Past Event

Jun 20 2015
6800 Executive Boulevard
Huber Heights, OH


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 8:00PM.

Saturday, June 20, 2015 - 8:00 PM

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar will be joining forces with Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham and Vic Johnson to rock Huber Heights, OH on Saturday, June 20th at the Rose Music Center at The Heights, with a concert presented by Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum. Fans will have a rare opportunity to experience music spanning more than 40 years of Hagar’s career – and Bonham on board, they can also expect a few of Led Zeppelin’s biggest hits added to the mix.

Sammy Hagar, also known as The Red Rocker, is a Grammy award-winning vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and musician, who in 2007 was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Van Halen. From breaking into the industry with the seminal hard rock band Montrose to his multiplatinum solo career and his ride as the frontman of Van Halen, he’s set the tone for some of the greatest rock anthems ever written—with songs like "I Can't Drive 55," "Rock Candy," "I'll Fall in Love Again," "There's Only One Way to Rock," "Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy," "Finish What Ya Started" "Right Now," and "Why Can't This Be Love." Throughout his prolific 40 + year career, Hagar’s solo and group albums have globally amassed 25 Platinum certifications on sales surpassing 40 million.

Joining Hagar at the concert will be Michael Anthony, the renowned rhythm section bassist who has played with Sammy Hagar for the last 30 years in bands including Van Halen and Chickenfoot; Vic Johnson, guitarist from Hagar’s band the Wabos; and Jason Bonham, acclaimed drummer and son of iconic Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham.

Ticket Information

Reserved Seating Pavilion: $79.00*, $72.00*, $62.00*, $52.00* *Tickets prices include parking and are subject to applicable Ticketmaster fees and day of show increase. All events are rain or shine.

Pre-Sales start on April 8th and GA ticket sales start on April 10th. The code is REDHEAD!


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  • 2015-06-20 @ Music Center at the Heights
  • 2015-06-20 @ Music Center at the Heights


 51 Redhead Comments

music69's picture

Whoo Hoo!!! We had a BLAST having Sammy and The Circle in OHIO!!! Awesome venue too. So hoping Sammy will come back. Cleveland needs to meet The Circle too. Just saying lol. Love ya Sammy ~Ang

Laura Ann's picture

This was the first time I have ever gone to a concert was incredible!! Sammy sounded wonderful and I felt like I was in a room full of friends!!
It was great celebrating Mike's birthday as well!
Had a blast...can't wait to see Sammy again!

gb252525's picture

just keeps getting better

gb252525's picture

just keeps getting better

Fasteddy's picture

Killer show!! Sammy shows why he is still killing it!! He and Mike are the 2 real musician's from that other band! Jason made his father proud kicking it on the drums, and Vic showed Eddie how to play his own music.
Can wait to see them again. Cabo here we come!!

sjm_888's picture

Good show, albeit a bit short on time. Think the guys wanted to be somewhere else.

grow1234's picture

One hell of a show tonite at The Rose Music Center...

Sunflower66's picture

Have been a fan since I was 12. I'm now 48. I'm missing my class reunion, which I got my brother's band to play ..RIGHT NOW! I'm celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary..RIGHT NOW! I'm probably giving my hubby a hard time for screwing me out of pit seats. I was in the hospital had been online waiting for tickets to go on sale at 15min. before 10am. Got 3rd row pit. Only to find out my transaction wouldn't go through because he didn't get my money in the back. I'm now in section 101 row H seat 17 & 18. At least I'm here! I'm ready for a kick ass show with Sammy, Mikey, Jason & Vic..RIGHT NOW! And, I'm available for a meet & greet..RIGHT NOW! Love you Sammy. Sunflower66

music69's picture

OH YEAHHHH!!! Tonight the night Sammy & The Circle are in OHIO! Let's all party hard for Mikey's birthday!!!

Kama's Dad's picture

If your looking for a song or two to personalize the show tonight we danced our first dance at our wedding many years ago to The Love and our first born is named Kama.
Craig and Megan
Springfield, OH

Kama's Dad's picture

My wife and would enjoy one of two songs tonight. The Love was the first song at our wedding and our first born is named Kama. Rock On!

timk1964's picture

I will be at the show in Huber Heights tonight , no opening act , just Sammy , Mikey , Vic & Jason . Should be one helluva show ! Happy Birthday to Mikey !!!!!!

keithking1's picture

YEP Keith King !!

dvieu's picture

Going to the show tomorrow, can't wait! Never been to the Rose. I hope it sounds good, kind of a small venue. Does anyone know if there is an opening act? Can't find any info if there is one.

johnfox's picture

I've seen Sammy solo, Van Halen 5x , 4 w Sam, And 1 w Roth , the Hagar , Roth show, and now Sammy Hagar and the Inner Circle Im so stoked and looking forward to this show. One day I hope to make it to CABO and enjoy Sam's BDay bash I have no doubt this will b the show of the summer for me. I'm and old time Rock n Roll guy seen over 100 shows in my life Sammy by far is my favorite lead singer ever with Dave Grohl being a close 2nd (sorry Dave) I know with Sammy from experience you'll get your moneys worth every time. Thanks Sammy for always being there w me thru good and bad times. John Fox SEE YOU ON THE 20TH!!!!!

