Spammers Suck!

October 18, 2011
Spammers Suck!
Just say no to SPAM.

Hey Redheads-

We are excited to let you know about some new updates we've made to that will hopefully help with the horrible SPAM problem we've been having here lately.

As you have probably noticed we've been under attack, but we're not taking it anymore! Please check out the following steps we have taken to help alleviate this problem moving forward.

- New users who haven't commented, will be required to have a post approved, before being able to comment freely, without approval, and without captcha.

- Anyone who has posted a non-spam comment or blog post, will be able to post new comments with out captcha. (Yay!)

- Those who haven't posted a comment will need to post a comment, and have it approved, before they can post without captcha and without approval.

These changes are to help cut down on the large amount of SPAM and to avoid punishing everyone with the captcha, when we really only have it to help deal with the SPAM.

Thanks for your patience and we hope you like the changes! Please let us know what you think! Webmaster

PS - This will help with all new accounts and comments moving forward. We are continually working to scope out and find all of the spammers who made it in before we put this in place. We appreciate your patience while we work to remove and delete all bad accounts and comments.


 19 Redhead Comments

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jeanninem041's picture

YAY!!! Glad they're gone! We love ya Sam!

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The Red Rocker Rules! Not in my nature to do any harm, good job in lookin out! Glad to be here!

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don't delete meeeee!

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Agreed. SPAM sucks.

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Glad to see you Takin' care of Things....Red Rocker rules

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admin's picture

You'll know you've been approved once your comment shows up as it does here. Welcome!

Def Norske's picture

how do I know if I've been approved?

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Thanks for taking care of this problem. So tired of the spammers!

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YAY! Thank you for helping to resolve the spam issue. It was becoming very bothersome. Much Redlove to all!

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Thank God, there is nothing worse than scrolling through the span to get to the good stuff.

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Good Job! True Redheads dont abuse this website, it's a place for us to come together to talk about our common interests and love for the music, freinds and our Redhaed family!

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I am not a spammer.

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Awesome! Thank you for working on this issue, it was really becoming a nuisance!

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Great job Redrocker! I have noticed the spam, but had no problem ignoring it. Can bring down the Red Heads!

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Sounds like a good plan. We Redheads deserve it! "Oh Yeah!" Only Redlove here! Joan R.

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Yeah! I like not having to post the caption!

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Hell to the yeah...I don't even like fried spam, and the raw stuff I've been seeing is totally