Book Signing Expectations

March 17, 2011
Book Signing Expectations
Sammy Signing Books on RED Promotional Tour

Hey Redheads, we've been hearing that some of you have ended up a little disappointed after the book signing events. You know that Sammy loves you all and is very upset to hear this. Unfortunately, we can't control the book signing events like our usual Meet & Greets so all he has time to do is say "hi" and sign your book. As much as Sammy would love to have a personal moment with each and everyone of you the line has to move as quickly as possible to be fair to all of the Redheads who show up.

To help make the most of the next few book signings, please keep the following in mind:

  • - Please go to the events page on for the book signing event that you plan to attend and read the FAQ's.
  • - To ensure that we get through everyone only BOOKS will be signed.
  • - If you have something that you want to give to Sammy you can leave it for him at a collection area we have after you get your book signed.
  • - If you want a picture taken, have your camera on, tested (check flash!) and ready along with a camera man - we can't hold up the line for pictures.
  • - Most of the book signing events last 2 hours. But, if we move through the line we might leave earlier. So please show up as early as possible to make sure that we see you.
  • As you can imagine Sammy has had a crazy whirlwind of a few days - he has signed thousands of books in addition to interviews, TV and Radio appearances. We hate to hear that anyone leaves disappointed, so let's all do the most with the time given - following the steps above will help us make things run smooth!
  • Thanks!
  • Redrocker Team

 59 Redhead Comments

FloridaDave's picture

Just finished the book, Sam! Got it for father's day and could't put it down. Great read!...lots of insight into what I already thought about all around good guy! Been a fan for a long time...had an 8-track tape of the first Montrose album. Come to Pensacola again sometime, so I can get my book signed. All the good luck and success to you and yours! Thanks!

sean_marion's picture

hope to read the book soon.. I am very excited to watch it out... really really..kindly post some more.... I will save this on my usb flash drive and you know what you really help me a lot... I was very happy seeing and looking for this site.. I was amazed and excited...

juliet073's picture

Finished the book & can't wait to read it again. I was surprized to see Sammy on Dr. Drew's show (didn't see a heads up on the Sammy Yahoo group). Dr. Drew picked up on Sammy's positive could he not! I pick it up thru the TV, image sitting there talking! Wonder if Dr. Drew booked a trip to Cabo yet??

zumbrookcp's picture

What an Awesome book, incredible life..first concert I went to I was 10yrs old It was Sammy Hagar opening for Boston, What an incredible show. Keep Rockin Sammy. Wow the stuff you put up with from those brothers!! Someone owes you an Appology.

tinam042's picture

Well said!

nicoleb098's picture

Thank You for signing my copy of RED. Love you and watched you on Leno. I would get on your spaceship anytime with you.

Bonnie C's picture

I loved your book Sammy!! I'm reading it for the second time already. Chad Kroeger told a bunch of us about it, by the way. Sorry for all the shit you went through with VH. And ... I LOVE Chickenfoot!!

susank0u812's picture

We went to the SF book signing and had the most wonderful experience with Sammy! I agree it was rushed, but there is only so much time! When Sammy saw my daughter- he asked her name and wanted to get a hug-- Great photo op! I was not expecting this and fumbled the camera and didn't get the pic :( sooo sad. But my husband, daughter and I will never forget this experience. I was hoping someone else might have captured it in their candid pics??? She had on her I can't drive 55 tee.. He took the time to shake our hands and hug my baby, I can't ask for anything else! We love you Sammy- Can't wait to see you again in concert!!

escaladd12's picture

My dad, 2 yr old daughter and I went to the roseville signing. All I can say is that Sammy was simply "Awesome." We were maybe 100 people back in line. As soon as he saw my daughter he stood up, gave her a double high five, talked to her, and even signed her boots. What an amazing experience for her. I've seen the red rocker maybe 10 times in concert and he has to be one of the most down to earth guys in the industry. Thank you Sammy for making another memorable moment and a redhead out of my baby girl!! See you in Tahoe! and Cabo!!

