Ticket Links for the Birthday Bash in Cabo are LIVE!

July 23, 2012
Ticket Links for the Birthday Bash in Cabo are LIVE!

Here it is! Check out this link and get registered if you're looking to attend any of the shows. It's a little different this year than last year, and everything you need to know is on the registration link below. Registration is open all week.


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Does anyone know if anybody has received their e-mail saying that they won tickets yet. We're still waiting here in Seattle to see if we get to go to the B-Day Bash. Eyes, fingers and toes are crossed...

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As with most everyone, we too have multiple people coming. We registered for one day so we are praying 2 of us get chosen to have enough tickets for us to all go. This wait is killing all of us. Good luck to everyone! See you all in Cabo!

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The original posting that talked about registration said the drawings would begin after the deadline. The deadline is 10PM PDT so you would have to convert to your time zone. There was also a posting on Red Rocker facebook page saying over the weekend. My guess is they will start with the first show and work toward the last.

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When will we know if we get to go to the show??? I guess it is still a mystery?!?!?

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Celebrating my husband's 40th also! We put in for tickets on either the 11th or 13th! Here's a thought...let's all of us fans/Redheads stick together. If anyone gets "extra" lucky...let's message each other and help each other out so the ticket brokers don't get the best of us!!

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the phone number works if you cant get threw on the web

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MUCHO GRACIAS! Got registered finally. Just give me 1 show. Let everyone have 1 show.
LIVE MAS.............and Mas Cabo Wabo!

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I just registered.....so excited! I'm feeling lucky!

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1 866 55tickets

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click on the link for tix, scroll down to the bottom, the number is there

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does anyone have the phone number

chris_scott's picture

Who has the phone number. The link doesn't work or is overloaded

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Try calling the toll free number, you only have a couple of days left.

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Hoping for tickets can't wait to get in Cabo

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I've been trying to register all day but the link does not work for me. Browser responds with a "Server Not Found" error every time.

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Would like to register for the shows but the link doesn't work for me. Is the site just really busy or is there an alternate link to use?

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Sipped some Cabo Uno for luck as I registered for all four shows! Hope that brings me some luck!

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Hoping and praying I get tickets to a show!!! I'm a die hard fan and need to rock a bday bash with Sammy!!

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Registered for all four shows, we shall see how things pan out! At least we all know dinner shows are an option as well.

Good luck to all, and keep the faith! Hope to see my fellow Red Rockers in Cabo!


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With tickets or without tickets, we are going to be Rocking at the Redrockers B-day Bash. Inside or outside,it's going to be 1 big azz Party. If we have enough Redheads outside, he just might bring to party to us

weetahob's picture

Plane tickets - check
Hotel room - check
Tickets to Sammy's Birthday bash - hoping and praying!!!

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im registered like everyone else yoohoo wondering if anyone knows when winners will b notified thanks and good luck

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Sorry Sammy can't even register as we have a group of 11 going and what do we do if only 2 get chosen. If you needed proof we could have shown you the confirmation on our condos. Happy Birthday!

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I am trying to register from Canada and site is down, cannot get in ....keeps saying site is not responding..Can we even register from Canada?????????? Whats happening???? Can any one help

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2 plane tickets to Cabo $1,800 .. 1 week Condo rental booked $1,500.. 1 chance at tickets $110.. Seeing my husbands face light up with joy. Priceless.

mel's picture

registration is done!! fingers toes and legs and anything that will cross is gonna be crossed!! We are coming over from Australia to see Sammy's B-Bash show and are so excited, I have wanted to do this for quite some time and we are sooo ready to rock!! :D

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Well all signed up bags are packed and well have a good time either way....fishing, beach, cabo wide open tons of Sol and of course hopefully some Red Rockn!

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Is the site down?

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All registered and everythings crossed! Good luck to all Redheads, lets hope these go to die hard fans not like some tickets at events that the one with the biggest wallet or most contacts win!!!! Good Luck!

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entered for the days we could be there! We have the worst luck but crossing my fingers for this! My husband has been wanting to go for as long as I have known him and his bday is 10/18 so this would be the prefect gift! Good luck to everyone!!

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Any special consideration for folk who have a birthday on the day of a show? We are bringing a friend with us whose birthday is the same day and year as Sammy...

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Done & Done! Wishing for some really good luck right about now! Can't wait for Cabo 10/6 through 10/14! WOOHOOOO!!!

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I am in the lottery! Weeeeeee! October 11th!

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Registration done! Can't wait for the trip to Cabo. Sure hope I get drawn.

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Done & done!!

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Registered for the 7th, 9th and 11th. Sure hope we can get some tickets. If not, Cabo will still be a party...Let's rock Redheads

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Totally agree with you Steve! I'd go as far as saying you have to have been on the site signed up for at least a year!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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The only issue I have with this method, and I know you cant please everyone no matter which method used, is that you dont have to actually BE a prior registered Redhead to get tix. If it were required that you actually had a track record with us, it would logically follow that the loyal fans would be the ones getting the tix. I hope that ends up being the case in the end anyways and thats my .02

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Per the terms and conditions: "Please pick your tickets up at the venue's box office or other entry point no more than one hour before the event begins. " No MORE than 1 hour prior to the event. That won't really work now will it?

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We are traveling with our son and daughter in law. Looking for either the 11th or the 13th and hoping we get tickets to the same show if we get tickets at all! Given the fact my luck really sucks right now I will be shocked if I happen to get picked for one of the two shows I registered for. Just trying to stay positive and hope for the best. If we don't get tickets we will still enjoy the beauty of Cabo! Good Luck Redheads!!

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Fingers, toes, legs, eyes all crossed...Good Luck RedHeads !!

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It's just a matter of prayers and luck now!!!!

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Okay...just registered for the 13th cuz that's the only day we can go. Hope we get picked! (Crossing fingers and toes)!!!

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Really ?????? What is going on? site is down already?