New site is now LIVE!

June 29, 2010
New site is now LIVE!

First off, all of us here at REDROCKER.COM want to send out a huge heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the hard core 1013 Redheads who have put in so much time and effort helping to test the new site and load up hundreds of photos and videos and comments and show attendance and just made it already feel like such a great community. You all ROCK!

We are of course very pleased to have launched the site to everyone to enjoy now. Everyone who had submitted an account request during the BETA has now been approved and new accounts are now open. We are excited to see the energy everyone will bring to the site, not to mention the great photos, videos and stories you all will be sharing from the past and into the future!

Now that we are launched don't think the work will stop. We have a lot more to do-- we'll of course be continuing to fill in more missing tour dates and adding in more official photos and videos from the past. We also are deep into our scouring of the Redrocker archive vaults and are going to be handpicking some great things to share with you over the coming months. This is just the beginning, so come on in and make yourself comfortable, show some kindness to your fellow Redheads to encourage them to participate, and we'll of course see you out there on the road!


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So far no problems, other than trying to get " friends " for my profile-hahaha! But overall, the new site is pretty cool and user friendly. It's nice to see these kinds of sites starting to pick up steam. It helps everyone so we can all hook up and hang ( Dweezil Zappa and Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy have similiar sites as well ). Have fun all! ROCK ON!!

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Juanita! I didn't have any problems. Maybe your pics are too large? Come to Canada. Bring computer. I have Steam Whistle ;-D

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I am having issues with the new site. I Finally got back in without an error message, but I can't upload any pictures or videos.
Anybody else having problems? Is there a special trick to adding a photo? (browse & upload don't work)
Juanita ;)

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I was wondering why my old account didn't work...DUH! Love the new site. Got a couple of pics to post from 83' when Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble opened for you in Sacramento...ya, I'm aging myself. I'll be there in Cabo this year...can't wait!

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We are going to Cincy for the Sammy show on Sept 2nd. I heard that Aerosmith is backing up Sammy, nice! Looking forward to it!

Signed Cobo Rocks, married there in 2007 and spent the evening at Cabo Wabo on 1/20/2007. We visit every year to celebrate!

Love ya Sammy!

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i need some new sammy shirts to

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This is RIDICULOUS awesome!! A new site right when I get my brand new laptop. I am in freakin' RedHead people are gonna get sick of seeing me on here I guarantee.

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listen sammy i need some new sammy shirts, the ten i have now are getting old, put some new shirts, and sammy stuff , or better better than that, just some stuff for us die hard, redheads, come to tennessee sammy, memphis or nashville, would be sweet

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Merchandise Please

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Great site boys,excellent. Needs merchandise shop though.
Saw Sammy in London with Chickenfoot last year, but before that was in the early 80,s in Manchester UK. PLEASE PLEASE Sammy bring the WABOS to the U.K.
Drinking plenty of Cabo Wabo and rockin' in ENGLAND

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Will merchandise eventually be offered on the site?

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I wrote a song for sammy, thanks!!

admin's picture

Hi Jeanette-- glad you are loving it so much already and we'd love to hear your feedback and ideas. For now you can just email them to us at and we'll do our best to set them all aside to review after we've finished working on our current TODO list :}

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So Glad you guy's launched this awesome new website & to see all my 1013 & Redhead friends here.I am totally excited to come here to read the news stories,and share my experience's from past and future show's.Everything you have added at this site like the photo's,and the videos work's so well.See you guy's at my next show.

You guy's Rock!!! & Sammy Rock's too...


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Thank you for this new site!! We love it.

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And a HUGE thank you to the whole Redrocker team for bringing this site all together for all us Redheads. I'm sure everyone will just love, love, love it!! I know I do!! Keep up the awesome work and we'll do our part on our end :)

As I ALWAYS say...

Sammy ROCKS & REDheads RULE!!!!!

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Dan, click on your can change your member name & info there :)
Also, I believe they are working on getting Club 1013 up and running again for us here. Please correct me if I'm wrong Admin.

C U N CABO!!!!!


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Wow, what a wonderful surprise!! Still clicking around checking out the new site. We are there for BB2010 10/4 - 10/12. I think this will be our 6th or 7th Bash - always a good time.

Has anyone found "Club 1013"? I am still looking for it.

daninhouston (which is now new member dang075??)

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I love Sammy's new website! I could spend all day on it!