Past Event

Aug 23 2013
FirstMerit Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island
1300 S. Lynn White Drive
Chicago, IL


Sammy Hagar's Four Decades of Rock w/ Michael Anthony (Chickenfoot and Van Halen).


Show 7:30PM.

As an additional thank you to the fans, all seating ticket orders purchased on will include a digital download of Sammy’s new solo album due out later this year. The album, which is currently being recorded, features The Wabos and several special guests.

As part of Sammy's ongoing support of local food banks and his desire to make a direct impact locally in each community he visits, Sammy has chosen to donate money towards Lakeview Pantry.

If you're in a position to help (volunteering, spreading the word, donations, etc) you can visit:

Lakeview Pantry
3831 N Broadway
Chicago, Illinois 60613



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  • 2013-08-23 @ FirstMerit Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island


 63 Redhead Comments

Judith Leon-Delgado's picture

My husband and I were separated at the time and this concert changed our lives, we are back together working things out. The night was perfect and you were truly awesome, thanks Sammy Hagar. I will quote you "Words have power. They work. That's why poetry can affect people. That's why music and lyrics and songs affect people, and that's why chants and prayers and affirmations and all those various things affect the frame of mind."

bryang042's picture

Hey Sammy,

I guess when I see you in Cabo at the Oct 9th show, I can get my signed shirt. You signed my shit in Chi town during the show, placed it on the drum riser..... and I never got it back. I'm sure you will remember me, I was the one at the beginning of the show that you saw and said, Holy Crap... Tugged your goatee and hair when you looked in the so to speak mirror. Great show, see you in Cabo..

josephj073's picture

Openers were a band called Rival Sons.The guest was Jim Peterik who co wrote Heavy Metal and numerous other songs for many groups of the 1980's.He was also the lead singer,guitarist for Ides of March and keyboard player in Survivor.

josephj073's picture

I took a friends 9 year old son to this show.He begged to go because he is a big Chickenfoot fan and now he's a TRUE REDHEAD too.This was his very first concert and I can't think of anyone better fir that.HE had a GREAT time.

Sam Presley's picture

Opening act Rival Sons are stars in the making! Great choice in picking them!

Bovne's picture

Rival Sons
Jim Peterik - Survivor and co-Author of Heavy Metal

nealh093's picture

BEST DAMM SAMMY SHOW YET !!! Well worth driving 1300 miles !!! Do it again,Do it again,Do it again!!! THANK YOU SAMMY & the WABO's and for the one the only "MIKEY" for showing up!!! WOW.smiles'

Mike Krick's picture

Great show!

Sammy, I was next to your look alike front row in front of Mona.

You notice him. We were a little bummed we didn't get our shirts back that we tossed up on stage and you signed.

Can't wait till you come back again, soon I hope!

mstrefner's picture

Who was the opening act? Also, who was that who joined Sammy on stage to sing?

racerdave's picture

Leaving soon! Does anyone know how we are to get the new album download later? RD

1FASTSS's picture

Is someone opening up?

JBoDEAN's picture

It's about 1 1/2 mile walk to the venue from there. And it takes about 30-40 minutes due to walking around the marina... Just a heads up. Head over to wabash tap

JBoDEAN's picture

Looks like A LOT of fans going to Wabash Tap. 1233 S. Wabash. for the preshow party. People getting there around 330. Short walk to the venue. See you all there!!

catinthehat300's picture

Pre-concert meeting place for a few Tequila shots...

Margaritaville on Navy Pier... only a few blocks away...

Angel0628's picture

Well I was surprised with the tickets for my birthday!! Front row center seats 9 & 10!!!!

JBoDEAN's picture

Where is the PRESHOW party at? Plan on being down in the area around 3pm (Taking the bus from Rogers Park, about 30 min bus ride)

Doc1252's picture

One 8th row ticket left for August 23 paid $140

Call if interested 847-791-6947

Kayce68's picture

Need to know if there is a meet and greet at the Chicago show! My husband and I would be thrilled to meet Sammy. Please let me know! Thanks.

Kayce68's picture

What does it take to meet Sammy? Would love to this Friday in Chicago!!!!

Kayce68's picture

I'm wondering if Sammy does meet and greets and if so, how can I get them for 8/23 in Chicago. Thanks!

catinthehat300's picture

I have 2 extra tix. Section 105 row L (11)... I am going also, just have 2 extra... email me at


STLcabo's picture


Looks like a lot of good tickets have just been released on ticketmaster/live nation
Row F, about 8 tickets, and 2 full rows just behind that in the Center Floor 103 Section.

Enjoy the show!!

swoopy7's picture

I have 2 Sammy Hagar & Friends tickets for the Friday August 23rd Chicago show at FirstMerit Bank.

Sec Floor 203
Row J
Seats 15-16

Price: $100 each ticket

If interested email me @

swoopy7's picture

I have 2 tickets for Sammy & Friends in Chicago @ FirstMerit Bank on Friday August 23rd.

Sec Floor 203... Row F... Seats 3-4... (seat 17-18 end of row)

PRICE $80 each ticket

If interested please email me at

Doc1252's picture

Hey Red Heads,

I have 1 ticket left for Sammy's show on August 23 section 103, row H (8th row center stage).

