Backstage Pass Giveaway

June 08, 2010
Backstage Pass Giveaway

Check out Sammy's latest blog post about a cool new giveaway he's offering on upcoming tour dates. So you want in right? Well here how....Just register as a official Redhead and after you have your tickets for the show, click "I'm Going" on any of the concerts you'll be attending this summer. Once you do that you'll be automatically entered to win an exclusive backstage pass to that show for a pre-show Meet & Greet with Sammy. Good luck!


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rosannea021's picture

Show was amazing in Tahoe - 9/11. Aaron opened for Dad and it was like watching Sammy years ago as a brunette. Tried to upload pics from the concert but the site said it was in beta mode. Please advise when we can upload. Thank you, Rosanne

shayh026's picture

even though I didnt win back stage pass its all good just excited to be seeing him in cinci tonight...Rock on you Redhead!!!!!!!!!

JOANNEB075's picture

I am keeping my fingers crossed that by some small chance I may win a backstage pass...we are driving from Charlotte NC and can't wait to be with our Redhead friends and see Sammy...can't wait till the weekend!

DawnSTL's picture

I can't thank you enough! I've never won anything in my life...dreams do come true for loyal redheads! Love you Sam!

Craig Hayter's picture

Sammy! Ya Gotta Come To Newfoundland, Canada. I Haven't Seen A Show Since The Desert Sky Pavilion And The Mesa Amphitheater At The End Of The 90's. You've Got A Ton Of Fans Here, But It's Almost Impossible For Most Of Them To Afford/Schedule A Show Off The Rock For The Few Canadian Dates You Have. Hey Man, Where Better For The Red Rocker To Rock, Than On "The Rock" Itself.

Love Ya Brother

Don't Ever Give It Up.

aerodad23's picture

Sammy ROCKS. I go way back with Sammy . I've seen him in his early solo days after Montrose and with Van Halen many times. What would be better than a Sammy show at my Beach - Jones Beach, NY ? Looking forward to a great show on 8/12.

RedJuJu's picture

I just need a ride to please
Am I be the only one who's never met the Ambassador of Red?
Help me out here peeps....

Harleymomma08's picture

What a great idea!! Pick me please...LOL I will be going to the Houston show!! I will be there with so many Texas you guys!! We even took the days off to enjoy the show!!

Sammy - I made the "Sammy for President" and "Sambassador Rocks Texas" banners for you...can't wait for you to see my new one!!! Rock on!!

nola5150's picture

What a GREAT Promotional Contest! And here I thought even seeing Sammy the day after my 10-13 was a blessing but to MAYBE ACTUALLY WIN this for my 10-13 show would be a dream come true! Here's to praying and hoping the Birthday Gods are looking out for me this year! STAY RED Y'ALL! See ya in Houston!

amberd021's picture

My husband and I are pregnant with Twins and still heading to CABO this year with a belly full of future Red Rockers!!!!
Can't wait to find out what is going on witht he tickets!!

cynsledge69's picture

Going to the B-Day BASH !!! SWEET !! It's my husband's Bday also ,,, I would love to suprise him with some backstage meet & greet . Hope I win :)

cynsledge69's picture

Booked the flight and hotel ! what a great deal if you book early ! It's my husbands b-day also ... lots of fun in the sun & cabo wabo at night ! It would be soooo cool to win back stage meet & greet to suprise my hubby :) Hope I win :)

cynsledge69's picture

My Husband & I just got our tickets booked to see you in cabo for the B-day BASH !!! Were going for my Husbands B-day also ( oct 15th) It would soooooo cool to supprise him with some back stage meet & greet ... Btw what an awesome deal if you book early !
Hope I win :)

302_Boss_Chick's picture

so yeah I was sorta bummed when I saw that the Chickenfoot show didn't qualify for this contest, but if you can tell me what sort of humiliating stunt I can perform to get even a remote chance at meeting at least Sammy if not all the boys from the 'Foot on Sept. 10th, I will gladly do anything you ask.

