Hurricane Odile Hits Cabo San Lucas - Birthday Bash Cancelled

September 15, 2014
Hurricane Odile Hits Cabo San Lucas - Birthday Bash Cancelled


SAN FRANCISCO, CA - September 15, 2014 — In the wake of Hurricane Odile’s destruction to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, Sammy Hagar, the Hall of Fame rocker and founder of the famed Cabo Wabo Cantina has made the difficult decision to cancel his annual Birthday Bash in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. “This year marks our 24th anniversary so nothing short of a massive hurricane could have kept me from Cabo,” Hagar said. “But after seeing the damage that Odile’s caused to Los Cabos’ airport, resorts and town, it’s with an incredibly heavy heart that we’ve come to that decision. Our prayers and best wishes are with our Cabo Wabo family and everyone that’s been affected by this storm. Los Cabos will recover better and stronger than before because of its incredibly strong community.”

Fans are encourage to visit Sammy Hagar’s website for updated information on the Birthday Bash and ticket refunds.

[Webmaster Note: We are working as quickly as possible with our ticketing partner and will be soon communicating with everyone who had purchased tickets with details about the Birthday Bash and refunds]

UPDATE 9/16 3:30pm PT

Sammy is currently looking for another big enough place to have his birthday party and we'll keep you posted.  Cabo Birthday Bash ticket holders will be able to receive a full refund OR, if/when a new location is secured, they can instead transfer them to use at the new concert if they can attend.

UPDATE 9/17 5pm PT

For an update on how serious the conditions remain, visit:

Please be safe!

UPDATE 9/24 9pm PT

New news announced about a special Belated Birthday show in Vegas Oct 18th that includes a special offer for transfering birthday bash tickets! All tickets not transferred will automatically be refunded starting October 13th. Read more here!


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I also think cancelling the party was a smart idea....the damage to the resort areas is extensive and they will definitely NOT have all basic services operational in the next 2 weeks. I read there are over 800 telephone poles that need to be replaced to run power thru the region.

It sucks as I finally won tickets for the first time, so this is a major letdown for me. I am hoping they will just let the 2014 winners come in 2015 and keep the same night we had. Even if Sammy reschedules a one-off show, what are the chances any of us can rebook and get a flight there for a reasonable price this late in the game? And it would never be as memorable as being in Cabo Wabo seeing him in that intimate venue.

Just my 2 cents.....

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Prayers for your family I am glad they are ok! Thank you for the update!

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My brother and sister in law live in Cabo. The situation has gotten so bad that my sister in law left Cabo with my nephew to come to the USA. There isn't any water, food, electricity or running water. The stores all have all beeen looted of supplies and or destroyed from the hurricane. The airport is receiving emergency flights only during the day only, (lights are out on runway), to take stranded tourists out only. The airport is damaged so badly that is not bringing passengers in because there isn't anyway to process tourists. Hotels are not taking guests at this time because of damage and there isn't electricity, running water and food and water for guests. The military has arrived in town and the cities are now on Martial law. The power company has also arrived into the city to restore power but this will take some time because of all the power poles that are snapped in half for a 40 mile stretch. Banks have no power, so they are closed as well. It is difficult for supplies to come into the city because roads along the baja peninsula are damaged and or washed out in some places, so the driving is slow. Many many local people have lost everything including their homes! Gas for vehicles is difficult to get in some places because there isn't electricity to pump the gas. Cabo is experiencing dire conditions, much like hurricane Sandy and hurricane Katrina. It will be months until the cities are up and operating as they once did. It is not advisable to travel to Cabo at this time.
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Sammy thank you for keeping us in the loop - as for those dumping on you for cancelling your bday bash they are without any sense of compassion for the people of Cabo and area nor any clue the damages to the entire area- both Riu properties closed until November and many many more closed until then - as Sammy said the military and armed forces are in charge - it's like a war zone down there.

Our hopes and prayers are with everyone in Cabo and that all loved ones get united with their families - it is in such a state of disaster - how can we help?? what can we do here in our home country of Canada for Cabo lets get cooking for this disaster - Cooking for Cabo - Canadian Chefs and Musicians fundraising concert???? We must do something to help!! Lets get off our behinds and make this happen!!

Peace and Love be safe.
Chef Cabo

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FYI: Not sure about the other airlines, but United and Alaska have waived their transfer fees if you cancel your flight to Cabo due to Odile. Alaska is for flights there through November 20 and United is from now through December 15. The United one just changed this afternoon and saved me $800 ($200 transfer penalty X 4 tickets).

