RED Book Signings & Appearances Announced

February 22, 2011
RED Book Signings & Appearances Announced

We have just launched the official page for Sammy's new book RED: My Uncensored Life In Rock. This page lists links to pre-order the book as well as the latest book signings and guest appearances. Over the next few week look for upcoming exclusive sneak peaks, behind the scene video interviews, as well as other cool stuff. Stay tuned!

Go to the Book Page now!


 22 Redhead Comments's picture

hey...if i mail my book to you..will you sign it ?????

I loves the whole story....i could not help but place myself in your shoes growing up..... the only thin i did different was get a job, and feared poverty and living on the streets..basically what it got me is "hostage" to the housing ibdustry and "begging" for a job at Walmart!.... I wish i could go back and just eat "shit" like you had to do back then...maybe you and I could be rockers now... awwww....fuck...time to swallow a shotgun....

rock on proved that if you throw it all to the wind, and go with your will make it..!!!! grats man!!!
...i'm gonn punch out for good...soon... take care, and keep rocking!!!!!!

everyman's picture

Sammy just finished the book in two days. Excellent reading and could not put it down. You rocked it the same way you've done everything else. Here's hoping the next generation has a Sammy Hagar in their lives!!!

Shawn Rossmann's picture

Meeting Sammy in St. Louis, MO. was awesome. The high five to both of my kids was priceless. Sammy you are a class act. I'd repeat this 5.5 hour trip 100 times over to see you again. Thank You Again!

WaboRick's picture

see all the redheads in Ridgewood !!!

kwazygirl's picture

Sign in Phoenix!!!

karenj31's picture

See you in Ridgewood, NJ!!!

nannettee078's picture

I got to see and hold the book for a minute! I was at a taping of That Metal Show and was picked to "Stump the Trunk" , the guy in front of me won the book and let me look at it! I wanted it so bad!! He wasn't giving it up!

RicRockr's picture

Hey Spludedude! He is coming to El Paso June 3 2011 Friday!
Come Join Us!!!

spludedude's picture

Sign in Albuquerque please!!!!!!!

trouble74's picture

Sammy sure hope you dont forget about us down here in Tampa Florida!!!!!!

nealh093's picture

Ken, Give Sammmy boxes on Red Sharpies & Havem Signem ALL... Peace & Love = ROCK & ROLL... ZK3

yo_paisan's picture

Can't wait to get your book & have you sign it in Roseville, CA!!! Love you brother!!!

marciat003's picture

Detroit, the Home of Rock & Roll, better be one of those book signings!!

nealh093's picture

Sammy, Please Sign all the Books...Would you do it for Free? Would you do it Me,Would you do it for Love? Cause we all Love You & everyone that buys that book is with YOU to Give 2 LIVE. So set down and signem all... Love ya Sam... Peace 1013

RIRedrocker's picture

That's cool SharkByte...good thing you called first!
Yes, the NJ location did indeed state on their website it was required to buy the book there. They posted, and I quote...

"Appearing authors will only autograph books purchased at Bookends and must have valid Bookends Receipt."

Thanks for clearing that up and I would definitely agree, call ahead of time to know for sure...

SharkByte's picture

I called the Roseville, CA location (March 24th book signing appearance) and was told that it is NOT required that the book be purchased from that location but they do require a receipt to show proof of purchase from wherever you pick it up, so they know you didn't pull one off the shelf for the signing.

If this was some sort of tie-in with one specific bookseller like either Borders or Barnes & Noble, it would make sense that they'd require you to buy the book there to get it signed but the appearances are at a number of different retailers.

Perhaps user RIRedrocker was misinformed, or her signing location is requiring that she buy the book there but this is not the case for every signing. I'd recommend that everyone make a quick call to the location you'll be at, to see if they will require you to buy the book there...just remember to have the receipt with you at the signing no matter where you buy it!

RIRedrocker's picture

Some book stores have phone orders available for those who can not attend a signing but want a signed book...check store for availability... I know Ridgewood NJ has it along with Book Revue in Huntington NY...

RIRedrocker's picture

Keep in mind that you HAVE to purchase the book from the same store that is having the book signing to get the book signed by Sammy. You can pre-order as long as you go to the store you pre-ordered from to have it signed. This wont work with East Coast dates since the book wont arrive in time for the signing dates. After you buy the book, they want you to keep your receipt to get in line to have Sammy sign it. Also, photos are permitted but no posed pictures. Hate to see someone buy the book ahead of time from somewhere other than a signing store, go all the way there and not be able to get it signed. Wish they would have told us this before the book signing was scheduled, I'm sure many of us would have waited to pre-order the book. I also pre-ordered from Borders, but I'll look into canceling the order...otherwise I'll have an extra...

OK...I was able to cancel my online order without a problem.

cindybearGVMERED's picture

got my book coming. Can't wait till March 24th. How early are any other redheads showing up?

dawnm075's picture

Cannot wait until March! Just ordered my copy!

Harleymomma08's picture

wow that is awesome Darlene. I hope I can get my copy signed one day too!

RIRedrocker's picture

Awesome! Taking the road trip from R.I. See you at the Jersey book signing :)
Also looking forward to seeing what's in store here over the next few weeks!!