July 19, 2013

Hey all you Redheads!!! We're excited to announce the details on how things will go down for the 2013 version of the annual Birthday Bash in Cabo!

This year we are again selling tickets through a random drawing system. Based on fan response from last year, this makes for the fairest and safest method for Redheads.

Registration for the drawing will open up next Friday, July 26th and run through until July 30th with the drawing to be done by the first week of August. You may register at any time during this periodDetails and links will be posted next week.

Registration will be done separately for each show (October 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th). You will need to register for each (and every) show that you would like to enter for the chance to purchase tickets. You will be allowed to register once for each show and are eligible for 2 tickets. 

Tickets will remain at $55 with NO additional service fees but this year that same price also includes the cost of a digital download of Sammy's new album once it's released. If you already have a copy of the album, you can give this one away to a friend!

All shows are expected to once again be doors at 7:30pm and show time is 9:30pm

As always, tickets are non-transferrable and you will be required to show proper photo ID to pick up your tickets (drivers license or passport).


 53 Redhead Comments

sgatlin's picture

Sammy, we come every year but never get tix!!!! So sad but still love ya man!

Sams5150's picture

I got tickets, holy crap that would be too awesome.

caribbeanqueen's picture

No tickets for me :( again, but i will let you in on a secret. 6 months ago i sent a birthday invitation to Jimmy Page for a suprise appearance for the 13th, Sammy said on his Q&A video that he wished he could jam with Page someday, I got a wink and a ? Mark from his FB page yesterday :) so if it happens MAS TEQUILA AND ENJOY THE SHOW,send Sammy my Redlove, still looking forward to the RIU with friends and some well deserved R&R. :) see you at the RIU !

Blaze's picture

If you are standing at embassy suites parking lot, look north and just to the right you will see central welding and just beside that is where I work. RainierRubber, have been here for over twelve years. Sure would like to be at your pre-party but I will already be in Cabo...

See Ya at the pool bar...

Mas Tequila

FDIC 2013

caribbeanqueen's picture

Santa Fe again as always :) pre party at the embassy suites tukwilla on the 8th then ****** mas tequila on the 9th see ya all in cabo !!!

trose123's picture

How long does the random drawing last? Just curious to know how long I should wait to if we are one of the lucky ones to get tickets? Signed up for the 7th and the 9th would be happy to get just one of the two dates.

Blaze's picture

Hey Shawn; Jeff here from Kent. Where are you guys staying in Cabo? We are at the Riu Santa Fe again this year and let me tell ya it's a party. We also were at the foot show in Seattle and you are right. It was one hell of a show...

FDIC 2013 & Mas Tequila

Later Jeff

CU in Cabo

Blaze's picture

Hey Patricia; are ya staying at the palace or the Santa Fe? We are at the Santa Fe from the 5th to the 12th. It's one hell of a party there...see ya at the pool bar...

FDIC 2013

Mas Tequila

Later Jeff

CABO 1013's picture

Yah MAN!!!!!
xo xo xo xo xo
Everybody Happy Now!
Can't wait, counting the sleeps!
Mas Tequila!
Love You

Shawn L's picture

Been a long time since I have been able to get to Cabo , Saw Chickenfoot last year (2012) in Seattle Wa . Great Show as always - High energy and still rocking HARD after 40 years . Looking forward to another new album . Bringing my Fiance down this time ( She's a Wabo Vigin ) ... Realy would LOVE to be picked for the 4th night - Only night we can attend. 13 is her lucky number , Its been 13 years since my last 10-13 bash Cabo style !!! My birthday is just a few days later and WE WILL STILL BE PARTYING in Baja Heaven. 2 fulls weeks. Please pick for the many reasons and make it even more freaking amazing taking in the best musical talent ever !!! Red Rocker Rules !

Jeffsmile's picture

I hope to get tickets along with my friends for my Anniversary.

jayi022's picture

We signed up for the 11th and the 13th show. We get in at noon on friday, Hoping to see some redheads there we have never been to the Bash.

