Past Event

Sep 18 2015
Left Bank Books (IN-STORE)
399 N Euclid Ave
St. Louis, MO




Event 4:00PM.

This is a book signing event for Sammy's new book, "Are We Having Any Fun Yet? The Cooking & Partying Handbook". More info at

*Book purchase at Left Bank Books required. Each book purchase admits two people. 

Check out this early coverage of the huge turnout in St. Louis by KPLR TV


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  • 2015-09-18 @ Left Bank Books


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 7  Redhead Comments

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Sammy so down to earth he even sign are 8 year olds poster he made for him and Sammy even gave him one of his bracelets AWESOME Sammy thanks

toms008's picture

Staffers made it very clear Sammy WOULD NOT sign any other memorabilia. However, when he saw my "Fall in love Again" banner he said "put that thing up here" and signed it. He recognized it because he said haven't I signed this on-stage? He signed it in Tulsa OK a couple of years back, but it has been on stage several other times without getting signed including the birthday bash in Cabo 2 years ago (see video of Mas Tequila from AXS).

It was a mad rush with them pushing people through very fast, but I really, really, really appreciate Sammy taking the extra time. I made a 4 hour one-way trip for this opportunity because SAMMY IS THE MAN!!

Thank You Red are my idol. Look forward to seeing you any chance I get!

waymon611's picture

I flew up from Atlanta for the book signing. Very cool event and St. Louis was fun. Sammy is the coolest cat around!!

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It was so much fun. We met so many nice people in line. I asked for a hug and got one. He is amazing!,,,'s picture

Woot Woot can't wait see you in St Louis, MO Sammy :) !!!

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See you there, Sammy!