amis030's picture

I was at the Roseville signing with lots of Redheads in the rain. Not one soaking wet, freezing person was complaining here,we took it like a Redhead should. Nothing but a great time! Always excited for any Sammy event with you all. Barns and Noble gave out coffee and kept us updated on the day. Thanks Sammy, getting my book signed with a handshake, some quick chit chat, it was awesome!Great memories again!

kevinb056's picture

Got to have Sammy sign my book in my town. Yes the line moved quickly but Sammy's security were cool, can't say so for the Petaluma police. Sammy shook my hand and thanked me for comming today and was talking to me about the shirt I had on from his Movie showing in Mill Valley, Go There Once Be There Twice. He said thanks for going. As I the police had me leave. I was able to thank Sammy. Once a Red Head always a red head. See you in Tahoe in the summer.

nannettee078's picture

A little late posting here but I went to Book Soup Hollywood and Huntington Beach Barnes & Noble and it's just like some people said on here... Don't expect a meet & greet. He has so many books to sign and not alot of control from the staff... In face my post it that I had written my name on and put inside my book got crumpled up from the security. But guess what? All you have to do is ask Sammy for what you want, and he gives it to you!!! I love that man and would stand another 6 hours in heavy rain just to see him again!!! I got my book personalized, and gave Sammy a Thank you card as well.. And I was a lucky winner of the RED Package... GREAT BOOK SAMMY!!! Love all my redhead friends!!

SharkByte's picture

I was also at the Roseville signing last night, part of the group that won the 98 Rock contest for a free copy of the book and an early private signing. However, I think Sammy wanted to make sure the line got moving so we waited a bit and then his people let us get in line and we all got a quick hello and he signed other copies we may have had besides the one he signed for us as part of the contest. It would have been cool if the private signing happened but I appreciate the fact that Sammy and his people were trying to make sure everyone got their book signed. I told him I can't wait for the new Chickenfoot album and he said "me too!" PROUD TO BE A REDHEAD!!

areyoulistening's picture

I attended the signing in Rosevill, CA yesterday. 3/24 It was an amazing experience. It was freezing cold and we were outside pelted by rain for over five hours. (I arrived at 9:15a.m.) They let us inside early because of the rain so we waited another five hours inside. I was about 25th in line. Once Sammy arrived, I was done and out in less than 10 mins. If you are hoping this will be a great time to connect with Sammy; you are in the wrong place! There looked to be around 2000 fans there by the time he arrived. His staff keeps things moving VERY quickly and you might have time to get a quick picture if you are on the ball. The experience really comes from hanging with other Redheads all day and sharing stories about Sammy ect. And of course having your book signed and being a part of his first book. Do not expect too much from the meet with Sammy and you won't be disappointed! He is not there to "meet and greet", but to sign as many books as possible. Be aware of this and you will have a great experiece like me. Expect more from him in this venue and you will be disappointed. If you want to connect with Sammy, pay for the stage tickets some time and you will get what you are looking for. It is an equally, but completely different experience where you will get to be up close and personal with Sammy. This is NOT the time and or place for that!
Love ya Redheads! Love ya Sammy! Great book! Thanks for writing it and thank you for putting up with us fanatics all these years! You is da man!!

nicoleb098's picture

I am very surprised at how unappreciative some of the REDHEAD fans are, First of all, we should be happy that Sammy is signing books for his fans. Second of all, some of us REDHEAD fans live in a city he isn't doing a signing. So be happy with what GOD gives you. I had to call Books, Inc, to reserve a signed copy. I made the decision not to fly out to St. Louis, since I read that it was not a meet and greet. I knew that I would be spending a lot of money for 3 seconds and I would rather spend it seeing him in concert. So keep up the good work Sammy! Remember you have a lot of fans that appreciate you for all that you have done for us. P.S. New Mexico would love for you to include us in your tours!

bothworlds's picture

If I had a minute to talk I would love to ask about the lyrics to Love Walks In, which are pretty heavy. They almost sound Leonard Cohen-ish. It seems that they all derive - directly or indirectly - from the space alien experience, yet Sammy connects it all to love. Interesting that alien abuction = love somehow. They are both big life changing experiences, of course.

chefbryan's picture

David Mccain:
My wife and I got to the St. Louis signing at 3:45, w/ signing scheduled for 6:00, and the line was already 100-150 people long. By 6:00 another 400+ were in line behind us, so an EARLY arrival is highly recommended. Hope this helps - have a great time!

