Past Event

Jun 27 2014
3000 W Jefferson St, ATI Field at Joliet Memorial Stadium
Joliet, IL


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:00PM. Be a part of the fun in 2014! With 25 food vendors, carnival, kids zone, and headline entertainment, the Taste of Joliet is the highlight of the summer. Sammy is headlining Friday June 27th!


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 14 Redhead Comments

lbakewell's picture

Had a surprise chance for a meet and greet. I was in heaven! Great show!

peterc091's picture

Another awesome show!

peterc091's picture

24 hours! Can't wait!!

RandyOU812's picture

The Band 7th Heaven, they are AWESOME!!!! LOL-bummed wish there was a way to meet the man I live about 10 min. from there. He is on my bucket list to meet someday.

johnh099's picture

Stinking no good small front seating area!

Rocco64's picture

Got my tickets the first day! Lets party with Sammy!

2redrockers's picture

Has anyone heard about any upcoming dates for our "summer of sammy"? Can't do general admission because of back injury.

Redheadedblonde's picture

Sold out? What??? I'm heartbroken. How come the devoted fans heard about this after the city of Joliet workers did?

bob w's picture

Just found out. Very disappointed that we didn't get early notice of this show. Would be nice to have at least one week so we know when to by tickets

kindbud's picture

Opening for sammy THE BLUES BROTHERS

Debra M's picture

Can I PLEASE purchase a ticket "On Stage, Behind Sammy Hagar
& Friends, In The Bleachers" please, please, please. XOXOXOX

I think that everyone associated with the Joliet Park District, the City of Joliet,and the Major Sponsors (Employees & Friends) represent a majority of the insiders, that knew the show was going to be announced yesterday. That's why it sold out in hours. And now only General Admission is available.

"Illinois Corruption" you've got to love it. And,
you wonder why the State of Illinois is broke...

peterc091's picture

Found an article this morning that said they only had 200 reserved seats, no wonder they went so fast. But the venue and surrounding grounds can hold up to 25,000 people.

flukiestokes's picture

I wish that all the fans could start to get early onsale info. It seems that many times I am not notified about upcoming concert ticket sales. By the time I find out by checking tickets to events in my area have already been onsale. Is there anyway to start sending us an email about upcoming events before the tickets go onsale? Thanks

mdwstrockr's picture

It's a municipal stadium for the city that is used by the colleges and high schools in the city for football.It seats about 10,000 for football and for the Taste the field is used also

peterc091's picture

Reserved seats sold out already? Anybody know how large this venue is?