Past Event

Oct 13 2004
Cabo Wabo Cantina Birthday Bash
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to Dave of Indiana for the set list!



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 1  Redhead Comment

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posted: 10-19-04

"What can I say? You guys are unbelieveable.
Each year, you make it better.
Each year, I try to keep up by making it bigger.
I can't believe it - Kenny Chesney - three hours and 40 minutes onstage. Oh my G-d. Never in my career has "Eagles Fly" flown like that. Never.
Jerry Cantrell is now the official King Wabo Rat with Steve (Harwell) from Smash Mouth running a close second.
Chad Kroeger - what a voice.
Mikey. What can I say?
My Waboritas - Mona, Vic, Bro - how awesome to play with you again.
Thank you Billy Duffy. You rock "Rock Candy."
Silvertide - you tore it up.
Uncrowned - good luck to you guys.
What a time.
Guess I gotta build a hotel for all you guys - this sleeping on the sidewalk
- I dunno. How crazy is it when there's as many outside as there are inside?
Some call that success but man, it breaks my heart.
There are solutions in store.
We're workin' on it.

Like I said the night of my birthday - I don't feel one day older. In my whole career I've never sang for over two hours a night, six nights in a row ...and doubt if I'll ever do it again. But man oh man, was that a party or what?

New Year's Eve plans are in the works.

I hope everyone enjoyed the "tix prices" long as the Cabo Wabo keeps flowing the way it is, the party down Baja way will always be free.
The tequila made us do it.

If I don't see you in Cabo, I'll see you in Tahoe."


The show was amazing! How cool is it make make your birthday a holiday and that's what Sammy has done. It was a great experience and the Cabo area is a great place to visit! The Waborita's were great, as always and the changing set list was very cool! It was a BLAST!