David Mccain's picture

Hey everyone! Did anybody get to a book signing really early only to see a huge amount of people already there? I will be at the Roseville signing and I am curious to see how early I need to be there.

Just a book signing is enough for me. I love reading it! Hoping my wife will get the photo of Sam signing it. Otherwise, it will be great to see the other Redheads out there. Look for me with the White Cabo shirt ( haha ) and ask for Dave! Take care all!

laurelg050's picture

I attended the book signing at Left Bank Books in St. Louis on March 18. I had a good experience. I have been a Sammy fan for a long time and was extremely happy to have the opportunity to meet my favorite musician, although it was brief. I knew it would be "rushed". But I still think it was well worth it. I got my book signed and had the chance to meet him and say a few words. Would do it again in a heart beat.

Blue Jean Juliet's picture

Thanks SD! I was going to the Roseville, CA signing but with the unexpected loss of my dear brother I am here in San Leandro at my daughter's house and she wants to go with me! Hope to see you in Tahoe! Blue Jean Juliet! (Joan)

dolfan5150's picture

I was at the St. Louis book signing and we got there at 4pm. The book signing started at 6 and we were on our way home by 730. I expected that we would not even be able to have a few words with him since there were so many people waiting.We were moved along at a pretty good pace and when it was my turn, i thanked him for stopping in St. Louis and told him we loved him. He looked up shook my hand and started saying something about when they set it up he said St.Louis had to be a stop. I don't remember exactly what he said because I was just amazed by being two feet from my favorite musician on the planet. He took the time to look everyone in the eye as he was signing their books and had a few words with a lot of us as much as he could. He has given us 40 years of great music, but I think a lot of redheads are like me, we love him not only for his music, but because he is such a great human being.

chrisj's picture

After reading some posts I now see I was not the only one with an unpleasant experience at the book signing. I was at Book Soup in Hollywood with a few of the faithful last Sunday. Here it was- my chance to meet my music idol after more than 25 years of listening to his tunes! Over an hour and a half in the rain (pouring rain, that is), only to be literally herded through a line for an impersonal, stale signature that I could have gotten off the RedRocker website for about $20 more than the initial book price. Really, really bad business on all accounts. It's probably not Sammy's fault, but it made for some really unhappy fans, including this one.

SOCALROCKER64's picture

Thank you Sammy & Redrocker Team

Sammy Was Rockin Sunday at the signing @ Book Soup 03/20/11 and they were playing Chickenfoot in the Store.I was so happy to meet him and get my books signed.
Thank you very much I won the Red Prize Package.


daveman5150's picture

Yeah, I completely agree. I am positive that this wasn't Sammy's doing. I know that he has always been very fan-friendly. I'm really happy that I met a "new" Redhead in the line and I got a copy of his book signed, and that rocked, so, I can't complain too much. The picture thing was the only thing that really took away from the event. Everything else was awesome.

nascardeb's picture

Thanks for the info! You're matter how long the wait, the good thing is, Sammy fans are cool!!!

KLRed's picture

I agree with Chefbryan. The "no" picture rule, appears to be the constraints of the individual book stores, not Sammy. I was at Harrah's on Thursday, 3/17, and the minute we were allowed into the room (about 20 at a time), the flashes from cameras started immediately. We weren't told to stop or yelled at by Sammy's handlers or the staff at Harrah's. We were allowed to take pictures no matter how close we got to Sammy. I'm sorry to hear this wonderful opportunity to get close to Sammy wasn't what the majority of us experienced. Be thankful Sammy was in your area and you received an autographed copy of his book. You rock, Sammy!

chefbryan's picture

To daveman5150:
Yeah, the "no pictures" thing had to be the bookstore's doing, because there were a thousand flashbulbs a minute going off at the St. Louis signing, and Sammy never seemed to mind at all. Sorry you couldn't take a picture - how often will you get that close to your idol - but at least you have the memory of the experience.

