Ticket Links for the Birthday Bash in Cabo are LIVE!

July 23, 2012
Ticket Links for the Birthday Bash in Cabo are LIVE!

Here it is! Check out this link and get registered if you're looking to attend any of the shows. It's a little different this year than last year, and everything you need to know is on the registration link below. Registration is open all week.


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Norine Holder's picture

I feel we got (kicked) out before we even got in the door!!

CaboKathy's picture

I pray they aren't done but if they are we'll still be there to party to bring in Sammy's 65th!!!! (fingers still crossed we find a way inside for one show)

CUN CABO!! REDloves!!

teepee's picture

You have to think there will be some sort of "second chance" drawing or first-come/first-served line for tickets that go unclaimed...

Bassriprock's picture

My wife and I did not get picked for the 13th....bummed for sure but will still have a blast at the Casa Dorada. If someone has 2 extra tix these Michiganders would be stoked. Please email me at Keltype@Hotmail.com.

dandrocky's picture

I agree with a lot of people here. Sure wish Sammy had chosen a different system. This one didn't work unless it was to aggravate everyone. Have a group of 14 going on the 13th and only 2 got tickets. So much for our 40th anniversary celebration. Really aggravating that people out multiple tickets for every show. Rather pay a service charge to ticket master than a random drawing. Happy Birthday Sammy.

impey13's picture

It seems to me that a lot more people didn't get Tix than last year, with the sit around and jump on plan...seems to me that there might still be another round, I could be wrong but something just dosen't sound or feel finished to me...

Redd Rocker's picture

First off congrats to all who got tickets. Those who got more than one pair, go buy some lottery tickets also. It is your lucky day. I am a true Sammy fan and love him for all that he does for music and his fans. I think no matter what system is used for tickets, people will complain. However, I think this was the weakest system used yet. I think a lot of long time fans did not get tickets this time. I had no problem with the system last year. As a true RedHead, I was able to score tickets. I still think the best system was the original. Sleep in the street. It worked for 20 years. Why change it? There were no fights, in fact it made the true fans, friends. We got to meet people who were sleeping in the street next to us from all over the planet. It did not matter who you were, or what you had. We were all in the same street for the same reason. To get the magic bracelet. If you want to stop scalping, combine the two. Show an ID when you get the wrist band, mark the wrist band with a number, record it, and on show night, match the wristband with the ID. That is pretty simple, and fair. I really feel bad for the 12 person group that only got a pair. How do you choose 2 out of 12 to go in? The old way, you 12 would have been in the street partying together all night, so you could get in and party together all night, with some kick ass music. We love you Sammy, but lets be honest. We all come to Cabo, in October for one reason. For the best birthday party ever. It is clear the red headed army is growing into a giant force. A force that sings along with every song. I think there are those of us that sing a bit louder, and we are the ones that would sleep in a street or dirt sidewalk to help blow out those candles. Just a thought. Thanks Sammy, for everything. See you all in Cabo.

CaboDan's picture

have a group of 8 going. Some of us got all three shows.... one of us (ME) got zero..... how does that happen??

becklett5150's picture

Congrats to those who got to purchase tickets for every show. You should now go buy a state lottery ticket because your luck is on a roll! Only wanted 1 show. If anyone has extra for Oct 7, please let me know.

valeriew059's picture

I am bummed only got 1 ticket for October 11,needed 2. We have some friends that got tickets for that night. If anyone has 1 extra ticket available please email me, wallacemv@comcast.net

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Sad day indeed! Two couples...bought plane tickets...room at the RUI...babysitters for the kids three months ago for the entire week so we could spend a week of ADULT vacation and teh celebration of Sammy's 65th in Cabo for the very first time! All 4 of us put in for tickets for the 7th, 9th and 11th and only received a drawing for one show for only two tickets combined. I guess we will make the most of it and enjoy our time in the sun and lots of tequila but if anyone has extra tickets lets tal!!!! slasorjd@comcast.net.

murfddy1's picture

Put in for 3 shows...got the 9th this morning, would like another show but I am grateful for what I got.

