Hardrock Party at the Joint!!!

January 19, 2013 by Terry
Hardrock Party at the Joint!!!
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Thanks Sammy for another Great Party !!!!
Great time!!! Excellent Entertainer!!!
He played it till his hair caught fire!!!

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AWESOME SHOW!!! Sammy you brought it, and Tulsa ate it up!!! The wife and me can't wait to see you again. Thumbs up to the Wabos, and thumbs up to your new Beach Bar rum. I had me 'bout 3 fingers worth of it last night, good stuff!

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What a killer show! Sammy and the band sounded fantastic, Great set list with a couple cool surprise cover tunes. Never sat down. They rocked The Joint in Tulsa!
Sammy sounded great as ever. His voice is stronger than ever and he rocked around the stage like he was 30. Vic rolled on guitar (he's got to cover a lot of styles). They're a great band.
Never miss a chance to see the Red Rocker!