SUPERDAVE I AM's picture


nascardeb's picture

Hi Redheads,

Can someone give me an idea how long they had to stand in line? I'll be having him sign my book at Barnes and Noble in Roseville from 7pm-9pm. I have read some comments say an hour to an hour and half. But they say they're starting a line at 9am though. I'm just worried that if I wait until 7pm to get there it'll be too late. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated...Deb

SUPERDAVE I AM's picture


daveman5150's picture

Actually, I don't think that any of this had to do with Sammy. I was at the Book Signing at Book Soup in Los Angeles on March 20. Sammy was cool - things were rushed, but he was cool. He shook my hand after I thanked him for all of the good times, and I saw him sign my book(s). I don't know how that other person at Book Soup didn't even see Sammy sign his/her book. That's strange because of the way that the line was organized. Either way, I know that Sammy is a busy guy, so, I understand needing to work the line quickly. I'm sure he's exhausted.

Anyway, I think that the problem with the signing on the 20th was with Book Soup. It seemed to me that they are kind-of pretentious.

I had previously purchased three copies (one for me and two for my brothers) of the book in a store at a Barnes and Noble near where I live (at full sticker price) to make sure that I had them in time for the Sunday Book-Signing, but, when I got to Book Soup, they demanded that I purchase the copies at their store, so, I had to purchase three ADDITIONAL copies of the book so that I could stand in line.

Nonetheless, after standing in line for an hour (or so), a tenant came out and told us that we could purchase a few more books (the original limit was 3) for signing if we wanted, so, I asked one of the desk-workers if I could bring my Barnes and Noble books in to be signed. They said "yes" (now you tell me!), but that I couldn't return the books that I had just purchased, and that I had to have them in hand, with the Book Soup receipt, to be in line.

So, now I have six copies of a book signed. I think that I'll be able to get a few of my Redhead friends to purchase them (at cost) from me, but, that is certainly a frustrating circumstance to have to deal with.

Book Soup (or someone) wouldn't let us take a photo though, and that was kind-of weak because the sign (and the postings) clearly stated that "no posed photographs will be permitted", but that doesn't mean that we can't take a friggin' photo. That was totally weak on someone's part that we couldn't even take a photo of Sammy Hagar from the line. WEAK!

michaelgas's picture

Friday night in St. Louis was a lot of fun. The staff of Left Bank Books did a great job. Everyone did their job to keep order and move the line along, yet they were all smiles and very polite. I knew what to expect and didn't expect anything more. Sammy's big smiles and friendliness more than made up for his less than congenial handlers. But, there again, they were doing their jobs and I expected nothing different. I got some great photos during the signing. Sammy even paused, smiled, and posed for a quick shot. He was ready to move on to the next book and I said "Thank you Sammy!" he did a double-take back to me and gave me a big thumbs up. And this was after having already signed an hour and 20 minutes worth of books. It was over in a flash, but an excellent experience. Again, I knew what to expect and expected nothing more. Doing a book-signing is a pain. Many thanks to Sammy for doing a signing tour, and many thanks to Left Bank Books for hosting it!

Bugsy's picture

It's one thing to move things along to accommodate everyone, it's another thing to be absolutely rude and disrespectful to your fans.

I was at Book Soup tonight in Los Angeles. After waiting in line for an hour and a half in the freezing rain I could not take a picture of you while standing in line or risk being thrown out of the bookstore without an autograph? The man to your left at the table Sammy (greyish beard) was yelling, and I am not exaggerating...yelling at people "Give me your book!". I never saw my book autographed, I didn't get a chance to even say hello to you. As soon as I got my book and I stopped to say hello the woman to the right of you told me "You have to leave!"

You should be ashamed of yourself. I know time is tight at these events (even though after leaving at 5:20 there was only about 30 more people in line) you should not treat fans this way. It's a book signing, an opportunity to take a minute to say hello, actually "see" your book autographed and then move on. My girlfriend who was standing next to me was so rushed after we left she said "I don't even think I saw him"

It felt like a total waste of my time and money.

