Past Event

Jan 18 2013
777 West Cherokee Street
Tulsa (Catoosa), OK


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.



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  • 2013-01-18 @ The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino


 31 Redhead Comments

RaRaLuvsSammy's picture

Had Third Row Seats - Not that we sat in them at all!!!!
Sammy and the Wabos put on an excellent show as always. You guys never disappoint. Keep on doin what your doin cuz it's workin!!!

AngelaGail's picture

This was such an awesome show. The band was awesome, Sammy was awesome, he tried to sign everything brought to him. He even took a request from the crowd. The energy was amazing, in fact it's been an entire week and I'm still filled with energy from the show. Thank you Toby Keith for inviting Sammy and the Wabos to Tulsa OK. Thank you for actually showing up and rocking down the Joint. Love you Sammy.

toms008's picture

What a concert!! The band was awesome and Sammy signed a bunch of stuff. We were right in front of Vic leaning against the stage. Sammy flagged my banner at the end of Mas Tequila, right before encore.

That makes 4 signed banners ranging from Nashville, Tulsa and on-stage fanatic in St. Louis and KC. Sammy always brings a party wherever he goes.

Now I gotta get to Cabo.

sdwhit7015's picture

I tell you what i was front freakin row center stage and this was the best concert of my life there is only one way to ROCK!!!!!!!!!

ernieosborn's picture

Read the Tulsa Soundscape review of the Tulsa, OK show at The Joint.!reviews-and-news/vstc1=sammy-hagar-@-the-joint

Excellent show, the man still has the tools to satisfy.

nwparks's picture

WHat a great show.. Some many Red Rocker concerts and never dissapointed.. Thanks Sammy

Rock HARD Candy's picture

WHAT a show!!! Sammy and the Wabos blew the roof off of The Joint for nearly two hours! I think Sammy would have played all night if they would let him. I've seen several shows and this had to be one of the all time BEST!!! Thanks to Sammy, Vic, David, Mona and all the other freakin' Redheads who made this a show I'll NEVER forget!!

doc's picture

Loved the show as usual Sammy and the Wabos put on a hell of a party!!!

sugsbink's picture

OMG!!! Sammy that shit ROCKED! You are definetely King of the Scream! The wife and me were 5th row center, and had a blast! Please bring the Wabos and yourself back soon, their an awesome band! And that new Beach rum is the shat too! Keep bringing it, and Tulsa will keep coming!

Rock HARD Candy's picture

SO ready to see Sammy again in T-town!! My first time was when he opened for Boston wwwaaaayyyyyy back in '79 from second row and I've been a Red Head ever since!! Guess I need to drag those pics out and post them as I have some GREAT shots.

Looking forward to the Joint full of us crazies!!

txdiscgolfer's picture

Who's going to both shows besides me?

Someone tell Sammy to play Fast Times... Been at least 5yrs since I've heard it loud and live...

cujoamoog's picture

I'll be there!!!!! Coming from Dallas!!!

davidh023's picture

Got second row seats!! see ya there!!

davidh023's picture

2 more days!!!!

sdwhit7015's picture

Gunna be front freakin row with trish and big orv can't freakin wait is gunna rock Jammin Freakin Sammy!!!!!!!!!!

txdiscgolfer's picture

Show number 27 on Friday and number 28 on Sunday. I heard you get a set of steak knives when you hit 30 shows. ;)

Summer Nights in Cabo's picture

I just retired from the military January 1st, and this concert is my gift to myself. Hope to hear Finish What Ya Started. That's exactly what I did with my military career.

Bigorv78's picture

Hell yeah! I'm gonna be on the front row this time! I've been to every Tulsa show sense 1999! Never been on the front row before. Sammy's the man and theres only one way to ROCK!!!

Bigorv78's picture

Got front row tickets and can't wait! Been rocking to Sammy sence I could talk! I haven't ever been to a better show ever! There's only one way to rock!!!

Chisolm5150's picture

Hey nw - Was that the "Mas Tequila" Tour @ The Brady? June 20th, 1999. Father's Day!!! Momma & I were pregnant @ the time. We had a blast @ that show. I framed the tour program & ticket stubs as an awesome reminder.

Chisolm5150's picture

The Hard Rock Casino gave me complimentary tickets to see either Sammy (FRI) or Wayne Newton (SAT) that weekend. Pretty much a no-brainer. & since I'm sending All My Girls to see Rascal Flatts @ the BOK that FRI night - figured I'd get MY RED ON!!!
See you all there...

nwparks's picture

Cant wait for the show.. First time I ever saw Sammy was San Bernardino in 1982 when I was a senior at Colton High... I have seen him several times since then love everyone of the shows. He even autographed a bottle of Cabo Wabo at a show here in Tulsa about 12 years ago.

brendaSTL's picture

See you other STL's there! :)

Funke1's picture

Got Tix and Hotel is booked. Ready to party with the Sammy and the Wabos

Doogerp's picture

Got my tix also ready for some Sammy now i need a place to stay

brendaSTL's picture

Got my tix! Ready for my Sammy fix! No Cabo for me. :( But now there is Tulsa! :D

Davidg's picture

We are ready to party Red Voodoo Style!!!

AngelaGail's picture

OMG OMG Sammy is coming to Tulsa. Already got my tickets, and got them as close to my favorite RedRocker as I could possible get. I don't care about to many famous people at least as far as meeting them, but Sammy you are the one I want to meet and hang out with. At least for a shot. Hopefully I can get an autograph. I'm so excited I can't even think straight. Goodness.. Last time I saw you in OK I had dreams for weeks. Loved it.

danydaniel's picture

ho y'a looking to get some tickets for the new year 2013 bash...and take vacation at the same time in cabo wabo cantina..
on sale when??in the summmer time >alert please..<

redrockerdaddy's picture

Didn't make it down to Sammy's birthday but Jan. 18th is my birthday!!! YES I WILL B THERE IN TULSA FOR MY OWN BIRTHDAY BASH!!!
Hell yeah!

tfawfaw's picture

So ready to see Sammy again!