Past Event

Dec 21 2012
Narada Michael Walden Annual Holiday Jam 2012 - Beach Party Freak Out (GUEST APPEARANCE)
142 Throckmorton Theatre
Mill Valley, CA




Show 8:00PM.

Sammy was a special guest at this annual benefit for the Narada Michael Walden Foundation. Event page is here.

The Narada Michael Walden Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created by Grammy award winning producer, drummer, performer and hit songwriter, Narada Michael Walden, dedicated to promoting music education among Bay Area youth and making a difference with music in the lives of young people.

The annual Holiday Jam 2012 "Beach Party Freak Out!" includes special guest Sammy Hagar plus Narada Michael Walden & his Christmas Band: Frank Martin, Gary Brown, Cedricke Dennis, Matthew Charles Heulitt, Wayne Wallace, Louis Fasman, Jeff Eaton, Ray Clemente, Bob Knapp, James Henry.

With Special Guests: Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers, Lara Johnston, Jeanie Tracy, Sakai. Nikita Germaine, Tony Lindsay, Kimrea, The Performing Stars Drummers, Dr. David Laub aka “Dancing Dave”, Kelly Covington, Lynn Asher & the Narada Michael Walden Foundation Singers, Derek Evans, Caroline Sky, Jimmy & Kelly Dillon, Manuel Romero, Janice Maxie Reid, Prince Brian Christian Anderson and his dancing boys, Marin School of the Arts Jazz quartet, Emily Rath, Razz Kennedy, Maestro Michael Morgan of the Oakland East Bay Symphony, Alex Cotharp, Zydeco Boys


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