Seriously...try me. oh yeah!!

Rock on!!!♥

slammer's picture

Got great seats for Sammy and Aerosmith at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise Florida! Now if only I could get some back stage passes. Always wanted to meet Sammy!! I even named my beach house Cabo Wabo!!

slammer's picture

Got great seats for Sammy and Aerosmith at Bank Atlantic Center Sunrise Florida!! Now if only I could win backstage passes!!
Always wanted to meet Sammy, I even named my Beach House Cabo Wabo!!!

feffster's picture

Looking forward to your return to Fresno!! We miss ya from the home of the Red Wave! Can't wait for the show...two days before my 49th bday and a week before Sammy's!!

sweet5150's picture

Thank you so much for selecting us for backstage passes. Can you tell me where and when I need to be at the show? We are so excited for the awesome opportunity to meet SAMMY !!!

jenzen_69's picture

WooHoo! It's time too ROCK!!! Can't wait to see ya again Sammy. Almost time,7/24 at the mid state fair in Cali. Sun,surf and Rock & Roll! Luv Ya!

christap050's picture

Is Toronto on the list for meet and greets?

RedJuJu's picture

Just give me a Chance to meet and say hello Sammy, Ive been waiting a lot of years!!!
See you in Oakland and Tahoe..

susank0u812's picture

So excited for the July 23rd show! I need my Sammy fix...

sheilalnyc's picture

Sammy - my hometown is St.Louis and excited you'll be where I live now on the East Coast so we can rock here together.

TCOManager's picture

Missing Cabo but going to Tahoe

Huggycub's picture

Hey Sammy,
You never let your audience down,
Thank you so very much for playing Naperville Rib Fest, Knoch Park.
I thought it would never happen in the back on my mind,
I had a blast,
If Only, I could have got something autographed really would have put things over for me!!!!
I hope to see you again,
Hopefully one day, we will meet,
And, I can tell you how much I really apprecate you,
I love what you do!
Danny Cherry- Huggycub

aeroav's picture

It will be a Kick A** show in Omaha!
What A Combination Aerosmith & Sammy in the same place in one night!
I hope the Qwest Center has insurance because these guys are going to blow the roof off the place!

302_Boss_Chick's picture

anybody wanna sponsor a poor PA girl to buy a ticket to something so I can enter? :-( Oh yeah I need airfare too.

hee hee...

faithh021's picture

Was at Naperville last nite. AWESOME. Sammy never lets me down. Onto Lansing Mi on the 14th. Then Sammy/areosmith show Detroit 8/31. Just what I love a summer filled with Sammy. If I did not have grandkids to raise..would follow Sammy all summer long!

ROCKETV's picture

See ya in Naperville, Sammy! I attended your first SOLO show on June 25th, 1980 at Poplar Creek Music Theatre. WCKG was giving away Red T-Shirts and I still have it!

I also saw you open for BOSTON at the Chicago Stadium in 1979 and you had a Trans Am on-stage. Met you for the first time in LA in 1992, by way of the late, great Ed Leffler. Then backstage with Van Halen at Alpine Valley in 1993.

Whether it's Montrose, Van Halen, Chickenfoot, or your amazing solo career, thanks for Rocking our World.

My very best,

Briguy001's picture

This weeks show in Naperville, RIBFEST is actually Sammy's 30th anniversary for this area...see...Sammy's first SOLO headlining show was June 25th, 1980 at what was Poplar Creek Music Theatre.
Sure, he did Chicago shows, as opening act for BOSTON. But, this was his first as a headliner. That show only had a few hundred people show up. But, Sammy had such an impact on those that attended that we seeded the enthusiasm. Sammy may wonder why the midwest is such a good market for him...these shows are the reason why.