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There are a ton of great ideas on here. I am disappointed like anyone else is but I feel more empathy for the people that live in Cabo. I think it would be great if Sammy does a benefit concert to raise money to help rebuild. I'd be more than happy to hold my ticket for next year's bash, also. Give to Live has been my favourite song since it came out. For the people of this area, now is the time for all of us Red Heads to give.

I'm sure that Sammy will do what's best.

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I totally agree this needs more exposure the same thing happened to me when I told people about my trip being canceled they had no idea Cabo got hit.. Sammy you can make this known and us redhead fans can help you.. Just let us know what you want and you know we will deliver.. If you find a big enough place to have the bash it can be a CABO REBUILD BASH/ BIRTHDAY BASH!
Plus your fans are more bless than they may think airlines are offering free change of flights so we still can come see u that's if u find a place and the resorts are recommending to cancel at this time.
So let's be thankful! yeah we might be sad but were not the ones that lost here it's Cabo that sad. I'm sure they were looking forward to Sammy too! We got to keep our spirits up so we can pray and give back to the people of Cabo!

not2awnry's picture

Sammy did the right thing by canceling and WILL do the right thing for the People of Cabo !!!.. if you dont know that YOU dont know Sammy .. stop complaining

kroder's picture

Wow people are you kidding me? Sure, I agree the people of CABO depend on events like the Birthday Bash, and I agree that they could really use the dollars that event creates right about now. But with the basic infrastructure in such a mess the last thing they need is a bunch of well meaning Redheads showing up and looking for a cold beer. What they need is $$ and time.

They also need some international exposure to this catastrophe. I can't tell you how many friends I have told that I had to cancel my trip to Cabo this year who responded with "why"? They were not even aware there WAS a hurricane.

So, I have suggestion for Sammy. Sponsor a Cabo Hurricane Relief concert somewhere like Vegas ASAP where all of the proceeds go to hurricane relief #cabohurricanerelief. Call in your buddies Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith. Bring us all into a place that can handle the crowd, get it on TV and let's all raise some big bucks at the event for our friends in Cabo! During the event we can bring in a cake and sing Happy Birthday to Sammy and we can all get back down there next year to an even better Cabo.

martinl78's picture

It is amazing to read how far away people were coming from to attend one or more birthday bash events. Seeing the videos and pictures of the devastation, I'm glad Sammy and crew made the choice to cancel their events due to what has happened... and there's another hurricane (Polo) barreling up the coast towards Baja right now. Even if that isn't a direct hit and if it tracks more NW, more rain and storms is what Baja doesn't need after the first hurricane.

Like others, I'm quite tempted to go anyway and volunteer to help people in need even if it is assembling boxes of food. People don't realize how things are away from the resorts where people live on a normal day in CSL. When you've given your box of leftover food to a little girl and she looks like she won the lottery -- that's just a normal day for some residents in the area. Families need help that didn't have much but now have nothing. Hunger/starvation can potentially be a huge problem down there as a result of what has happened.

If Sammy can help organize something to allow Redheads to assemble care packages at the Wabo or other suitable location down there, I'm still interested in going providing my resort will still put me up, and that safe travel can occur between SJD and Cabo San Lucas between 10/9 and 10/14 when I'd planned to be there. I will even be willing to seed this relief project with a nice donation to help kick it off. I know that if he kick starts a relief effort, there are Redheads out there that will donate to help people in need.

ljp60's picture

Is there any talk of a benefit to raise money for the locals that don't get to just come down and visit and leave when the vacation ends. They are the people that work at the resorts, restaurants, bars and work at the stores in town, their homes are "GONE"

ljp60's picture

such a lack of information coming out of Cabo due to phone lines down and power outages. I have made some contacts with some friends that live there and they weren't aware of road problems between Cabo and the airport. We were scheduled to fly out on the 15th for two weeks and got stuck in San Jose CA, but that doesn't compare with the problems in Cabo. I hope everyone makes it out safely and the towns can rebuild and get back on track.

music69's picture

WOW!!! DELETE DELETE DELETE! I wish I had the power to do so! Everyday around the world there is a birthday ,a new life or something to celebrate at the same time everyday there is something sad murder ,war ,poverty ,Mother Nature ect .. We can't stop living but at the same time we need to be good people and think of others and do the right thing for others not so lucky as we may be. Sammy we support u and we know u have a BIG heart! We will be there to help you celebrate but at the same time we won't forget Cabo! We will donate and send many prayers to Cabo!