rickm050's picture

anyone staying at the comfort inn.need to get pre concert party going

ssoman's picture

We are going to see Sammy in Huber Heights! Can't wait!!!

johnd097's picture

I'm going. Ready to rock out. Been waiting for Sammy to return to Nashville, since he hasn't, traveling to Huber Heights, cause there's only one way to rock, and that's with the Red Rocker.

music69's picture

Need delete option on here. Posted same comment twice lol

music69's picture

WOW it's almost here. Sanmy will be in OHIO!!!! Super excited. We will be in the pit too. Oh yeah love this band so ready for this show RIGHT NOW!!

jasonr022's picture

Just got my tickets for Huber, Got 3rd row center stage in the pit, I'm ready to get down with RED in town....

grow1234's picture

The Rose Music Center only holds 4200 people ...Gonna be a hell of a show...I cant wait!!!

keithking1's picture

Does anyone know if Sammy is having Bleacher Seats on Stage June 20th Show?

johnkamody's picture

Sammy's live voice is fantastic - Should be an amazing show.

music69's picture

Super excited The Circle is coming to OHIO!! Got my tixs today now can't wait for June 20th! The Circle puts on one AWESOME rock show!!

music69's picture

Keep trying even try on Friday at 10am. They hold tickets for the public sale. Good luck!

Kristy-63's picture

Yes! first time ever seeing Sammy!

mush's picture

redhead worked for me

mush's picture

Pit appears to be sold out. When on ticketmaster, click on lower level's picture

why in the world would they have a presale and not tell you what the password is? I have checked everywhere on this site; I joined a few days ago just so I could get the password. Did someone not think this thru?'s picture

why in the world would they have a presale and not tell you what the password is? I have checked everywhere on this site; I joined a few days ago just so I could get the password. Did someone not think this thru?

ahpookie's picture

I remember that free concert... That was crazy, Ive never seen a line soooo long in my life on that free ticket day! Hara was the best concerts ever!!!

ahpookie's picture

UGHHH.... Im trying for the PIT and only get upperlevel, does anyone know if tomorrow will be better seats?

Cincy_postalguy's picture

Oh my God Oh my god. Going to Huber Heights!!! 6th row Left side PIT Baby!!!

markd059's picture

Can't wait to see SAMMY,had tickets for two nights in cabo last year but alas didn't happen THIS WILL HAPPEN it looks like a great place to party with all redheads

mitchellwwilliams's picture

If you haven't seen Sammy in Dayton since VOA then you must have been sleeping thru the Marching to Mars tour that came around twice, once a a regular paid event not well attended by the public (shame on you Dayton) but still an AWESOME show for the RedHeads, they played Marching as both the opening and closing track and it was amazing to see how the crowd responded more enthusiastically to the encore edition vs. response to what was then a relatively unknown/new opener for Sammy. They returned like the next summer or something I'll have to check these dates for a free show with donation to the food bank which was of course packed to the rafters. LET's GO!!

amountainman's picture

Looking forward to seeing Sammy Hagar Michael Anthony and Jason Bonham I know it will be a great show. I

rayraimo's picture

How can you get presale tickets on the 8th

grow1234's picture

Cant wait for this show!!!

lars2k's picture

Oh yes! An Ohio show! Can't wait! Gonna see Dokken and LA Guns the night before at the Rocksino. Going to be a busy weekend!

Kim1612's picture

What does artistry and Internet mean under presale. Tickets on sale start April 8th and April 9th

shayh026's picture

This will be the 6th time seeing Sammy, never lets the crowd down!!! Best show around bar none! Only one I will go to over and over and over again. So excited that it is so close to home. Thanks Sammy and Friends!!!!

marcz039's picture

Does anyone know if the exclamation point (!) is needed at the end of REDHEAD for the presale or is it just REDHEAD

John V.'s picture

amen to that !!!!!

ahpookie's picture

Only 20 mins down the road.... Now that's the way to see the Best Rocker ever. Sooooooooo excited!

Mukichan's picture

Not seen in Dayton Area since Hara Arena show for VOA, we drove to Detroit last year and was worth every second of it.

John V.'s picture

Can't wait to see the boys back in Ohio. First time Sammy Has performed since '09 with Chickenfoot.

Mark Eucker's picture

Yessss I am going ! I live in Columbus , short drive . I was fortunate enough to see Sammy with Montrose , back in 74 at "Winterland" , downtown San Fran . I was hooked then and have seen Sammy more than any other artist . I will be 60yrs old the following Sat. 6/27 and will give up 60th party to see this show . :)

brownieou812's picture

Agreed!! Or check out my Northeast Ohio venue suggestions from my blog post last summer. I have a pretty extensive breakdown for Sammy and the boys plus Jason is bringing his Led Zeppelin Experience to the Hard Rock Rocksino soon! Bring The Circle back through later this summer in the CLE area!!!

music69's picture

Whoo Hoo finally coming to Ohio!! I'm just happy it's about an 4 hr drive for us. Can't wait. Sammy you need to come to Cleveland while your in Ohio.. Blossom is a great venue.