Maurena789's picture

Registered for all four shows to increase chance of getting tickets. I got two for October 7th. I have no problem with people getting tickets for multiple shows, nor did I find the system difficult to use - the instructions were clearly written. I did not purchase air and accommodation until after I received confirmation. I haven't been to Cabo San Lucas since 1987 (first time was 1979) and am looking forward to my first real vacation in a long while.

chris_scott's picture

I got 1 ticket for the 9th. I thought I requested 2. If anyone has an extra ticket E-Mail me. chris_scott@papajohns.com

johnv071's picture

no luck here with the new system, skunked like many people. Don't quite understand how this is less stressful than buying tics on line. They can't even tell us if the drawing is over or not so it's been nerve racking for 3 solid days. Also just wondering how random it really is with people getting 2-3 shows while most of us got zero ( nothing aganist the folks that did get them, enjoy)All my wife and I were hoping was to get to one show.

davido98031's picture

Sad day! Another couple and ourselves bought the plane tickets, rooms at the rui, and found sitters for our kids for the week so we could celebrate as adults for Sammy weeklong party. All 4 of us put in for shows seperatly for the 7th, 9th and 11th and our friends received notification that they got two tickets for the 7th. Unfortunate for us but we will make the most out of it and hope to find some tickets from those fortunate souls who won tickets for multiple shows. If any extras are out there lets talk. slasorjd@comcast.net

If nothing else a vaction without kids PRICELESS! MAS TEQUILA!!

danm097's picture

Got 1 pair for the 13th, have 10 people in our group. Let me know if you can't make the 13th show, could use more tix. Congrats on your luck! See you in Cabo!!!

brently's picture

To clarify: I'm just using us as an example. Clearly many more are in the same boat.

danm097's picture

10 of us put in for tickets for the 13th,( in Cabo 12-19 ), got 1 pair and feel lucky to get that! Tried last year and couldn't even get on the site and tickets were gone. At least this way you have a shot at getting something. That being said.....Anyone have extras for the 13th!!!

brently's picture

I completely understand the move toward being fair and keeping things safe. HOWEVER....if there are multiple people reporting they have tickets for multiple nights, yet the six couples I know got completely shut out, I think it's fair to say this was a FAIL. That being said, I don't know that I have a better way and I do wish those that got picked get FACE DOWN!

dldbuildersinc's picture

We are Four friends registered for 2 tickets each for the 11th and 13th we didn't get picked! It's my friends 50th and we already have our NON-REFUNDABLE air and non-refundable accommodations, really sucks that some people got tickets to multiple shows and some of us got NONE! what kind of lottery is that? We are traveling from the Bay Area, CA.. Major Bummer

krog's picture

4 of us in California did not get any tickets - is this a trend?

kelliwayne's picture

Nope. I'm in Nor Cal, registered just for one show and didn't get picked :(

DavidJ1013's picture

Same here....5 couples that were supposed to go and we only got two pair of tickets...I hope Sammys reading this and next year he OPENS UP THE SIDE WALK like it should be done....Bring back the karma Sammy !!!!

ronniecabo's picture

We are from San Diego went to the show last year and had a great time. We put in for two shows (11th and 13th) this year and nothing.

Hopefully, they will go with a different system next year.

jimandjohna's picture

Remember there is only 500 tickets per show and probobly thousands and thousands of entrys
see you in the parking lot and bar later think positive enjoy cabo

brently's picture

I'm finding it really unlikely that out of 6 couples that are planning on going together, none of us got drawn. WTH? Anoyone on the west coast get drawn?

genelle's picture

i only registered for one show tuesday the 9th need two tickets.
if anyone has two extra the would like to sell i booked our trip over a year ago to see one show :(

JOANNEB075's picture

could be right, not even 1 ticket for us here in NC.

johnv071's picture

So is the drawing offically over? Wish they would keep us up to date on the status.

shawnmeyer's picture

Congrats to those with multiple nights Make me a deal on your extras for 11th or 13th Special weekend for us