MissMalia's picture

Trying to win ~ Seen Sammy since he was with Montrose back in the D'Day as my boys would say.. Pick me! Pick Me Please!!

patriciariner's picture

See you at the riu.....Mas Tequila!!

Andie Mac's picture

Trying to get tickets again this year..... I sure hope we get picked!!!! Have been a Hagar fan forever!!!! Best of luck to everyone!!!

katymaeflower's picture

How do you know you can get a refund for unwanted tickets? I don't see that written anywhere.

Munas2323's picture

you can get a full refund for unwanted tickets up till August 15 it says

Munas2323's picture

I'm there from the 12th- 19th. so we can only try for the Birthday Bash on the 13th. I sure hope I can get tix. Missed out last year. Met people who got tix to 2-3 shows. Sure hope they spread them around a little better. We are coming from Jacksonville Fla. Sammy Rocks

redrocker327's picture

The links should be active tomorrow time has not been announced and will be active through the 30th with the drawing scheduled to happen the next day.

edwards097's picture

Yes, you can do that. I prefer the dinner tickets. you get in to the club first. So your up in front of the stage... and the food is awsome. You can't go wrong with beef tenderlion and coconut jumbo shrimp with a waborita to go with.'s picture

what time can we enter the drawing?

tracier096's picture

If you do not get drawn for tickets, is there an option to stand in line for dinner show tickets?? This is what we did in '06!

sunshinefallen's picture

I am Super Excited to see the show !!! I have never been to the B-day Bash. I sure hope I am picked for the random drawing, however, Either way I AM GOING !!!! My boyfriend has seen Sammy at the Wabo for many years and I am so super "out of my skin " Excited ! 2 WEEKS OF HEAVEN !!! Cheers to all :) Bottoms up !

ARamosTX's picture

Anyone looking for a place to stay let me know. I have accommodations on the corridor or near the marina. I will be there this year but a few of our Redheads had to cancel. The dates included are Oct 6th thru the 13th at one resort and Oct 5th thru the 12th at the other resort. The rates you would pay if booking thru the hotel would be approx. 275.00 per night plus all the BS tax crap. I can hook you up for seven nights for less than 800.00, I have plenty of references, been attending this bash for the last eight years... Call me and to discuss and hope to see you there. Adrian, 817-223-2923,, this is not a share a room, you will have your own place to stay and it is 5 star accommodations.

redrocker327's picture

I don't think we are going to see this go back to the previous two ways. This random drawing way seems to be how it is going to be since they are doing it again this year saying it is the fairest way. The second chance drawing that was done last year after reading what one person posted about different names/cards makes sense now how those tickets became available. If you did that and got picked for the same show you would have extra tickets left in the bag. I also know of cases where people thought they could make a quick profit and re-sell them having no real plans to attend. I really hope that those people don't come around this year and worsen the odds a second time for us true fans.

mark portell's picture

cant wait, dont arrive til 1pm on the 11th, so hope to get tix for the friday or sunday show !!!! MAS TEQUILA's picture

They never said a time for Friday!

watchtower41's picture

This is the Birthday BASH that my fiance and I have been waiting for since weve known each other! Ever since our first trip to Cabo several years ago, we have always dreamed to return for Sammy's B-Day Bash, and finally got this opportunity by planning our Honeymoon around these dates! I would love the opportunity to get selected for one show...
Quick question, how do people handle this? Do I have my fiance and I request all the shows in hopes of getting selected for one? What if we both get selected for the same show, are we stuck with 2 extra tickets that nobody can use? Very excited and nervous at the same time!

Blaze's picture

only 5 shots my friend? guess the next ten are on me then...LOL

Mas Tequila Red Heads!!!!!

