Past Event

Sep 24 2011




Show 11:00PM. Airing on VH1 at 11PM ET/PT, 10PM Central. VH-1 page is at


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 8  Redhead Comments

anonymous's picture

I was very sad when the program was ended. The show was really an interesting and informative one too. It really did make me know about some metal bands which I haven’t heard, but they were really cool ones. in home caregivers

larryb055's picture

Great show, Classic Sammy!!! Can't wait for the CD to drop Tuesday!!

Cabo Rob's picture

I'm looking for it right now and theres a Nirvana concert on ?? WTF??? I'm in Carolina..(sigh)

mialtayl's picture

I can't wait.... best music show on tv..

blondiepa's picture

DVR is set...Sammy will also be on VH1 tonight at 10. :-)

lisak072's picture

I'll be watching for sure!

softbrees's picture

Setting the DVR. Loved the book, can't wait to see more on Sammy!!!

craigdh57's picture

Set the DVR, Baby