Hurricane Odile Update - Cabo

September 15, 2014
Hurricane Odile Update - Cabo
My caretaker took this picture as the hurricane was approaching wow!! It went directly over my house.
More images are available below.

Wow unbelievable The Cantina is fine just a little water damage - it's unbelievable that none of our employees or anyone we know has been hurt so far - a real miracle.

If there are any Redheads down there please report to us any info - hope everyone is safe!

No one was hurt but my house got tore up pretty good.

Hurricane Odile Update - Cabo
Windows blown out of the house
Hurricane Odile Update - Cabo
Hurricane Odile Update - Cabo
The eye of Odile went straight over my house

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Garages, windows, doors and weak points at home
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Wow that's a awesome pic.. Just sucks that something that cool can destroy so much! Glad to hear everyone is safe! Just amazes me that no one knows about this ..everyone I tell they had no idea and I probably wouldn't of know either if I wasn't part of redrocker that's where I got my info. Haven't forgotten still sending prayer!!

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Sammy thank you for keeping us in the loop - as for those dumping on you for cancelling your bday bash they are without any sense of compassion for the people of Cabo and area.

Our hopes and prayers are with everyone in Cabo and that all loved ones get united with their families - it is in such a state of disaster - how can we help?? what can we do here in our home country of Canada for Cabo lets get cooking for this disaster - Cooking for Cabo - Canadian Chefs and Musicians fundraising concert???? We must do something to help!! Lets get off our behinds and make this happen!!

Peace and Love be safe.
Chef Cabo

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I'm another Aussie who would love to be able to keep my ticket for 2015. I was coming with my best mate for our 40th birthdays and this was the trip of a lifetime. Just me and my bud, no wives or kids and it's now in disarray!!

I really feel for the people of Cabo and can't believe I won't be able to soak it all up myself. I hope they get back on their feet ASAP and fingers crossed Sammy can sort something out for folks like us that have a long way to travel and can't readily alter their travel plans.

Suffice to say, I'll be drinking some Cabo on Oct 11 wherever I am!!

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I'm just still in shock as to the destruction from hurricane Odile.... Cabo is my favourite destination and I feel for all the people there and sending all my prayers...I've waited over 8 yrs to cross off Sammy's Bday Bash on my bucket list!!! I really hope that we get the option to keep our tickets for next year PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Also would love to donate to help the people of Cabo, so I'll be looking for a site to be able to do that. Looking forward to seeing you Sammy next year and beautiful amazing stunning Cabo!!!! Xoxo

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My daughter Aurora (a GORGEOUS GINGER)and four of her RN friends rode out Odile at the Riu Palace...she said it started out with a lot of alcohol and a party atmosphere.....not so much now since there is no electricity or plumbing and the airport is closed !! I told her to look up your club...I don't think she made it....hoping for her safe return!!