Hollywood Joe's picture

I'm in Australia and can't quite believe the devastation in Cabo. My travel plans are now completely up in the air, but to be honest it doesn't seem too cool to relocate the bash when the people of Cabo are suffering so much. I'd be happy to hold onto my ticket until 2015, but I guess we just have to see what happens.

In Sam we trust!

locorico1013's picture

Today's reports off Facebook - Mass looting, assaults, murder. Murder! Folks, Cabo IS NOT an option for 10/13/14...or anytime soon. But neither is some kind of "relocation" for the Bash. I'm having a hard time believing Sammy is so shallow as to put his birthday party ahead of the suffering going on in "his" Cabo. Unless 100%+++ of the revenue(proceeds plus a SIGNIFICANT contribution from Sammy)from something like this goes to the people of Cabo, forget it. Cabo, for most of us, has never been solely about the Bash. There's no way to replicate this in St. Louis, San Diego, Vegas, etc. That's an insult to the people of Cabo.

Sam - write a HUGE check to the appropriate authority in CSL and thank God we weren't all down there during this. The 2015 Bash will be off the hook and Cabo will be better because of it. Yeah, it sucks for all of us planning to be there. But seriously, folks? Have you seen ALL of the pix? There's serious suffering and chaos going on down there. Donate, move on, and hope that the paradise we once knew is ready for us in 2015. Peace. - Rico

kevphin's picture

Just like RCPoole57 said, Cabo is not even an option right now and won't be for quite some time. Everyone needs to accept that, stay home and not burden the town. As for the rescheduled bash I think San Diego would be a great location. Great weather and plenty of venues large enough to have an even bigger bash with hopefully most of the proceeds going to the relief fund. I think people who already had tickets and those who weren't drawn should have first right of refusal for tickets. Then open it up to others if there are more available. Vegas would also be a good location. Just a thought.

RiccaCL's picture

I am just so surprised at the people that are bashing Sammy (not just on this site but others too) for making the decision to cancel his Birthday Bash Concerts! Are you kidding me, have you even seen what has happened to Cabo San Lucas? If you haven't seen the pictures, watch this entire video that was posted to you tube (there are many more videos on YouTube that you can watch too). I have watched it a couple times as it is unbelievable to see all the damage that was done from the Hurricane. If I would have had tickets to the concert and reservations (which I am pretty sure that hotels and airlines will work with you on cancellations due to the devastation, I too would be upset but I would totally understand due to the severity of destruction that was done due the hurricane! So, stand behind Sammy and his decision to cancel the concerts. I am sure he is thinking about everyone's SAFETY and well being involved that is in Cabo and who would be flying to Cabo!
The town is devastated, they have NO WATER, POWER, FOOD or Phone (Cell Service)!! They (Military/Government) are transporting tourists out of Cabo to other airports to get them home because it is that bad down there. The airport is torn apart. The earliest that they think that it will be back up and functioning is maybe 10/10/14. There is so much clean up that needs to be done down there. The community is still trying to get a grip on everything that they went thru and everything they lost! Hotels are so damaged that they can not take on guests. I have even heard that some hotels are canceling reservations from now thru January....yes there is that much damage there! They have to rebuild which they will but it will take some time. You can't get things over night and just imagine all the windows that are blown out of hotels, buildings etc. It takes time to get material and then they need the power to starting building and installing those windows. Which again they think it will be WEEKS before power is fully restored! I heard that there was 75 power poles that were down just on 1 road! Roads are blocked and damaged. There is even a bridge that collapsed.

Sending all my prayers and well wishes to EVERYONE in Cabo!!

rcpoole57's picture

I am really surprised at the number of people bashing Sammy for his decision to cancel. They must not have really taken a look at the absolute devastation going on in Cabo. The people that live there are saying to NOT come down now. There's no food or water for the people that are there, the roads are destroyed, there's massive looting and people are getting desperate. It's going to take months to get even the basics back. Yes they are very resilient and resourceful people and they will rebuild, but they don't need our asses there while they are doing it. Leave that to the professionals.
I was there in 2001 after hurricane Juliette. There was a lot of damage but they had power, water, operable hotels and most roads were passable. Most locals (of which there were far fewer) still had homes. Cabo was a much smaller place then.
The best thing the Redheads can do is stay out for now and donate some of your Cabo money to the numerous charities that are supporting the disaster.

