You read all about Sammy Hagar’s rockin’ life in his #1 New York Times bestselling memoir, Red. Now, learn how to eat, drink, and party like the Red Rocker himself.
“I thought writing my autobiography was a blast but I swear writing my first lifestyle cookbook was even more fun. So asking ‘Are we having any fun yet?’ the answer is yes I am.” - Sammy Hagar


By Sammy Hagar with Josh Sens (Dey Street Books)

Released September 15, 2015.
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Book Corrections!

On page 193, the recipe for Deviled Eggs incorrectly lists "2 cups mayonnaise" - the correct amount is 2 tablespoons mayonnaise.

On page 95 the recipe of Quick and Easy Guacamole it says to throw an avocado in at the end to keep it from going brown - that should be an avocado pit not the whole avocado.

TV Appearance Airings

Sep 16 2015
The View
New York, NY
Sep 21 2015
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Oct 8 2015
Rachael Ray Show
New York, NY
Oct 13 2015
Steve Harvey Show
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Nov 22 2015
The Chef's Classic on CBS
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For more than twenty years, superstar rocker and New York Times bestselling author Sammy Hagar has been a culinary fixture through his iconic Cabo Wabo Tequila and Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum brands and his legendary restaurant, but he has never shared the recipes or the stories behind his unique, self-made culinary journey. Until now.

In Are We Having Any Fun Yet?, Sammy brings you into the kitchen, behind the bar, and into the center of the party like never before, spilling his secrets from a lifetime of rock and roll entertaining and making kick ass food. Collecting his favorite recipes from home, the road, and his go-to vacation spots, Cabo and Maui, Sammy shows how you can bring a bit of rock and roll to every meal, and coming along for the ride are a bunch of crazy tales, celebrity chefs from around the globe, and a step by step approach to preparing his favorite recipes. Of course, nothing goes better with a great meal than a good drink. Here are Sammy’s greatest drink recipes accompanied by true stories of the wild nights that brought them to life.

Complete with even more rock stories from the road and his table, over fifty food and drink recipes, and Sammy’s tips for entertaining like a rock star, Are We Having Any Fun Yet? shows you how to eat, drink, and party like the Red Rocker himself.


“Sammy Hagar may be famous as a rocker and a Zen master party maker, with fine tequila and rum brands, rock and roll honky tonks, crazy smart California lifestyle and all of the entrapments of the rock and roll life, but my favorite time with Sammy is usually some place where he is cooking and kicking back in a home kitchen environment. Like his lyrics and inimitably delightful ‘sledge hammer wrapped in a mink stole' voice, his cooking in nuanced, fun, well-conceived and above all super delicious. His expertise and savvy on stage are things that millions of people have enjoyed, but seats at his dinner parties are a little more exclusive and this book gives his fans of rock and roll, hootchie coo and tasty comestibles a view into the fantastic and rarified world of Sammy Hagar, chef and home entertainer.” - Mario Batali

“When a guy writes a hit song called ‘Mas Tequila,’ you know he can throw a serious party. And after touring all over the world for the last 30 years, my brutha Sammy Hagar has gained a serious appreciation for great food. So, there’s nobody better than the Red Rocker himself to bring you ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ and to show you that 'There's Only One Way To Rock Cook.'” - Guy Fieri

"Everyone knows Sammy Hagar rocks, but let me tell you—he knows how to mix too, a great cocktail that is." - Rachael Ray

“Sammy was the first celebrity to start a tequila business the entire industry had to take notice of Cabo Wabo. He grew it so big we had to buy our competition!” - Luca Garavoglia, the owner of Groupo Campari

“The only thing I’m allergic to is bad music and bad food! So what I’m telling you is that Sammy’s cookbook is just what Dr. Feelgood ordered!! This book you’re holding has all the recipes for good food, good music, and one hell of a party!!” - Tommy Lee

“The magical thing about Sammy is the minute he walks into a room he has the uncanny ability to make everyone around him a bit happier. In his new book, Are We Having Any Fun Yet? he will not only show you how to throw the perfect party, but also how to make all your friends a bit happier.” - Michael Symon, chef and host of The Chew