Shame on you Sammy.

mlsmegma's picture

I was at the book signing at Left Bank Books in St. Louis and thought it was an EXCELLENT experience!! Both the staff and the fans were very polite and organized, including local businesses i visited to get drinks while waiting!! Had awesome conversations waiting in line, and once the line started moving, it was no time at all and I was in and out of the store. I totally understand keeping things brief so everyone gets a chance to say hi!! Keep up the good work Sammy!!! Can't wait for the new Chickenfoot CD!!!

stephaniem030's picture

Very bad experience at the Book Soup signing today in Hollywood. I completely understand wanting to keep things moving, but there is no excuse for treating fans like cattle. There were only about 60 of us that were hard-core enough to spend an hour or more waiting in the rain, and then we were pushed, prodded and yelled at once we finally made it to Sammy. It was completely unnecessary.

nannettee078's picture

Hey Laura you spelled it wrong too LMAO !!! Whining! You are not WINNING today !!! Love it??? But I do get your point!!

gregt096's picture

I was at the St Louis signing last night with my two kids. Our experience was awesome. Yes, the staff moved us along very quickly but I totally understood and expected it. Sammy took a few extra seconds with my 9-year old daughter and she has been in a daze ever since; what a priceless moment!! I was able to capture all of it on video because I stood behind the line a bit as they walked up. No, I didn't get to meet him but I wanted my kids to remember this for the rest of their lives and I guarantee they will. THANK YOU SAMMY!!

chefbryan's picture

In response to redrandi's comment:
You clearly didn't read the last chapter of Sammy's book, where he muses at length about all the money he's made through his many business ventures, as well as his thoughts about the modern record industry and how artists like him really don't profit from that anymore. His fans don't need to be dollar signs - he made smart business choices which have set him up for the rest of his life, and at this point, his music, his albums, his tours and his fans are all about what he loves. His "Beach Bar and Grill" chain gives the profits away to various local charities, which is more than can be said about any other celebrity restauranteur. He's past 60 and remains one of the hardest-working musicians out there - I've seen him in concert at least a dozen times since his split from VH, and every show is a joy to watch. No, lady, we're not dollar signs to him - we're the best damn rock and roll fans on earth, and this guy works harder than any artist I've ever known to show us how much he loves us for it!

Deb Fowler's picture

I attended the book signing in St. Louis yesterday and I thought it was fantastic. Everyone should have been prepared for a large crowd and only a really quick "hi" with Sammy. I have been a Redhead for 33 years now and live in the St. Louis area. Anytime Sammy comes to St. Louis, it is always packed. Like other Redheads I'm sure, I've spent lots and lots of money over the years going to Sammy shows and buying Sammy merchandise and I have never gotten to get this close and actually meet the guy so I thought for the cost of the book this was a steal. I wasn't upset about being rushed given the number of fans that were there. Sammy just wanted to make sure that each fan got their book signed. My experience was a great one and Sammy was polite and full of smiles and I even got a High Five. I was worried that I wouldn't get there in time to get my book signed. I am currently undergoeing Radiation and Chemo treatments at the Siteman Center in St. Louis and wasn't able to get to the event until after 4:00 upon completion of my treatment for that day. I left the event with a signed book and having met Sammy even if it was brief. I was totally satisfied and will treasure the book and the experience for the rest of my life.

SDeiss's picture

KL Red- I completely agree. My husband and I were at the Friday book signing in STL and it was awesome! Sammy was very nice and yes each person had to move thru the line quickly but everyone got to get their BOOK siged didn't they? That is why we all were there! People always find something to complain about something

chefbryan's picture

Met him at the St. Louis book signing, and he just blew me away. He was very friendly and congenial, looked all his fans in the eye, had something to say to everybody and shook my hand not once but TWICE! Coming from work, I was wearing my chef coat and he saw it and called me out: "Hey Chef! Where do you work?" I told him and he replied, "Yeah, I remember the Chase." The police officer on line duty then hustled me along, because there were about a thousand people behind us in line. Being a regular attendee of a local sci-fi con I've seen many book signings, and Sammy's ranks damn near top of the list as far as meeting a fan's expectation can go. My wife (who had no idea where we were going until we got there) and I will remember this forever. Sammy loves his redheads, and that's why the guy rocks!

