New web site BETA launch!

June 11, 2010

Hi all Redheads! As you can see, this is the new REDROCKER.COM, but we are only in BETA right now. What does that mean? It means that we have opened it up for you all to start playing around with, and Club 1013 members have been granted early access to having accounts to truly interact and upload content. After a week or so we should have all the kinks sorted out and a lot of great content by you all so when we do our full launch and become WWW.REDROCKER.COM, the world will see what an amazing community you all are!

So please, check it out and let us know if you find anything we missed. And oh yeah-- that new Meet & Greet giveaway has started today also! Congrats to nannettee078 who is the first winner. She clicked the "I'm Going" button on tonight's show and won the random drawing!


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hell ya i want more !

Lance Slocum's picture

hell ya i want more !

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when will you launch your store to buy Sammy Hagar shirts, glasses and so on?

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Hey Sammy, Will you be coming to Denver Colorado? I did not see us on the list or tour dates. There's no one better than the Red Rocker at Red Rocks.

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Love the new site easy to navigate through. Noticed you did not have a store to buy Tee shirts and such, Imagine that will be coming soon, Great Work Guys!!! Keep up the Good Work!!!

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WOW!! Totally blown away by the new site! Congrats to all who have worked so hard. Your hard work has paid off over each one of the pages. You guys should walk around with your chin a little higher knowing what you have put together!
I cant wait to tell all of our Cabo Wabo Vegas patrons about the new site they can look forward too! Come to think of it, when you guys are through with REDROCKER.COM, could you please help our website, it needs your help!!

Keep up the great work & I'll see everyone at the Las Vegas Cabo Wabo!!


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Awesome new page. Can't wait to see and use more of it. Thanks for all your hard work!

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Finally getting around to browsing around here more thoroughly...WOW!!!! This place ROCKS, for sure!
I am so proud of the people who put this all together!
Great work! Keep all the good stuff coming! :-D

Also made it all the way through the whole list of Redheads and added as many people as I could find. (If I didn't add you, I probably missed you by accident so add ME if you want to! LOL!)

We got a whole PLANET'S worth of REDHEADS here now and this will be our new world! Let's conquer it and turn it RED, shall we? ;-)



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I had the same problem with the pix friday night so when i shut down my computer for the night and on sat morning got the pix i wanted so maybe rebooting your computer.

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Tried replying to Wessa's message, but instead of going under her post, it just added a new one...

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I agree love the new site and hope that there will be a message board also!

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Love the new site! Sure hope we get a chat board to go with it :)

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We did get hugs : ) No kisses : ) Sammy is so sweet as always. We did see his little doggie & Kari too. The show was awesome. What a nother wonderful experience!!

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Congrat's to you Nannette... That is so awesome!!!

I hope Sammy gave you a huge Hug & Kiss.


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I am very pleased to start using the best Sammy website.I love how everything is set up and it is working great for me.

I like it !!!



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I'm trying to change my profile picture, but the browse button wont upload the new picture...I can delete my photo, but when I go to upload a new one, it uploads the first one again.

Also, I was going to send this to the Admin account, but there was no contact button...wasn't sure where to send this.

I have a few shows that are missing from the archive list...where should I send them to?

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New site looks good. Haven't had a chance to check it all out but I will. Will past Canadian dates be added to the events? I tried to update my profile with a past event attendance but didn't notice any listed. I know it's still in beta phase but just wondering.

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CONGRATS nannettee078!!!!

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This is a much more appealing site thanks for the update

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LOVE the new website and all the changes that are coming along with it!!! Pretty simple & straight forward...very cool.
Hoping they link the old RR message board into this new site!!


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I am love'n it!