weimarcj's picture

Vegas Bday Bash sounds good to me! Keeping my fingers crossed!

pthfndr2976's picture

Sammy-Reschedule the Bash to the hawaiian islands. Home of the great Beach Bar Rum!! Waikiki Shell, Kakaako Amphitheater, Ko Olina, etc., are great outdoor venues to hold a Benefit for Cabo/Birthday Bash!!

music69's picture

I emailed my resort yesterday they replyed that they will be operating by October 2 .. Seeing the many postings today I emailed again today asking what they think travelers should do they emailed me back suggesting we cancel at this time that the whole country is not good for us to travel to. All we can do is send prayers and find ways to donate to help rebuild.

rshofner71's picture

Glad to hear everyone is OK. I cancelled my room and reserved for next year. Hopefully I am lucky enough to win the lottery next year. I have tried for 3 years now with no luck but went to Cabo anyway because, hey, its still CABO! and its always a good time. Maybe next year will be my year to score tickets.

cabowabodunc's picture

Sad news all around. :(
Respect to Sammy for making such a ballsy call and for making it so quickly.
I don't think any of us are in a position to criticise the guy. Everyone will have their own opinion but redheads falling out on a forum isn't going to help.
We're all bummed for our own selfish reasons and more importantly for cabo and it's people.
We were coming from the uk and sure we're disappointed but let's all look at the bigger picture..
The calls been made so no point bitching about it..
Let's get behind sammy.
Peace and tequila x

Bahasha's picture

Have you all seen the pics from Cabo? How many of you have personally been through a Category 3 hurricane or higher? It's mass destruction. People are hurting, trying to get a grip on what's lost. There is no power, phone or cell phone service. Even once power is restored to some areas there will be "rolling black outs" for days as they continue to restore power to grids. Roads to repair, debris to clean up, beaches to rebuild. Local stores need to be rebuilt and be restocked while those store owner are working on their store AND home. Right now they can't even get their imports in from the airport. Do you really think all this just gets taken care of by waving a magic wand? It takes days, weeks, months to recover. What hotels do you think can handle "us" tourists when the locals need shelter MORE than we do. In my opinion if I was a local I would NOT want "tourist" all over my city that is trying to mend itself this soon after a major catastrophe. Cabo simply CAN NOT handle us right now. Not to mention they are being threatened with tropical storm Polo so here comes MORE flooding on top of what they have tried to clean up. The hotels don't even know their structural damage yet, they may not even be structurally sound. It's a matter of safety to "Us" the tourist and the locals that deserve their privacy and time to heal from what they have lost. I think Sammy made the choice that he felt was best for us Reds and his fellow locals in Cabo with the information he has. \m/

Toma22's picture

I'm curious since the post is so vague. Do they mean he is looking for another place in the Cabo area large enough for the bash?

lovecabosanlucas's picture

Aaron - I agree 100% - I too was about to post a plea to Sammy to reconsider canceling the Birthday Bash for all of the same reasons you outlined - Cabo needs Sammy and us Redheads more than ever during this challenging time - the fund raising potential would/could be huge - we could organize some "Redhead Volunteer Days" - etc, etc - Sammy should not look at the bash as a selfish celebration - instead look at as an opportunity to help the city he and all of us love so much - SAMMY ARE YOU LISTENING???

jimb037's picture

Well said Aaron!!!!!! I cant agree with you more. See you in Cabo!

kindbud's picture

Bummer for cabo but they will bounce back it may take sometime but people see americans as rich and eazy targets all over the world because we have so much in the usa it could be trouble if you run into a person who lost everything in the storm and see you having a good time while they have nothing left and really have nothing else to lose.

tracy10-13's picture

My heart goes out to all of those affected by hurricane odile. Seeing the photos of the damages breaks my heart as cabo is like a 2nd home to me. Are there any relief funds being set up? Anyone who has been to cabo likely shares the same love for it that I do and I would love to help. Good luck to all!

no55brando's picture

heartfelt news of the storm. cabo needs any help we can give.. I will be in cabo oct 3 to 24th one way or another. looking at possibility of flying into loreto or la paz, and taking the bus on down. won't be a vacation for sure, but will be there to help with anything I can. any help is needed for sure. also, well said aaron K. peace love and hairgrease, adios, brando...

