Birthday Bash Registration Dates

June 06, 2014
Birthday Bash Registration Dates

Registration dates are announced! Registration will run from June 20 through June 27. You may register at anytime during this period. Please remember there is only one registration per household per show.

For more details and to register, visit


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Wow, I think I miss the date :S hope you had a great time. Hope to make it next year, I'm a huge Sammy fan !

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I got notified tonight I was drawn for the Sat show, I think they are still drawing names. Hope you get some tickets!

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I hope all of them havent been drawn yet...If they have this will be the third year in a row I havent been drawn.

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Have all the tickets been drawn? Is there going to be a 2nd chance drawing?

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Does anyone have info on the Booze Cruse?

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I just got emailed for tickets on the 7th

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Has anyone been notified yet if they have been selected yet ?

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Has anyone heard if they have been selected for tickets yet ?

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Admin....We need clarification on the registration please as there seems to be two different views here on registration for the B Day Bash. Can a husband and wife each separately register for the same shows? I understand that if they both won tickets to the same show they would either have to take someone else with them or return one set. It seems there is some confusion here and it would be nice for clarification before the deadline to register is over. Thanks.

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Redrocker BD bash ticket page does read "Please remember there is only one registration per household per show." But the terms on the registration page bullet (4) reads "You may register once for each show and there's a 2 ticket limit per household per show" So register before the June 27th deadline
~Good luck y'all!!!

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Just register like always. If y'all win pair for any night then that's your win. So just each of you register then wait and see who wins the BD bash tix. Everyone has the opportunity to register and we all take a chance to winning a set of tickets...let the system work. I know many married peeps that both registered. Now it's just wait and see who wins tickets for any of the shows and remember it's up to TWO tickets per show...same as always, but this year it says one set per household. The peeps that own many homes get more life there's always gonna be loop holes... This is like playing Monopoly... the more properties ya own the better the game. Ha! Oh well~ Buena Suerte!!! Good Luck

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Still can't get an answer and I don't think I am the only one. If it's one registration per night per household, is it true my husband and I cannot register once for each of us? This seems to really discriminate against married couples. Every other year we both registered only once. Please let us know before the deadline. 14 weeks and 5 days til we leave, but who's counting?

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Yes. These returned tickets will be put back into the second chance drawing.

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So, if I register for tickets for all four concerts, if my name is drawn for all 4 or 3 or 2, am I allowed to select the one I wish to attend and return the tickets for the others?

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Sammy Rocks!

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OK, I've been all over this website and can't seem to locate registration for tix. Can you direct me?

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Hi Linda
Its June 20th and im in the redrocker web-site but i cant find were to register for tickets.

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Condo booked flight booked tickets to come .. First time caboer....lifetime fan !! Group of us going would be nice to all get tickets for the same night.....! Is there a way to request that?

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Still waiting for clarification on the one per "household" vs. one "person" as it's always been (see my comment) a few down. Seems to penalize cohabitating couples vs. those that live apart? ADMIN???'s picture

Facebook says registration starts at 10:00am PDT's picture

If your birthday is Oct 13 (same as Sammy's) you can usually get into the show free by showing your id. Only you though - no one else with you can get in on that. Happy Birthday and Good Luck!

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I was wondering the same thing. I was on at 5:30 and no link

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June 20th, to registration?

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What day is usually the best day to attend. Anyone who has been before happen to be a dialysis patient, or know what the local hospitals are like? This concert is #1 on my bucket list. I would be happy with any day. But if any of you know which days are the best please share.

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Room and airfare booked, just need tickets! October 13th is my 50th birthday and 20th wedding anniversary.
Been planning this trip for 10 years and been a huge Sammy fan since the Montrose days. Come on Sammy show a birthday brother some love!!!!

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Hi there fellow redhead,
Register on the website on June 20 through 27, 2014. Read ahead of time and be ready with a credit card to hold you name and you will be notified via email if you were granted tickets for the nights you register for. Remember you can purchase up to two tickets per show. Good luck

~Red Love, Linda T

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So excited, really hope we get tickets! It will be our first trip for the Bash, our trip is booked and awaiting us!

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Can't wait hope we get can tickets this yr..... be our first trip to the bash and to Cabo if we get tickets.... we have a bunch of friends that have gone in the past,

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Can't wait to party with Sammy and Friends for his 10/13 67!

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I'm ready

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This is my first trip to cabo and for my husbands birthday,I would love to go to birthday bash.... How do I go about getting tickets for the 7th?

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So ADMIN, it's been one registration per NAME the last few years. The comments above say one per household. My wife and I come and could both register for each show (2 separate registrations per show) past few years. According to the comment above, we can now only register once per show. Problem is if a guy brings his girlfriend and they didn't live together in the same household, according to your comment above, they BOTH could register, while a couple living in the same household couldn't. Hardly fair! Please clarify your comment so we can all understand. Thanks. Your help is appreciated...

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The last few years it has been you enter all your credit card info when signing up for dates and if your name is pulled you credit card will be charged at that time.

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anyone know if you pay at time of registration or when you actually get to cabo?

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first time coming to Cabo... would love to spend my 50th b-day with Sammy and friends!!!

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My wife and I staying there, too! It's going to be a hell of a party!

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Staying at RIU SANTA FE Oct 9th to 16th...Need tickets for !! or 13 OCT....Toronto Canada Girls going to rock !!! WHOOT WHOOT ...TLC :)

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Dates are up on the events page. Tickets limited to 2 tickets per show.

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Show dates are 7, 9, 11 & 13. in past you were limited to 2 tickets per person.

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Please provide show dates and how many we can buy... Flight and resort booked - first time to Cabo for Sammy's birthday bash... Stoked
See you live June 14th in Austin at the ROT Rally...

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I believe only 2 tix but I may be wrong

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When you many tickets can you purchase ...we're trying to get 4 for the same this even possible?

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I can't wait for sammy b-day bash it's a always awsome way to close out the summer and get ready for the crapy snow up here on longisland,it's going to be a 5150 time

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Can't wait, hopefully I get some tics!

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Awesome, can't wait to try and hopefully get some tics!