Past Event


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 07:30PM.

This is the first of a two day party at Harrahs in Tahoe on Friday, May 8th and on Saturday, May 9th!

This is going to be one hell of party and Sammy's going old school - with these two special Wabo reunion shows!



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  • 2015-05-08 @ Cinco de Mayo in Tahoe - Night #1 @ Harrah's South Shore Room
  • 2015-05-08 @ Cinco de Mayo in Tahoe - Night #1 @ Harrah's South Shore Room


111 Redhead Comments

kelleyb009's picture

How do you get pre-sale tickets????

Billwave's picture

Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh

tinam042's picture

This eeve t is not listed on ticketmaster and tickets are suppose to go on sale 4/3? With a pre sale one week prior??

amiller653's picture

this is stupid. Are we wasting our time? Hitting refresh all day is worthless.

amiller653's picture
I was wondering if anyone had tickets yet or are we just wasting our time? this is kind of silly hitting the refresh button for hours.......
Soreloserruss's picture

anybody got tickets yet?

amiller653's picture

hitting refresh all day. has anyone scored tickets yet or seen any available or am I just wasting my time?

dillon93907's picture

Has anyone scored their tickets yet? I am still trying...

music69's picture

I don't know what's worse standing in line for tickets or hitting refresh for tickets lol. Good luck everyone!!

rickc066's picture

Yep! been all 10 years so far sure would hate to end the streak ! usually get an email with code so Im watching close! Peace ALL!

sitka islander's picture

It doesn't seem like it is asking too much for the folks in charge of distributing these tickets to be a little more forthcoming with the information regarding these ticket sales. It really was unclear whether you were going to offer the stage tickets only or whether today's sale was also including the early presale general admission tickets as well. The event info for nights 1 & 2 indicated an early sale for both types of tickets. The admin post following the website failure today leads me to believe it may have been only stage seats up for grabs. It would have been nice to know if that was the case, as it would have saved me and likely others a lot of time today and maybe helped to avoid that website crash.

I also saw comments from others left hanging waiting for presale passwords for the St. Louis show. Come on guys! You should be able to make this process a bit easier on the fans by giving us a little more info to work with.

Looking forward to finally securing my tickets for two nights and making it my fifth year in a row in Tahoe! Bringing a long time friend and Hagar fan for his first Tahoe party so was glad to hear the Wabos were on the schedule.


GrillMeats's picture

This happens every time there is a hot show

acotman's picture

Sammy be ready to Rock buddy!!

music69's picture

Yep I see it.. Thanks.. I guess were all be back soon again.

onemorshow's picture

This is on main page now:

Due to unexpected overwhelming demand, we ran into server capacity issues. We are going to reschedule to give everyone an equal chance and will make an announcement soon. Thank you for your understanding.

onemorshow's picture

No tickets were sold.

music69's picture

Nope stilll waiting.. We crashed the site all of us signing in at the same time.. Omg can't take the wait tho.. But worth it!!

tomv049's picture

Anyone able to buy tix yet? Links are still inactive.

aznyredhead's picture

Can't wait for Tahoe

aznyredhead's picture

Sorry we broke your site but redheads are passionate about Sammy....I will be waiting for your next email with announcement

safire's picture

Help with a presale code please ! Thanks, it's that time!

bernik006's picture

NO Link, No Code!!! UGGGHHH... Am I missing something???!!!!

bernik006's picture

15 minutes, tick, tick, tick

dillon93907's picture

Are the only tickets going on sale this morning for the bleacher bum seating? will regular tickets be on sale as well?

dillon93907's picture

Are the only tickets going on sale this morning for the bleacher bum seating? will regular tickets be on sale as well?

bernik006's picture

I'm still waiting for the Link and Code, it is 9:15 California Time... tick, tick tick...

johnj017's picture

Need code is sale on today?

cherylf008's picture

Anybody got the code yet? This is so nerv racking!

Raberge's picture

I am planning on the first night of Cinco de Tahoe, please send out pass codes for tickets!!

Bajaboybrian's picture

I'll be there after my cinco de Mayo Birthday. Missed the New Years show cause foot surgery. Hi to Chic!
Brian will be there.

toniwychelovessammy's picture

I am so there!

johnj017's picture

Need presale password for tahoe may shows

lindao077's picture

YEA ! can't wait! See all ya' Red Heads Saturday Nite!!
Rock ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brendaSTL's picture

Sooo ready to get back to Tahoe!!!! Let's Rock it Redhead style!!!

Why is the 9th not listed?

Akashabuci's picture
Rock it!!!!
Akashabuci's picture

We are ready to Rock pre-sale Info!!!

Akashabuci's picture

We are ready to rock!!!just waiting for that presale code!!!!

johnj017's picture

Lets rock!!!!
release tickets and presale password please

Theresa Aguera's picture

Booked the room! ! Where are the tickets? !

Soreloserruss's picture

cant wait!

cherylf008's picture


buckethead's picture

Let's get old school!!

radram23's picture

already got my rooms as well just need special presale for meet and greet!! cant wait

bernik006's picture

Ditto!!! NEEED presale code...

jerryc000's picture

already booked the rooms 3 weeks ago. now just need tickets....waiting for more info.....

bernik006's picture

Going the 9th... Waiting for presale code - ASAP

stephanil058's picture

Turlock California will be in the house!

kindbud's picture


BobbyDeskins's picture

Got my rooms booked. I hope to get tickets to this. StL will be in the house!!

dday626's picture

We are going - made my reservation at Harrah's - looking forward to it!!!! Let us know when tickets are available.