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

edwards097's picture

I'm kind of dissapointed that we have to go back to the so called random drawing for tickets again. Years back lineing up the streets at 3 o clock in the morning was the way to go. Not to mention it was the fair thing to do but you also met some cool ass red heads that I still consider my friends today. I hope it changes next year. But in any case We staying at the riu palace for a week and fun in the sun, so lets make the most of it redheads have a great birthday bash week regardless of the ticket outcome.... I have the first 5 rounds at the pool bar on October 7th.. mas tequila..

ctabernethy's picture

Flight's booked, room's booked, shorts and shot glass are packed! Can't wait to be laying in the sun and listening to the best rock ever!!!

sunsetbeachdweller's picture

I think your right become a bunch of different red head and you better your odds hear that Sammy

Cabowbo's picture

Remember you can always do sidewalk time for dinner tickets if you don"t get drawn. But they should apply the $55 if you did get lucky enought to get tickets to the dinner ticket price and then they could put your drawing ticket out to someone else. really sucks loosing the $55 if you get dinner tickets and have to pay full price for those also!!

Say What You Mean's picture

I read through really quick. Is there a "TIME" that goes along with this?

917cabo's picture

OMG I agree with you Cabo Wabo Guy. I think this system is too easy to be corrupt by changing names slightly. I already know people who did that. And you are also right that if it's done in Cabo, why not Tahoe or whatever. This never used to be so stressful. It is not blind luck that let's people get picked several times and some not. We talked to people who used slightly different names and different credit cards. Dang!! See you in Cabo anyway.

CaboWaboGuy's picture

Hey ADMIN, I also have to side that the random drawing systems is not what I was hoping for, but for now we have to deal with it! On another point, I would like to see something done about the people who put in multiple times under slightly different names or e-mails!! If caught, they should be kicked totally out of the system for all days!! And if your going to stick with this system for chances at tickets, it should cross all the other events that sell out in seconds like Tahoe & Vegas! It's only fair!!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

917cabo's picture

We were pretty disappointed that we are back to the random drawing system again. I agree that if you are not pretty darn sure you can be in Cabo please don't register. Last year they did a little redraw that was so stressful that even tequila didn't help. By the time we could get a computer and log on, it was over. We spend sooooo much time and money chasing Sammy around and even got 2 weeks of time shares around his birthday and last year we didn't get drawn at all. This year is our HONEYMOON so really want to maximize any chances. So yeah, if you are not gonna be in Cabo please just don't register. We will see you all in 75 days anyway. Who's counting??

Carolwise's picture

So, if we do get really lucky and get picked for all shows, can we give them back to you to re-sell as I could not go every night but would go any night

admin's picture

The random drawing system will be exactly as it was last year. This does mean that there is the random possibility for some people to be selected for multiple shows. It was decided that being lucky with one show should not penalize anyone's chances for other shows. Everyone has equal chance for every show and congratulations to anyone with enough luck to get into more than one show! 

Reminder - Whoever's name is on the credit card that purchases tickets must walk in the door with their guest. As always there can be no transfer of tickets so if you're not able to be there yourself don't register. 

Harleymomma08's picture

Good luck everyone! I was shut-out last year but had friends who hooked me up! Airfare is booked! Waiting on the ticket Gods to be good to us!

JBoDEAN's picture

Good point!

redrocker327's picture

Admin I have not seen any follow up to whether or not you are going to program the system to allow multiple show drawings. This as you should be aware was a big issue with fans last year. There were cases of some getting picked for all shows while others got none.

Elquailo's picture

Flights are booked, going to Cabo no matter what (as usual), hope to get tickets!

seana008's picture

Can't wait, hope I Get tickets for the first two shows. The only flight in from Toronto is from Oct 4 to 11, but i have to leave on the 11th.

gol's picture

Here ya go Sandy: "You will be allowed to register once for each show and are eligible for 2 tickets"

Cabowbo's picture

Do you have to list both names if you order 2 tickets ? My friend will not know if she can go by the 30th.

Rburla's picture



This would be so awesome bring my wife to. Always something and money to travel. suxxxxxxxxxxx
Sure it will be a bash....I need win lotto and buy the entire seats on plane for everyone.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can ya hear me!!!!!!!!!!

RunningMom's picture

2 tickets a person. You can wait in line the day of the show and purchase dinner show tickets. Be prepared to wait in line all day.

admin's picture

Hi Sandy - As in past years, you are able to purchase 2 tickets if you are selected. I've updated the message above to make that clear. Thanks!