the same one.

herbg064's picture

This is freakin' fantastic!!

nannettee078's picture

We are so down for this!

Blue Jean Juliet's picture

Please pick me!

jo's picture

Sweet Sammy,
Those lucky buggers that are able to go to one of your book signings are already winners!
Got my book today and am looking forward to a reading marathon!
Love ya!

NeilO's picture

A bit tricky for some dedicated fans to get to a book signing - they have ordered signed books to be posted from the USA to their home countries so how about a competition for the rest of the fans around the world? Best Regards.