Asking paid price of $150

Call if interested: 847-791-6947


mmartini5150's picture

and article about 4 "BIG SHOWS" at Northerly Island...Sammy's one of them!

no waborita in my reach

danb030's picture

Do you stil have them? If so I will buy them. contact me via email:

Belgium's picture

Hi. I ended up with 2 extra seats for this show located here: Section 102 (Mike's side), Row G, Seats 7 & 8. Selling at face value: $150 each x 2 ($300). I'd rather see a redhead get these than sell them on StubHub. Contact me if interested.

catinthehat300's picture

I still have 2 tix... sect 105 row L...


rackawhat's picture

There's only one way to rock, with Sammy in Chicago! We'll all have some of that!

STLcabo's picture

I have 2 tickets in Section 103 (center), Row B. Looking to get face value for them. $370 per ticket. Let me know if interested.


Mike Krick's picture

Still have the 2 3rd row seats, section 104, face value, $340.00 each.

Let me know if you're interested!

Sold to Sammy's twin bro!
Thanks looking forward to a great night with Sammy and the gang!!!
Get on that bad motor scooter and drive to space station #5

Mike Krick's picture


Yes I sent you an email.

Let me know as soon as possible.

akfrank2517's picture

do you still have tickets for sale and if you do how much and where do i go to get them email me

akfrank2517's picture

do you still have tickets for sale and if you do how much and where do i go to get them

lindalou's picture

I got my Chi-town tix!!! (I hope my Monsters of Rock T-shirt still fits)

lindalou's picture

rock on!!!! I got my tix for Chi-town... I hope my Monsters of Rock T-shirt still fits ;)

Mike Krick's picture

I had the same problems getting tickets this morning.

But after about 40 minutes I got the tickets I originally wanted. Imagine that!!

So I have 2 sets of tickets.

I am will to see the 1 set of tickets, section 104 3rd row (C) seats 3 and 4 for face value. These are right in front of the stage.

Let me know if anyone is interested.

King Tut's picture

So, like how do you explain the mess @ the STL show ticket sales where "Premium seats" were first posted @ $275 & I couldn't get to them (error message said that they were only on sale by phone, which was total BS), then they were reposted @ a higher price. I wasted valuable time trying to secure these tics & wound up buying tics just so I could get into the show...I couldn't afford the $395 seats...When I contacted LN, they said that the promoter & artist set the prices. This was supposed to be a Birthday celebration for my Wife (Birthday & also our Wedding Anniversary both on Aug. 31st) We will still be celebrating, but it won't be as special as it could have been...............................
On another note, Tickets Now is a Ticketmaster "company" & they also have the scalped seats....
I don't expect a response, it is what it is & we'll just have to make the best of it,

catinthehat300's picture

I had same issue connecting... didnt get on the site (livenation) until almost 10 after the but got 3 seats in section 105 (row L 10th row?). I got 3 in case my wife and friend want to go. looks like she may not want to go. I may have 2 tix to sell. NOT SCALPING THEM. I am a Redhead and have seen Sammy all over the country - Cabo, Tahoe, backstage, on-stage maniac, etc. I will know in a day or so if the tix are for sale... I am going to the show, so just selling the extras.


franimal62's picture

Heading to Chi-town from sunny Florida in August for the 4-decades show!! Aisle seats, close enough to the stage to make the trip worthwhile - just hoping for a couple hour set, not a 90-minute one! ROCK ON!!

Jnitz12's picture

All of the good tickets were taken by these scalpers and brokers that have computer programs to acquire tickets. These programs are no different than somebody cutting in line. This has become the norm for ALL events. They get the good seats and then double their money on StubHub. It's absolute crap!!! I didn't even try for the "good" ones. Section 207 for me and my crew. Can't wait!!

mmartini5150's picture

How/when will we be able to get the download of the new cd?

a waborita in my reach

Guido15's picture

Livenation sucks, went in and could only get section 206, went in second time and actually got better seats, but I go on charterone site and there are section 100 seats open all Just happy Im in and will be partying with Sammy!!!!!!!!

admin's picture

rjn995 - $152 is the highest tier ticket available. looking at the ticketing page, they range from $36 up to $126 (plus the ticketmaster fees/taxes).

Sorry to anyone who failed to get tickets that they were hoping for and are frustrated at seeing them show up on stubhub at crazy prices -- this is something that any musician is also just as frustrated by and Sammy is always looking for ways to keep ticket prices down and get into the hands of the true Redheads! Please know that we are always discussing with the ticketing agents how we can make sure we are doing everything we can to make it a better experience for you!

poodlygirl's picture

Just grabbed 2 from Live Nation, Section 104 - great seats including an end closest to center aisle. Can't wait for August!

hallway7's picture

Live Nation blows. First 3 tries exactly at 10:00,10:01,etc.. for 2)for $126 tickets, NOTHING GO BACK.Then tried 2 for best available,section 206,$60.50.Hmmm,clock ticking. Tried again. Got 2 in 102,$80.50. Man, keep trying. Not gonna bitch but same thing happened with another act where I had a STUBHUB tab open and tickets were already available.
Where did the best tickets go in less than 5 seconds?
Anyway,Not Sam's fault but he'd be pissed,I'd think,if he knew this crap was happening.Scalpers( NON FUCKING FANS ) must have figured out the system.
Lets rock the lakefront!!!!

Yep!! Just checked STUBHUB. On there already.WTF!!!

tomb072's picture

Missed Sammy last year, got tickets for Charter One. Pam and I can't wait. It will be a blast to celebrate four decades of Rock and Roll!!

mmartini5150's picture

I'm in! was only able to get a pair in the 200 section...could only find single seats in the 100 section.

no waborita in my reach

johnh099's picture

We're IN!