AaronKatz2000's picture

UPDATE is that it is CSL (small private airport in Cabo San Lucas) that will be up and operational by October 10th. SJD, big international airport that 99% of vacationers fly into, will be fully open by 9/22 (there are already a few flights going in and out). Let's please separate the fact from fiction and the media hype (always finding the "worst" in every situation to perpetuate the drama to keep people glued in to sell advertising dollars- that's what the news is about- not to inform but to "create" stories that keep people tuning in). I urge all people that had planned to be in Cabo during the time of the B-Day Bash not to pull out and change plans but to stay the course and bring your dollars and positive spirits to Cabo and help the people of Cabo get back on their feet by supporting their local businesses, etc. Everyone is, of course, entitled to their own opinion and I typically just state my feelings and allow others to state theirs yet there was a post that characterized those here in this thread suggesting along my same lines of though that we were being "selfish". What I'm suggesting is actually the most altruistic attitude to the beloved people of Cabo and their plight and helping them rise above their and get back on their feet spiritually, emotionally and physically as soon as possible. I love Sammy (this would have been my 11th B-Day Bash) and I love Cabo and its people (my wife and I were married in Cabo in 2008) yet I still believe Sammy (or his staff) made a horrible decision in canceling the Bash. Sammy is not just an "American entertainer" coming to Cabo. The people there think of him as one of their own and he has a home there (and has even made it his main home at times where his kids were attending school in Cabo along with the local children). His insistence on rising above this and moving forward with the Bash (doing charity tie-ins and donating all $ sold for Bash tickets to relief efforts would have been HUGE) would have been a beacon of light for the people of Cabo. I love Sammy but I haven't drank the kool-aid (tequila?) in thinking that he's always right and can't make bad decions and canceling the Bash 3 weeks out and was shortsighted. You think pulling out of Cabo, taking the dollars away from the local economy and having the Bash somewhere else while the people need the support and economic influx of dollats is more sensitive? I don't. I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and be in Cabo as planned Ocotober 4-14. My vacation isn't ruined. I love the Bashes and it was Sammy and his Bash that drew me to Cabo for my first Bash trip back in 2002 yet, once I visited for the 1st time, it was Cabo that was the main draw to keep me coming back. Cabo is there, still beautiful, with wonderful local people and I will be there loving and supporting them.

JHand's picture

I really hope an option of honoring the 2014 tickets in 2015 is available. I do NOT want a refund! The chance of winning tickets again are probably slim. I'd hate to have to redraw for tickets. We are coming to Cabo next October for sure. I think the idea of a relocated Bash is great. Hopefully Sammy will put together a pay per view live stream webcast so we all can watch from where ever we may be. I'd be willing to pay or donate any type of funds to benefit the people and town of Cabo San Lucas. If anyone can raise significant money for a good's Sammy! Sucks that the week is cancelled, but thankfully it seems there weren't any deaths or serious injuries. Cabo will be back better then ever.

sunshinelalu's picture

just called Alaska airlines to cancel and guess what? they aren't refunding any flights the first week of oct. so my hotel is trashed by the hurricane, no party, and a flight to no where. the hotel refunded and so did Sammy if I want but now what about Alaska airlines???

Kthayerz1's picture

Please keep my ticket money and donate to the people of Cabo!!

robn042's picture

I encourage all Redheads who can to donate their refunded ticket money to the Red Cross or Disaster Relief Efforts to help the people of Cabo rebuild.

mollycow's picture

I agree. Please honor ticket holders with tickets to the bash in 2015. I'll never again be lucky enough to win tickets in a lottery, but I can wait another year to attend. I think that's a great idea!

aussieangie's picture

I'm still in shock from the destruction of hurricane Odile :((((..... Cabo is my favourite sunny destination and I've been there 5 times now.... I feel for all the people in Cabo and sending all my prayers to them.... I've waited over 8 yrs to cross Sammy's Bday Bash off my bucket list and was SOOOOOO!!!! looking forward to the 9th of October.... I hope we get the option to keep our tickets for next years Bday Bash PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I would love to make a donation to help the people of Cabo out.... Sammy looking forward to celebrating your party with you next year in PARADISE!!!!! :)))

pfriend's picture

If he could have gone on with the show, I am sure he would have. However, reports say the airport may not even open until 10/10 and all of those hotels will have to be recertified for occupancy. It won't happen overnight. It is a total bummer for those of us who had vacations planned, but it is infinitely worse for that city and those that live there and lost everything. No doubt Sammy will do whatever he can to help. It will take time, but Cabo will be rebuilt and better and stronger than ever.

