Past Event

Oct 18 2014
200 S. Third
Las Vegas, NV


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson) w/ Kaleido.


Show 8:30PM.

Doors open at 7:00pm.

Although Sammy's annual Cabo Birthday Bash cannot happen at the Cabo Wabo Cantina, Cabo, Mexico this year, the party will still go on! This time, in Las Vegas on October 18.

Sammy Hagar’s Belated Birthday Bash will feature Sammy Hagar & The Circle featuring Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham and Vic Johnson rocking a setlist spanning four decades – including hits from Montrose, Hagar’s solo career, Van Halen and beyond – and with Bonham on board, they can also expect a few Led Zeppelin classics.  In addition, Joe Satriani and Chad Smith will join Hagar and Anthony for a special CHICKENFOOT encore.

Downtown Las Vegas Events Center will bring the Cabo lifestyle to the desert with exotic cocktails, street food, sand volleyball, and of course, rock & roll. General admission tickets are $65. “Red Zone” tickets, offering exclusive access to the Party Pit and prime views of the stage, are $85. Tickets are available for purchase at at 10 a.m. PDT on Thursday, September 25. 

Those attending the Vegas event can post up for the weekend at the D Las Vegas. Located just steps from DLV, the D provides an ideal locale for a weekend of partying. Click here to book rooms.

Redheads who had tickets for the Bash are able to transfer their tickets for the October 18th event at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. These will be "The Red Zone" tickets (an $85 value!) If you are a Birthday Bash ticket holder and wish to transfer your tickets to a friend, you will have the opportunity to submit a new name in the transfer process. If you have tickets for multiple nights, you must submit a form for each confirmation number.

All transfer requests must be submitted at by 5:00pm PT, October 12, 2014

If you are a Birthday Bash ticket holder and are unable to, or do not wish to attend the Vegas show, you will receive a full ticket refund. To receive a full refund, simply do nothing – starting October 13th refunds will be automatically processed for all orders for which we have not received a transfer request. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the credit to appear on your account.


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  • 2014-10-18 @ Downtown Las Vegas Events Center
  • 2014-10-18 @ Downtown Las Vegas Events Center
  • 2014-10-18 @ Downtown Las Vegas Events Center
  • 2014-10-18 @ Downtown Las Vegas Events Center
  • 2014-10-18 @ Downtown Las Vegas Events Center


 47 Redhead Comments

tonnyken's picture

A great feeling, thank you for creating this atmosphere

cynthiab037's picture

Let's do Vegas again! Whoooohoooo!

Eve Barrett-Drew's picture

So excited to be attending... tonight is gonna be a blast!

kindbud's picture

Anybody up for a road trip. Have room in back seat leaving walnut creek tomorrow at 10 am for Vegas

Most313's picture

C U in the VIP!!!!

Most313's picture

Was planning on heading to vegas in the morning but just can't wait to get there. Heading out tonight. Phoenix in the house!!!!

ROBBIN's picture

Heading to Vegas tonight, is any body meeting before the concert on Sat?

DeNise Beckstead-Hartwell's picture

Anyone wanting to go to Vegas on the 18th! I have 4 red zone tickets available! If anyone is interested please email are all sold out!

tmac's picture

We're going!!! Can't wait!!

denisek's picture

Hi Redrocker 327, did you receive a confirmation once you transfered your tickets, I e-mailed to double check and did have not heard anything back. Getting nervous for I'm leaving Thursday.

jaime killion's picture

I have my air and hotel booked and paid for in Vegas for the 18th, but I have not received my email confirmation of my Cabo ticket transfers which I completed. Please verify ASAP. Thank you.

AudiFan's picture

Just got back from Las Vegas on Sunday night and I'll be heading back this Friday for the Belated Birthday Bash on Saturday. VIP Lounge baby...Right Now!

belgamo's picture

Same boat as you, thouht we would have received an email about it by now.

redrocker327's picture

To the redhead who asked about confirming if your transfer went through if you e-mail with your e-mail address used on the transfer they can let you know.

franimal62's picture

I already live on the beach on the gulf coast of Florida, so never really had the urge to hit Cabo. We're really looking forward to the relocated Birthday BASH in VEGAS on Saturday!!! #RedRocker1013

CaboWaboLocos's picture

Can anyone tell me how to confirm that the ticket transfer request (From Cabo BDay Bash to Las Vegas) went through ok? I haven't received anything back and I am starting to get worried. Thanks!

tuff2bkris's picture

We were looking so forward to being a part of his birthday bash in Cabo We had tickets to night #1, however it will be fun but it won't be the same. Regarding VIP tickets they won't be doing any upgrades until the day of the concert. This is what I was told by DLV events center, they don't have a way to get into inticketing information to make any changes. Can't what till we're there rocking away with Sammy!!!

NnitroJohn's picture

We were at Sammy's Birthday Bash in Cabo in 1996. Such a great show. Recommend all t see this exciting show. We'll be in Vegas and Rock the night away at his 2014 Bash in Vegas.

