Sammy's Birthday Bash 2012 Dates Announced!

March 07, 2012
Sammy's Birthday Bash 2012 Dates Announced!

We know that a lot of you have been waiting for confirmation on the dates for this year's Birthday Bash so you can make your travel plans and we're happy to announce that this year's dates are Oct 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th. Tickets will be handled similar to last year and further details will be announced as the dates get closer.

You can relive last year's bash by watching the 2011 Birthday Bash documentary.


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How do you get tickets? Are they completely sold out?'s picture

Looking for 1 tickets for Tues, Oct 9th. Have 2 tickets for Thurs, Oct 11th that I can't use. Email me at if you have one I can buy, or you'd like to buy my Thursday night tickets.

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Unfortunately I will miss Sammy week this year so my condo is available. It is at the Grand Solmar and you can see it at If you are interested in going to Cabo any week through Nov., please email me at It's a great place 10 minute walk to Cabo Wabo.

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Any suggestions for getting 4 tickets to the birthday bash? I made trip arrangements last oct. I have 3 birthdays and 1 anniversary in that same week and we are coming from opposite coasts. What better way to celebrate than with Sammy in Cabo?

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We have been Sammy fans since the Montrose days. We have a resort lined up and like you need info on getting tickets. If you found out how to obtain a couple tickets you would make my day. Dave in Michigan

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Anybody know approx how many tix are available for each show?

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sammy saw ckickenfoot in houstin tx...dude 2hours and you didn't paly alright.alright...miss my sammy and mikie...

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It would be nice to find out if tix can be had before I make air reservations. Waiting until event is closer means airline costs may be higher and those aren't refundable unless you pay an arm and a leg!!

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where do you go to get tickets for any of the dates in cabo? need 4 tickets

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Saw your post on tickets, do you just go to the events site to see when they go on sale?

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My husband turns 40 on 10/13/2012!!! Want BD Bash tickets BAD!!!!!!!!! When and where do they go on sale?

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We are "Cabo Virgins" and want to do it up right! Comming in the 9th, and leaving the 13th. Getting to enjoy the Sammy vibe on the 11th would do just that for us. This is my annual birthday
trip we take, just alittle postponed, mines in Nov. A little price to pay.
Hope to see you on the 11th.

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Last year when tickets went on sale the Redrockers crashed the site due such a high demand.When they went on sale again 2 weeks later they sold tickets for the first show @ 11am, 2nd @ 12pm, 3rd @ 1pm and the 4th @ 2pm instead of all @ once. If your not READY to click the mouse button at the exact time you wont get tickets. I tryed for all 4 shows last year but got only the last show, The Birthday Bash which was incredible! I wont be going this year but I will see all you redheads at the 2013 B-day Bash.

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anybody know if you can get tickets to the birthday bash online,or do you have to wait in line in cabo?Please cakk pete with info,775-954-6113.

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We were in cabo 3/21/12 and had lunch at cabo Wabo. My husband and I want to come back to celebrate my 53rd birthday and our 20th wedding a-day which is 10/08/12! How can we get tickets to the bash? We have tickets for Chickenfoot in May in D-troit and saw you guys the first time around at the Fillmore. Any suggestions would be great.

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Hey it says the tickets will be handled similar to last year....Did anyone on here go last year that can tell me how do they do the tickets and how do u get them, how much do they cost? What are ur chances at scoring these tickets?? thanks alot guys im sure someone on here can help me out....Im planning our trip for my parents 40th wedding anniversary, my father's 60th bday and my aunts 65th birthday for next year so i am gathering all my information now!

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Can't make it this year. Have a timeshare in Cabo Villas on the week of the Bday bash. Walking distance to Cabo Wabo. Call me @ 619-971-9911.

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yes i would love the scoop on getting tickets. i don't want to miss out. we've owned our timeshare for probably 5 years now and have never gone. this is going to be our "adult trip" with a bunch of friends and REALLY want to go. anyone have any secrets of getting tickets let me know.

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Any tips on scoring tickets we went last year not knowing it was his bday bash and were able to get dinner tickets but this year we won't arrive till Oct 12 and want tickets for Oct 13 let me know the insider tips you have would really appreciate it there are four of us going I hope!

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My husband and I were at this very show can't wait till this year ! Counting down the days till back in this amazing place ! Hotel booked airfare booked now just have to score tickets!

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Bump for that location and a smokin' deal, somebody should jump on it. Loco, see ya in Cabo!

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Hi Folks,

Old time rocker here. Saw Sammy back in the day. Saw Ronnie Montrose a number of times as well. Looking to go to Cabo for the first time ever. I've always wanted to check out Sammy's birthday bash and I'd like to make it happen this time around.
Can anyone give me the inside scoop on where the best place is to stay? I'd like to be on the ocean but within reasonable distance to Cabo Wabo. If I get shut out on tickets when they get sold online, how hard would it be to get tix at the venue?



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Bought out plane tix in January!!! We cant wait to celebrate Sammy's Bday!!

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We can't wait to make it this year! We weren't able to the past two years due to finances. I sure hope we get tickets!
Can't wait to be face down in Cabo!!
REDloves!! xo

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Trip is already booked! I will be there for the 11th and 13th! Was there last year and it kicked ass!

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alrite alrite alrite already booked hotel last week gonna be first time in cabo also got tix for chickenfoot in vancouver excited

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All roads lead to Cabo!!!! I pray this is my first visit!!!
VHN Sammy rules!!

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Sammy I bringing Rich down for his BIG 50 can't wait to see you and the guys love ya Scott

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I will be there!!!!

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Literally four hours ago I suprised my wife of only two weeks and reserved our trip to cabo for sammy's b day bash. We were there last year and we made the video..... Front row fanatics....

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Can't wait to see you in October!! some buddies and I all celebrating our 40th birthday in Cabo..

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We have had our trip reservations for the birthday bash for a couple of months. Sammy, help us redhead faithful out and give us a priority to get the birthday bash tickets.

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We have been booked since last year can't wait ! I hope we get tickets !

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We are booked can't wait ! :) I hope we can get tickets !

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Hope we all get tickets this year!

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Will try for 2 shows this year...hope we get them

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SO Excited! We will be booking all of our reservations NOW and do our best to get tickets the minute they go on sale! Happy Birthday Sammy!1

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This would be a great surprise for my 30th wedding anniversary 10/9/12!!! OH YEAH!

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I was looking today at lunchtime. We are booking our reservations. Praying we can get tickets when they go onsale. Or I'm going to be one very upset girl. Last year sold out in 3 minutes.

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Already got my stuff booked...another birthday bash...Can't wait to see you sammy..... * mwah *

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Already booked!!!!!