Past Event

Jul 3 2010
200 Dr. Justus Ohage Boulevard
Saint Paul, MN


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 11:00AM. Tickets go on sale May 7th.



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 10 Redhead Comments

The Sief's picture

Front row baby!! Thanks Mona for all the bass in my face and a special thanks to Dave for the personally handing me his drum stick! All beside my best friend, my dad. Best day of my life!!

Vicdakota's picture

One of the Best Concerts I have ever been too ..... Sammy Hagar and company we're awesome !

ptac85's picture

Front row with my 10 year old daughter....didnt get any better than that!

EVILERN13's picture

The photos by Alan H Poulin/Taste of Minnesota 7/3/10 are NOT from the show!!

christap050's picture

I have the set list!

One Way To Rock
Why Can't This Be Love
Montrose Medley
Best of Both Worlds
I've Done Everything for You
3 Lock Box
Whole Lotta Zep
Girl Gets Around
Fall In Love
Joe Love
Heavy Metal
Mas Tequila

Encore- Right Now
What a set list !!;)

coolbrez725's picture

has anyone sent you the set list ? just wondering what i will hear this wed.

christap050's picture

You are right on Brother June!! The show was HOT but it wasn't because of the weather. Sammy and the Wabo's were on FIRE!!! The show was amazing and sharing it with you and Sandy made it even more special. Such a magical weekend I will never forget. Thank you!!Redheads Rule!!!

wesleyj026's picture

anyone remember the setlist from this show??

natl092's picture

WOW! What a great weekend in Minnesota. The show was electric and full of energy. Thanks to Sammy's crew for taking care of us with all the water (it was hot and humid) thank you Kenny for everything. Thanks III and Rosie. A special thank you to Sammy and for the meet and greet that was AWESOME! Thank you Sandy and Christa for all the laughs. Happy Birthday Vic Johnson hope you enjoyed the cake

debrlaing's picture

What a blast at the Taste of MN! Sitting in the VIP area is the only way to go. Thanks for coming to MN Sammy!

redrocker7-3-2010's picture

This show is gonna be really good! This is my second time seeing the Red Rocker live