Marlon5150's picture

Lets Do Vegas or Tahoe!!

CaboLynda's picture

this calls for a Day on the Green with Sammy and a Lot of his friends, maybe at Levis stadium or ATT Park with proceeds going to the Cabo San Lucas recovery fund...

Tahoe Norm's picture

you people are selfish,
---search Los Cabos images within the last 24 - 48 hours and view the damage for yourself...
3 weeks is NOT long enough to overcome..the right way..
A true Sam fan knows he WILL help when the time is right..
I am sorry your vacations have been ruined, but peoples lives have been changed forever.. view the destruction for yourself...

then imagine YOU had to deal with this in your town / area..and while you are cleaning up and realizing you have lost everything an entertainer comes to your damaged town to celebrate his birthday....

It is a disaster with damage you , apparently cannot comprehend..
I know Sammys love for this area and I know he will help when he can.

hypothetically, it could also be taken the WRONG wrong way if he were to try and force it to happen too soon.. "" American rock star only cares about his party and not about the community that was just destroyed. The area was hit hard and he could be taken as being insensitive by making this happen too soon, when the areas not quite ready for it. ""

True redheads get it and do not care about their vacations being ruined...

seana008's picture

Lets have the Bash in Vegas and try to raise some money for the people of Cabo!

pfriend's picture

Any chance of honoring the tickets to the Bash in Cabo next year as opposed to a refund?

5150 Summer Nights's picture

Devastating news and this was first chance to go in person after years of hoping/trying. Obviously first thoughts are with those in Cabo and their well-being. Thankfully it appears the loss of life was minimal, but the devastation to homes, etc. was severe in many places. Been debating what we thought Sammy would do and was hoping he would give it another few days to a week to make a final decision and see how the recovery was going before making a decision. I agree that the concerts and influx of people/money would have been a huge boon to the local economy (an emotional one as well) and many people have flights, rooms, time off work, etc. for the shows not all of which will be refundable, etc.

I assume that the devastation is such that the powers that be determined there was just no way the town would be ready for people to come down safely (in terms of airports, water, electricity, infrastructure, etc.) and could already make that decision, but was hoping there was a chance they could give it a little more time to make that determination.

cabointhefall's picture

Being from NY and having dealt with 9/11 and Still dealing with Sandy. When things are bad you find a way to overcome not cancel 3 weeks out no good. Sends the wrong message for sure.If the people of Cabo do not want us at this time then they (govt) should say so. Give it time you have 3 weeks.Get down there and show your face that is the way to handle it .

AaronKatz2000's picture

Yes, this was a bad knee-jerk reaction decision that actually ultimately harms the people it attempts to show sensitivity too, the people of Cabo hit by the hurricane. By Sammy canceling, and 3 weeks out too when there is plenty of time to assess circumstance, he actually costs people jobs, drives tourists away from Cabo and costs the region and town $ which is exactly what the people DO need to get back on their feet. Not to mention what canceling says on a spiritual/emotional level. "We will be defeated by this" rather than "This tragedy won't beat us down. The celebration of life will go on and we will use this as an opportunity to overcome". Not to mention the charity tie-ins for the area Sammy could have taken advantage of for the area with the participation of the attendees of the B-Day Bash. Just an all-around bad decision and an example of truly thinking at the level of the problem and not at the level of the solution. Hard to judge the motive of a decision at a time like this yet I'm afraid it could have been done to appear "sensitive" to the plight of the people yet as I stated, for the reasons above, the decision ultimately hurts further those it purports to help. I expect more from Sammy. Me and my friends however will be in Cabo October 4-14 bringing our love, and tourism dollars, to the area and generally just being part of the solution. International flights expected to be back to normal by 9/22.

waditis's picture

While this is disappointing news, I understand the decision. Sammy cares deeply for his front row fanatics and it was probably a tough decision to make. It's great to hear that you are looking for another venue. If that happens, then maybe some or all of the money from the concert can be donated to the rebuilding.....

JenParmer's picture

I am very disappointed that they have already decided to cancel this show when there is still 3 weeks to rebuild. Lots of us have already booked trips for this show. Why would they decide to cancel so early? My resort is saying they are operating as normal.

caborocker21's picture

I think that may have been a hasty decision until we find out more of what is going on. The money and support the economy gets from having Sammy there is huge and needed even more at this time. Unless the Cabo Wabo staff know more than they are telling us I say the show (s) should go on.

cathyl021's picture

This is devastating! We booked our trip in February:(