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dennis stiffler
September 02, 2014
haslett, mi
May 3

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Sep 9, 2014
Camping Out for October 10th BB Tickets

Anyone know how soon people start camping out in order to get the dinner BB tickets that they will be selling on the 10th? - I've got zero response for any help or suggestions on getting my friend with ALS in, so consequently I am thinking of flying in early and camping out for the dinner tickets

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Sep 2, 2014
Friend has ALS - Please read

I don't know if Sammy ever reads these blogs but here goes - two months ago my closest friend of 40+ years was diagnosed with ALS - his doctor says he has 24-36 months - he was encouraged by his friends to put together a "Bucket List"...the first thing on his list was to go to Cabo San Lucas with his closest friends and go back to the Cabo Wabo - my wife and I have a time share in Cabo and had taken him and his wife there a few years back - we went to the Cabo Wabo one night and had the time of our lives - I'm not the type of guy that ever asks anyone for anything, but I'm going to make an exc

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