Elvis Presley Tribute Book

July 05, 2013
Elvis Presley Tribute Book
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Sammy recently did a photo shoot for an Elvis tribute book called "Shades of Elvis" by Aneruos & Priscilla Presley.

The book consists of many different talents wearing a pair of Elvis' personally owned famous sunglasses.

They reached out to Sammy because they really wanted him to be a part of this very special tribute and knew "he would look pretty cool with Elvis' glasses on." 

Joining Sammy in the book will be Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Willie Nelson, Sam Elliot, Johnny Depp, Elton John, Peter Fonda, Tony Hawk, and many more!

Elvis Presley Tribute Book
Elvis Presley Tribute Book

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when will the tribute book go on sale?

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Sammy, you look cool with or without the glasses!

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We want to do a human victory lap with you in Cabo