JOANNEB075's picture

Not one single ticket for me or Bob..our little Red Hearts are Broken : ( VERY BUMMED OUT here in NC!!!!!

sunshinejen1979's picture

Hubby and I got drawn for the 7th, 9th, and 13th!! This is the first year for me; I've very excited.

luv2cabowabo's picture

The random drawing system sucks for sure! It doesn't seem very fair when there are people who got pulled for 3 shows and others who didn't get pulled for any of the shows. I hope in the future that the people in charge of ticketing will pick a method and alert the fans of which method they'll be using at least 4-6 months in advance. We love Cabo but probably would have planned to go at a more convenient time of the year if we had known how this was going to be handled.

kelliwayne's picture

I agree!! I think this random drawing stinks! At least if you make the effort to go online when tickets go on sale, you know if you got them or not. No waiting to buy airline tickets, secure a room, etc. Yes I love Cabo, but don't want to vacation there in October unless I'm going to see the show! There are other places I want to see. So no show for us this year, and I hope RR changes things next year so people can at least know when they go on sale if they secured a purchase or not.

krog's picture

Agreed - the system is totally flawed - it's really a shame and very disappointing.

DavidJ1013's picture

Am I the only one on here that's not happy...I've been going to these shows for sometime now...I just don't get it...I believe the true Redheads are being shutout.....It's really a shame...Speak up if you feel the same !!!!

Kyesguy's picture

I received one email at 9:47 CDT that I got 2 tickets to the Tuesday show and then I received a second email at 11:05 CDT that I got 2 tickets to the Sunday show - so they may still be processing...Good Luck All!!

Dobber812's picture

Wow! Wife and I both put in for the 11th and 13th...nothing! Been trying to catch Sammy in Cabo 7 times unsuccessfully since '93...I guess someone's trying to tell me something...Won't be there in time to stand in line. Those of you who won multiple nights can now remove the horseshoes...

krog's picture

It's very disappointing that so many people won tickets to multiple nights while others did not get any. Looks like you may need to revamp the system again next year. Our tickets and lodging were bought and paid for several months ago and none of the 4 people we are traveling with won tickets to any of the shows yet we read blogs of people who have received multiple nights - the lottery definitely didn't work fairly :(

Cappogirl's picture

Congrats to all who won! Much love from Memphis :)

siscocindi's picture

Yay!!!!! We got tickets for the 9th. Only one night but feel Very Fortunate for that!!! Can't wait to see Sammy again!!! For those asking questions about the notification, mine was also an email that stated the date of the show and that my credit card was being charged. If you did not receive one, check your junk box! That's where my notification went to for some reason, even thou I am a member of redrocker.com

See you in Cabo!!!

CaboKathy's picture

Congrats to those who got tickets and even more to those who got more than one night..we so would have loved to have won! We have already booked and paid our trip...guess we'll be on the outside looking in...


becklett5150's picture

We have 12 people going... all paid for their air and hotel in advance. All submitted requests for tickets..only 1 person got approved. Oh well... luck (or lack of luck) of the draw.

chuckiam's picture

Got the email 7:50am, got three nights, 7th, 9th, 13th sweet...Now if the wife wins the 11th we are good to go, if not we will see some of you in the parking lot....
Chuck I Am....

sunshinejen1979's picture

Birthday Bash here we come!! We got our emails for the 7th, 9th, 13th VERY excited. This will be a first for me :)My hubby has been before and we are excited celebrate together.

aznyredhead's picture

Got my email this am So so excited but it came about 7:50 and has a confirmation number and that my card has been charged.
Hope that helps! Good luck maybe not all days have been sent out yet.

CaboKathy's picture

Unless I missed it can you please let us know when everyone that was lucky enough to get tickets has been emailed?

Thank you! REDloves!

CaboKathy's picture

Unless I missed it can you please let us know when everyone that was lucky enough to get tickets has been emailed?

Thank you! REDloves!

sunshinejen1979's picture

Hello Redheads!! When will we know the results of the drawing; I can't handle the suspense :-)