rocky1023's picture

wow, they deleted my comment....Truth hurts I guess, oh well!

bothworlds's picture

I was excited to see Sammy. I said "thanks for the music" but he didn't make eye contact with me or act like he heard me (he turned to talk to someone else while high fiving me). Would have been nice to have been acknowledged. So the signing was rushed and disappointing, but the book was great. Just one of those things. Look forward to the next show...Peace, love

freeeagle50's picture

Wow some of these posts are interesting to read. Good or bad, it still makes this web site great to come back too!!! As far as the Book signing in St. Louis, My wife and I enjoyed it..We knew what to expect, by being wisked through the line. Now let's see there are 120 mins. In 2hrs. So if Sammy spent 1 min. Per person, that means only 120 people would have been seen. Now break that down in half, you get 240 ect. ect.. So a simple SH is fine by me...Do the Math...As far as Sammy leaving early, that leaves it to the individuals interpretation, why he left..I know if I was in Sammys shoes traveling from place to place, I would want to knock off early too for I could get some rest. As far as his staff being rude as some people may interpret, well it is like this, they are doing their job, because they are under the same time schedule as Sammy..Been a fan since 1979.The older I get the more opened minded I've become, and less aggression shown to my fellow man. Just my 2 cent thrown in..

redrandi's picture

WOW! WAKE UP PEOPLE! You are a DOLLAR SIGN to him! He could GIVE A CRAP about you. GET A LIFE.

pjbirchenough's picture

Sammy was awesome tonight! We must have been like #800 of 900 people there tonight and we brought my 3 year old son Andrew who was just tickled to death to see Sammy. Sam gave him a high five and talked for a bit and even said we could have Andrew sit up on the table for a pose...the camera crapped out and we had to be shuffled off before we were able to get it to work again, but hey the gesture was more than we hoped thank for taking the time Sam!

Since we've been back home Andrew has been sitting at the table with a sharpie pretending he's Sammy signing books for people...making me, my wife and my mother-in-law stand in a line just like he saw at the book store...too cute. Thanks again Sam...looking forward to reading the book!

ICANTDRIVE138's picture

I believe it was a book signing, not a "Books" signing. It was clearly stated in the details of each event listed that Sammy would only sign copies of his autobiography only. He has no way to verify that your organization is a legitimate charity and he has no obligation to sign anything. If Sammy signed a book for everyone in line and that line happened to end at 7:00 then he did what was advertised. Sammy put a two hour limit to sign books for fans in line, it was never advertised that he would sit there until 8:00PM waiting for stragglers to show up. The signing starts at 6:00 PM. Be there on time get your book signed and then your done. These events are not opportunities for fans to hang out with Sammy for 10 minutes having some special moment that really isn't that special for Sammy. He has millions of fans and is doing his best to everyone who can show up a chance to have their book signed in person. Grow up and get over it. This isn't fairyland.

kwazygirl's picture

any plans to come to Phx for signing? Got your book love it! Took me two Barnes and Noble to get it. The first was one was sold out on the first day!

You Rock!

KLRed's picture

I was in STL on Thursday and did NOT experience what was previously posted. It has been posted, talked about, and explained again at the event, that Sammy is signing HIS BOOKS ONLY. Some locations have a limit on how many books Sammy will sign per person. AGAIN, this was explained in STL on Thursday. He is not touring the country to sign any item you bring even if you are the last person in line. It's been posted to arrive EARLY to get your book signed. After Sammy signs all the books and there is no one there; you expected him to sit and twirl his thumbs waitng for you to show up?! Some people think they are special and the rules don't apply to them. Unbelievable! Sammy's on a very tight schedule (or have you even bothered to look at his schedule?) Be thankful he came to STL and you had the opportunity to see him. Thanks again, Sammy. I enjoyed my experience with you.

redrockerstalker's picture