Past Event

Apr 29 2005
Harrah's Casino
Lake Tahoe, Nevada


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

With Special Guests Los Tres Gusanos!

Thanks to Lou Champy for the set list!



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Friday Night! Waited in line all day for the most part. Some people since 5:30 AM! I hate to say anything negative about such a great experience but the casino people let in what I guess you would call VIPS before us. They didn't even have tickets! They got in for free! Did not have to wait in line like we did all day!! Hell yeah we were mad! To make matters worse they said they wouldn't let it happen again but did it again on Saturday night.

Enough of the bad and on to the good.

The show kicked ass! The Wabo's opened the weekend with Stand Up and Shout and never looked back. Sammy looked great in a white shirt with a black t-shirt underneath and white pants and shoes. Very classy. Hey, it's opening night.

They played two sets each well over an hour each. Time flies though. The night was about 3 hours all together with the intermission. You could tell they worked hard on rehearsing this show. Very well done and still plenty of spontaneity.

Neal Schon came out with the Wabos in the first set and played Whiter Shade of Pale and Heavy Metal. At one point Sammy took what looked like a nasty fall but was OK.

The second set started with Los Tres Gusanos coming out. Sammy, Mike, and Bro. Kicked into one of my all time favs, Love or Money. I MAY BE CRAZY BUT I AIN'T NO FOOL!!!!!!! Hell Yeah! One of many highlights on the night including Sam and Mike holding up our banner. CINCO DE DRINCO! Says it all I guess.

I won't bore everyone with all the details. Honestly it is sort of a blurr. On to the setlist.

Lou Champy