Past Event

Feb 2 2008
The Pearl Concert Theatre @ The Palms Casino
Las Vegas, NV


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM. Encore with Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani and Chad Smith, what would later become Chickenfoot.


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 3  Redhead Comments

redrocker7-3-2010's picture

Didn't the encore go like "Rock N Roll", "Dear Mr. Fantasy", and "Going Down"? or did it go like the way it says above?

imdrunky5150's picture

What an incredible show!!

Sammy & the Wabos always give 110% of the best party anyone could throw but tonight something was different.

As their set ended, everyone was still on the stage. No one could tell what was going on, but we could tell the show wasnt over.

Then off stage I that who I think it is? As soon as the guitar tech brought out & set up the huge guitar pedals, I knew it...HOLY SHIT THATS JOE SATRIANI!!!!!!!!!!

Chickenfoot was born right before our very eyes.

With the raw power & energy going thru the band, thru the crowd and thru the roof of the Pearl Theater you KNEW you were witnessing something special. You also knew, theres NO WAY they could only do this for one night only!!

I dont know if I'll remember that day as...My daughters' first birthday party or the birth of Chickenfoot. Glad I dont have to make a choice.

Cabo Wabo Las Vegas

stratman's picture

This show gave us the birth of Chickenfoot! It was an awesome display of showmanship!!!!!!!!!!