Sheptone's picture

Does anybody know anything about the D Hotel? It used to be a funky place called Fitzgeralds. Any special Wabo party stuff going on there that would make it the place to stay?

greatscott64's picture

I've never been able to go to any of the Birthday Bashes in the past for various reasons. I'm sorry about the damage that Cabo sustained because of the hurricane but I'm glad it was moved to LV! I'm so excited!

Mary Atchisson's picture

I am trying to click the links above to transfer my tickets from cabo to Vegas, but the links are not working. Anyone else having this problem or a new link to use?

redrocker327's picture

I believe that the offer regarding VIP was a special offer sent out to just select ticket holders.

Jackie Glover's picture

WE called that number and they said our Bash tics could not be traded in. We could only purchase new tics. Doesn't seem right....
Has anyone else tried to get VIP tics that had tics for Cabo Bash?

lars2k's picture

Can't wait for the Vegas show! Gonna be a little cooler than his July show at the Hard Rock. That night was sweltering!

Harleymomma08's picture

Cabowabo2001 - just received this email:

A very limited amount of VIP TICKETS have just been released and as a current ticket holder for the Sammy Hagar Belated Birthday Bash in Las Vegas you have the opportunity to exchange your current tickets before the VIP Seats before they are released to the public.
These VIP TICKETS will offer a seated area that’s elevated approximately four feet above crowd to the left of the stage (in front of the Cabana’s). Tickets start at $125.00.
If you are interested in exchanging your current tickets for the VIP SEATING area, please call the box office at 702.388.2100 BEFORE NOON on Monday, 10/6/14.
We look forward to seeing you at the new Downtown Las Vegas Events Center and celebrating with Sammy and Friends.
DLV Events Center Ticketing Staff

Jeff85's picture

can't wait to see Sammy in Vegas just got tickets last night I've seen him in Washington Oregon California and Mexico and now Nevada going to have a party and everyone's invited

Jeff85's picture

can't wait to see Sammy in Vegas just got tickets last night I've seen him in Washington Oregon California and Mexico and now Nevada going to have a party and everyone's invited

harleyz's picture

Can't WAIT!! :)

pamg052's picture

Ready to rock in Las Vegas!!

14ktred's picture

Booked and Ready to Rock and Roll with my fellow Redheads!!! Thank you Sammy and Staff for making this happen!

jamesf073's picture

Heading South From Prudhoe Bay Alaska To Vegas In Order To Catch This Show Since My Birthday Tickets In Cabo Canceled!
It's All Good With Sammy Any Where Anyway!

seana008's picture

All booked, can't wait, Vegas is amazing.

kensa36's picture

YES!!!!! just printed our tickets for roctober in the desert...

dennisb046's picture

Anxiously awaiting VIP tickets. Definitely don't want to miss it. Will there be an announcement before they go on sale?

cabowabo2001's picture

I tried for VIP seating but not available talked to ticket agent not sure when these will be available, some showing high demand.

Any updates ?

music69's picture

Vegas trip is set! So ready for this party to start! Super excited to see the CIRCLE and Sammy's extra bonus CHICKENFOOT! Yay how awesome is that!!

cbarnes's picture

Got my tix this mornin. Haven't seen a birthday bash or The Foot yet. Can't wait!!!

hrcdave's picture

if anybody cant make this show and want to transfer tickets let me know thanks

franimal62's picture

Truckin' all the way from Florida for this unbelievable show!!!

Wncaligrl's picture

Thank you Sammy for making this possible. I know you and your team must of been working around the clock to get a venue in Vegas for your annual BIRTHDAY BASH!!!!! (even at a belated date) See you in Vegas in 2014 and back to the sleepy little town south of the border for 2015. Safe travels Redheads and see you in Vegas!!!!

donbeas's picture

Thanks Sammy, even though not going to Cabo sucks! I was going to be in Vegas right after Cabo anyway. Couldn't have work out better!

Chicabogirl's picture

I think that's a great idea too! Would be nice to see Rolando, Luis and some of the other security staff as well (as if it was held at the CSL CWC). However, funds being as low as they are - if they do not have passports, they probably wouldn't be able to come. That's pretty quick turn around (and added expenses) to get a passport in 3 weeks!

admin's picture

Hi Not2awnry,

When you enter the confirmation number it will submit and then transfer whatever number of tickets they had purchased for the birthday bash.

Also, the Red Zone is the section of the venue that is closest to the stage. There may be other Cabana VIP rental upgrades announced at a later time.

Cabowbo's picture

Idea for Sammy - Bring Jorje and some Cabo staff (if their families/homes are ok). I not only go to Cabo every year to see Sammy but to see all mt Cabo friends I've made over the past 19 years. Would really love to see the Cabo staff too :) Just as thought. Can't wait to see everyone in Vegas !!

not2awnry's picture

Do the BBash tix still admit 2 and is the "redZone" considered VIP??

Laura Ann's picture

So happy!!!! I can't wait!!!

wccreech's picture

All booked and ready to party with my fellow Redheads! Great way to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.