JOANNEB075's picture

has the announcement been made for tthe backstage give away? We are here and heading down to the BB&G right now...let's get this parthy started!

cabobenito61's picture

Hey Daniel, I think a lot of people will be attending the Atlantic City concert. For us, a 9hr ride won't kill us, just to see all the Redheads before the concert. Is there a Redheads meeting somewhere, like at Sammy's Beach Bar at Bally's maybe...

Montreal, Canada

RIRedrocker's picture

We'll be there Daniel! 6 hour road trip!! Can't wait!!

bradleyr051's picture

Great new site! Looking forward to seeing Sammy and the Wabos along with Aerosmith in Atlantic City and of course here in Toronto with all the other Canadian Red Rockers!!

danielw075's picture

I hope I can afford the show coming closest to me in Atlantic City, NJ coming in August when Sammy opens up for Aerosmith. Anybody going to that show? LOVE YOU SAMMY & ALL!!!

annd012's picture

Hey Sammy see you at St. Louis!!! would love to have a back stage pass!! Love Ya!

1Way2Rock's picture

Awww, is that why the Toronto 08/17 show isn't on the list? No contest running for that one? So sad :(

admin's picture

Hi everyone-- we now have the system fully automated for the backstage pass giveaway! The way it works is that 5 days before each show, the system takes a look at everyone who has clicked that "I Am Going" button (yes, you should already have your tickets before doing that!) and then shuffles them all, throws them up in the air, and grabs one Redhead at random to be the winner.

Winners are now automatically listed on the detail page for each tour date. Dates that don't have the contest running (ie, shows that aren't solo Sammy) won't have anything displayed.

Congratulations to the 3 winners of the upcoming shows-- jilld011 for 7/1, toddh093 for 7/2 and natl092 for 7/3! We know you're going to have a blast and look forward to hearing from you and sharing your photos with Sammy with everyone.

Kidboy500 - if you aren't certain your click of "I Am Going" worked, just visit the detail page (click "View Details" and you will see it clearly there with an "I'm going" (meaning you still need to click it) or a "I'm not going" (which means it did work). You also will see your user picture listed on the attendance list.

damien's picture

Not sure the "I am Going" Function is working properly. After you click it maybe the icon should be grayed out or maybe even have the words change to "Good Luck" or something.

sweet5150's picture

Please pick us for Lansing!!! It's Harlan's 5th birthday ON THAT DAY!!! He truly believes Sammy is coming to town for his birthday.

mialtayl's picture

My fingers are crossed!! Man I so would love to get to meet Sammy and tell him how much his mucis has meant to me over the years. Hopin' and prayin' for Cabo St. Louis.

JOANNEB075's picture

Hmmm wonder if a chance we can win those baqckstage passes? :)

scottp093's picture

When will we know if we won the backstage meet and greet for CABO ST. LOUIS ?????

ChiTownTina's picture

Oops...tried to reply to Shari...and it made a new comment.
No way to withdraw a comment, just edit?

christap050's picture

I am praying to get picked for Minnesota! That would be a dream come true! I love you Sammy Xoxoxoxoxoxo

me's picture

Who won the drawing for St Louis????? which is in TWO DAYS!!!

ChiTownTina's picture

What a GREAT idea!!! Thanks Sammy and staff for giving everyone a chance to have a real up close and personal experience with you and the band!
I am looking forward to the shows in St. Louis, Naperville, Fort McCoy and Tahoe!

chicagowaborat's picture

Only 4 days until I'll be eating ribs and partying with my Redhead Family! I can't wait to see everyone...It's gonna' be a rock-n-roll weekend for sure.I can't think of any better way to start the 4th of July weekend with a "BANG!" Thank's Sammy!!!!! Peace, JaNie ;-)

vettegirl63's picture

Hey Sammy! See you August 28th in Atlantic City! Can't wait! Gonna be a rockin' weekend!! \m/ \m/

janeb063's picture

luv this new site! can't wait to see Sammy in St Louis next week!